Frequently Asked Questions
for the Online Application Process
DISTRICT JOBS is the name for San Mateo County Transit District’s new Talent Acquisition Management
online system. This system will handle all of the District’s recruitment needs, including job postings, job
applications, applicant screening, and applicant hiring.
Will my information be kept confidential?
Yes. The information that is collected through the online application process is treated confidentially and
viewed by Human Resources Department staff and hiring managers. The information is used solely for
recruitment purposes to determine qualifications for employment.
Who do I contact if I am having problems applying online?
If you have questions or encounter any difficulties completing your online application, please e-mail Human
Resources(allow up to 48 hours for a response) or call 650-508-6308
during regular business hours: 8 am to 5 pm.
How do I access DISTRICT JOBS?
Current San Mateo County Transit District Employee:
Method #1: Access San Mateo County Transit District’s Web siteSelect the link for Current Employees. You will be directed to the Oracle – PeopleSoft Enterprise screen.
Enter your User ID and Password.
Note: To obtain your User ID and Password information, you will have to e-mail the SamTrans IT
Helpdesk, during regular business hours, at r security purposes, you must send them an e-mail from your SamTrans e-mail account.
Method #2: Log on to the SamTrans Network. Access the Depot page. Click on the desired position within the Job Openings section. You will be directed to the San Mateo County Transit District’s Web site, you will then need to follow the instructions as listed in Method #1.
Prospective Employees: If you do not currently work for San Mateo County Transit District, you can accessDISTRICT JOBS from San Mateo County Transit District’s Web site . Click on the Jobs/Employment page, then navigate to the PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEES section and click you will be directed to the Careers page. To register, select the click here to Register link at the top of theCareers page and follow the instructions on the page. Next time you visit DISTRICT JOBS, enter your UserName and Password and click the Login button. HOW TO ACCESS DISTRICT JOBS (continued)
What if I have forgotten my User ID or Password?
Current San Mateo County Transit District Employees: Contact the District’s IT Help Desk.
Prospective Employees: Go to DISTRICT JOBS, from the Careers page click on the Login Help button. You will be prompted to enter either your User Name or E-mail Address. Your User Name and Password will be e-mailed to you.
I don’t own a computer, how can I access DISTRICT JOBS?
Our office in San Carlos, located at 1250 San Carlos Ave., is set up with a kiosk which has a computer
available for applicants. Please visit the Human Resources Department on the second floor for more
information or assistance.
You also can apply using a computer that has Internet access, such as at public libraries, community colleges, unemployment offices, and Internet cafes.
Please Note: SamTrans accepts applications originating from Windows-based personal computers using Internet Explorer version 6.0 or greater only; other browsers may experience problems. Applications from Macs are not currently supported.
How do I view and apply for jobs?
Once you are logged into DISTRICT JOBS, from the Careers page, you can view the “Latest Job Postings”
section. You also may also search for a job by using the “Advanced Search” functionality. Click on the Job
Title’s hyperlink to see a detailed description of the position.
Do I need to apply for each position I am interested in?
Yes, but you can apply for multiple positions at one time. From the Careers page, select all jobs you are
interested in by checking the boxes to the left of the “Job Title.” Click on the “Apply Now” button at the
bottom of the page.
Do I need an e-mail address to apply for a position?
No, however, having a valid e-mail address will allow the Human Resources Department to contact you
regarding your application, allow you to receive notification when your application has been submitted, and
allow you to get alerts when new jobs are posted.
There are several organizations that provide free e-mail accounts: , , .
HOW TO APPLY (continued)
Can I e-mail my resume without applying online?
No. Resumes are encouraged but will not be considered unless submitted with a completed online
application. When going through the online application process you will have an opportunity to either cut and
paste your resume into a specified area or upload it. When uploading a resume, SamTrans accepts
attachments in the following formats: Microsoft Word Documents (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), ASCII Text
Format (.txt), and Hyper-Text Markup Language (.htm or .html). Please do not upload a Zip File; the
documents stored within the file will not be viewable through the online system.
Must I complete all sections of the online application in order to submit it?
Yes. Incomplete or improperly completed online applications may be rejected even if you are qualified for the
position for which you are applying. It is your responsibility to ensure that the online application reflects the
work experience and education needed to meet the requirements for the position(s) you are applying for.
Although your resume may have all your experience and education details, please make sure to complete
each online application section to ensure that your information is accurately captured during our screening
As a current San Mateo County Transit District employee, must I add in all my
employment information, including my current job duties?
Yes. All applications are evaluated based on the information provided on the application. Omission of current
position and/or duties may result in the rejection of your application.
How will I know that my job application has been accepted?
You can verify that the application was received by logging on to DISTRICT JOBS. From the Careers page,
click the “My Career Tools” link at the top of the page to review a list of your job applications including the date
and time they were submitted. The District will send an e-mail notification that the application was received.
I made an application error; how can I go back and fix it?
Once you submit your online application, you will not be able to update application information. If an update to
an application needs to be made, please contact the Human Resources Department during regular business
hours at 650-508-6308.
If I start applying online to a position and I do not complete the process, can I save
and complete it at a later time?
Yes. You can return to the unfinished application if you are still within in the application deadline period. You
can access your application from the Careers page, click “My Career Tools” and navigate to “My Applications.”
Find the job opening to which you have saved a draft application; it should state “Not Applied” (an application
that has been saved but not submitted) next to the job posting title. Click on the job positing title to finish
applying for the job. When you’ve completed filling it out, save the application and then submit it.
Will I be contacted by San Mateo County Transit District once I have applied for a
Yes. Once you apply for a position, you will receive an e-mail notification that your application has been
Due to the volume of applications received by the District, generally only applicants selected for further consideration (testing or interviews) will receive additional contact by the Human Resources Department via e-mail (if an e-mail address is available) or by United States Postal Service mail.
How do I change my contact information?
Current Employees: Employees are not able to change their contact information directly in DISTRICT JOBS.
Employees must contact the Human Resources Department to update their personal information.
Prospective Employees: If you do not currently work for San Mateo County Transit District, you must update your contact information by clicking on the “My Profile” link on the DISTRICT JOBS, Careers page.
How can I receive job notification e-mails?
You can create a “Job Search Agent” which will send you an e-mail when a job is posted that matches your
search requirements. To create your “Job Search Agent”, click Job Search at the top of the Careers page.
Enter your search criteria (this is the criteria which will define what job notifications you receive) and click
“Save Search.” Name your search, check the “Use As Job Agent” checkbox and type in your e-mail address.
How do I turn off the job notification e-mails?
To stop receiving job notification e-mails, log into DISTRICT JOBS and select “My Saved Searches” at the
top of the Careers page. Click “Delete” next to the search that you would like to delete.
How can I see what jobs I’ve applied for?
In the “My Career Tools” section of the Careers page, click “My Applications”. You will see a list of jobs to
which you have either applied or for which you have completed a draft application. The “Applied” status
means that you have successfully submitted your online application to the system. “Not Applied” means that
you have saved a draft of your online application and not yet submitted your online application. Be sure to
complete and submit your draft job application before the close date. If the job closes while your application
was in “draft” status, you will not be able to submit your application.
Are all open positions at the San Mateo County Transit District posted within
Yes. Please note that “internal only” positions, which are only available to current employees,
cannot be viewed unless you are a current San Mateo County Transit employee and can access
DISTRICT JOBS through the employee portal (the District’s employee Self Service system).


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