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On, "It's Supernatural, Steven Zarit wasalways interested in the supernatural,but he didn't experience it firsthand until a friendtouched his forehead with invisible fire.
See how Steven entered the realm of the supernaturaland how God gave him the gift of miracles.
Do angels exist?Are healing miracles real?Is there life after death?Can people get supernaturalhelp from another dimension?Has the future been written in advance?Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researchingthe strange world of the supernatural.
Join Sid on this edition of, "It's Supernatural."
Sid: Hello Sid Roth, welcome to my worldwhere it is naturally supernatural.
Strap on your seatbelt, we are going to have fun on thisshow because God is going to invade our presence.
I mean he is going to go right through this televisionscreen into wherever you are right now.
My guest Steven Zarit, like myself, is a Jewish person.
Steven, though when I think of you I think more as aculturally Jewish person, and you were like me,you were fascinated with the supernatural,Edgar Casey, you watched healing, you watchedhealing evangelists, I never went that far.
But tell me about one you saw and whatyou thought about him.
Steven: Well, I actually saw Kathryn Kulman and Iwatched her on the television set and I just thought boyI would like to do something like that someday.
I would be able to walk in to a hospitaland pray for all the children.
Sid: Yeah, but you would have to pray in theName of Jesus, did you ever think about such a thing?Steven: No, no, didn't think about it at all,didn't think about it at all.
Sid: Okay, you are really successful, you are inpublishing, and some meshugah, that's a crazy person,wanders in, he used to be I believe an alcoholic,a friend of yours, and what does he say to you?Steven: Yeah, he was an ex-alcoholic, six months old inthe Lord, and he walked into my office one day in 1971and he said to me, "I was driving in Anaheim and Godspoke to me and told me to come and pray for you."And I said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute,you mean the God who spoke the world into existence,the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,the God of Moses, the God of the prophets?"And he said, "Yeah that God."And I said, "He told you to come and pray for me?"I said, Forget about it."Sid: Did you think he was meshugah,between you and me? Steven: Yes, I thought he was a little nuts, a little crazy.
So he came in two or three times andasked if he could pray for me.
Sid: So why didn't you just get rid of him?Just say pray.
Steven: Well one time after the third of fourth time Iwatched him walk out to his car and I looked at himand he seemed so happy and so excited.
And I looked up to heaven and I said, "You know whatGod, I just want to know you and I want to know all aboutyou and I want to know just who you are,everything about you, everything about you."And the next thing I know, a week later he walksinto my office and he says,"God told me to come pray for you again."I said, "Okay, okay, pray for me."So he puts me in a chair in the middle of my office, I had a bigoffice suite and I had a sofa there, and he starts prayingin tongues and I started to get a little weird with that.
Sid: Well this is a supernatural language and we Jewishpeople are not quite used to people praying inunknown tongues, I can imagine, okay.
Steven: I was very, very nervous.
Sid: You were real freaked out.
Steven: Really freaked out, and I had gone and lookedinto supernatural things, I had looked at Edgar Casey,I had read everything I could find on Edgar Casey,and I ended up talking to this man and he said, "I amgoing to lay my hand on your foot if you don't mind."And I said, "Lay your hand anywhere you want."So he lays his hand on my foot and all of a sudden thispower, this enormous heat came through my body,that was just so supernatural that I was frightened,I was literally frightened to death, because I…Sid: Had you ever felt anything like this before?Steven: Never, and I had tried drugs, I had tried smokingmarijuana, I had tried, you name it I had tried it, tried tofind the meaning of truth, and the meaning of life.
And this power just went up through my body,I started to perspire and sweat, and the next thingI know the fire dissipates and this love just overcomesme and it was just overwhelming, this love.
And I couldn't grasp the significance of this great lovethat I was feeling and the next thing I know, I see thishand, this literal hand in front of my face and I heard avoice and the voice said, "That's as much of the lovethat I am giving to you right now, if you were to getany more you would surely die."And I lay on, and the next thing I know I am layingon the floor and I am laughing, and I am getting crampsin my cheeks from laughing, and I am saying,thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus…Sid: Thank you Jesus?Steven: I am saying thank you Jesus.
And I'm going wait a minute,do you realize what you are saying,you don't even know Jesus, Jesus is the Messiah; he is the Son of God.
And so I told Jim, I said,"Jim, something has happened to me."So I told him exactly what I just told you and he said gohome and read the gospel of John and the Book of Acts andI read it and when I got to the second chapter of Acts I saidoh my gosh, oh my gosh, two thousand years ago thishappened, two thousand years ago and it just happenedto me Yeshua Hamashia is the Son of God.
And I was just, totally blown away,just totally blown away.
Sid: But you know this power that came upon you,this power that came upon Steven was power not justfor the sake of power, it was power for a purpose.
do you remember that young Jewish boy that would watchthe healing evangelists like Kathryn Kulman andEarnest Ainsley and others on television, well he wasbeing prepared to pray and miracles would take place,don't go away, we'll be right back after this word.
We'll be right back to, "It's Supernatural." Call now and get your copy of,"They Thought for Themselves." I am upset about the rabbinic and Christian conspiracy.
You see last week I shared with an 80-year-old orthodoxJewish woman about why Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah,and then I asked her, "In your 80 years,have you ever heard such good news?"She said, "Never."If Christians had shared and rabbis had allowed Jewishpeople to think for themselves, Jews and Christians wouldhave one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,and one Messiah, Yeshua, the King of the Jews.
This is why God told me in a dream to write a book called,"They Thought for Themselves."It contains ten amazing stories of Jewish people who haveexamined the facts and thought for themselves.
One, a renowned Jewish musician,another a Jewish PH D., another a Jewish millionaire,all came to the same conclusion,Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah.
Call or write today to get your copy of thislife-changing book. We now return to, "It's Supernatural." Sid: Sid Roth here with Steven Zarit, and what'shappened to Steven is this nice culturally Jewish man that isout to make a million dollars, he has a top executive job inpublishing a meshugah, a former alcoholic, one of theseborn-again types comes into his office, puts his hands onhim, prays for him, a fire literally goes throughout hisbody, and I tell you that there are so many people likeSteven Zarit today, that are waiting to hear the truth.
I had a dream a number of years ago and in this dreamGod spoke to me and he said more Jewish people wouldcome to know him through my book of Jewishstories than anything that I had ever touched.
And history has shown it is true.
Over three-quarters of a million have been printed,over a half a million in the Russian language alone.
It is ten Jewish people from different, diverse walks of life,a Jewish stockbroker, a Jewish person in the New Age,a Jewish concert pianist, Jewish people that all cameto the same conclusion, Jesus is the Messiah.
And because it is a story, not a preaching type of book,Jewish people read it cover to cover and then at a point ofdesperation say what Steven Zarit said,his desperation was the heat of God wasso strong he yelled out Jesus' name.
Steven: Amen, amen, what I forgot to say is in 1975I would go to a Messianic synagogue and I wouldmemorize the sermon and I would go homeand I would tell it to my Mom and Dad.
Sid: They must have loved that.
Steven: They listened, they were nice, but they listenedand six months later my dad said you don't have to tell usanymore, your mother and I got down on our hands andknees and accepted Yeshua Hamashia into our lives.
Sid: Steven, when a Jewish person like you or I haveexperienced what the fire, the reality of the living Godat work, did you tell any of your employeesof your belief in Jesus?Steven: Yes I did, I told, as a matter of fact we had a bigdrug problem at work, a cocaine problem, and it turns out,I didn't know who the dealer was, and the Lord led me tothe Jewish couple that were the dealers and led them intothe Kingdom and so there was nomore cocaine in the company anymore.
Sid: How many of your employees received Jesus?Steven: About seventeen of them.
Sid: Did you hear that? That's normal.
Seventeen, and I imagine a lot of them were Jewish?Steven: Yes they were, and I also in 1979 I had a lady thatworked in my bookkeeping department took a two-weekvacation, called me up on the telephone after the end of thetwo-week vacation and she said, "Steve would you cometo the hospital in Anaheim and pray for me,they found a tumor the size of a small peachon the right parietal lobal of my brain."And I said, "Sure, I will come and pray for you," knowingthat even though I said that I would come and pray for her,I had never laid hands on anybody before in my life and soI hung up the phone and I went over to my girlfriendshouse and I said hi, how are you doing.
And she said, "What are you doing here,you are supposed to be at the hospital praying for Pat?"And I said, "Yeah, but it is getting late and it isanother 20 miles away."And she said, "You are not coming in hereuntil you pray for Pat." And so thank God for pushy women.
She's my wife now, so thank God for pushy wives.
But I went to the hospital and all the way to the hospitalI prayed, I said oh God, please don't let there be anybodyin the hospital room, because I don't want to embarrassyou, I don't want to embarrass you Lord.
And so I get to the hospital room and I walk inand there are fifteen people in the hospital room.
Pat's head is shaved bald and there is an Xright where they are going to cut her open.
And the Lord spoke to me in my heart and said,"X marks the spot."So I walked up to her and I rebuked the tumor,the next morning her husband called me up hystericaland said, "You aren't going to believe this, you aren'tgoing to believe this, the tumor is gone."And with all the faith I could muster up I said, "It is?"It's gone; it's gone?"Sid: You were more surprised than the husband.
Steven: I was amazed, and then I was just so filled withfaith, everybody, they were waiting in line at my doorfor me to pray for their headaches, their backaches.
Sid: Were they getting healed?Steven: Every one of them was getting healed.
Sid: What about that person with leukemiathat had just a few days to live?Steven: There was a lady, one of my salesman said that awoman across the street from his house had leukemia andthe doctors gave here a week to live and he wanted toknow if I would come and pray for her and I went on mylunch break for five days, at the end of five days theleukemia was totally gone.
And then we had a lady named Milna, I will never forget,a little Millie, and she had throat cancer, and they weregoing to give her a mechanical throat box, a mechanicalvoice box, and she knocked at my door and I said can Ihelp you and she said I work out in the warehouse and shesaid, "God told me," a little Catholic lady, and theCatholic people just believe in faith, they have a lot offaith, and she said, "God told me that if you pray for mehe is going to heal me of cancer."And so I said okay, and I just touched her throat,she flies against the wall and hits the wall and fallsdown on the ground, cancer totally gone.
I was blown away.
Sid: God gave you a marvelous gift.
Steven: It's wonderful, it is wonderful,I have been doing it for thirty-five years.
Sid: Well, but guess what happened,there was a rock group called The Righteous Brothersand one of the members of this particular groupwas a man by the name of John Wimber.
Now Steven hears about his church and he is blown awaybecause instead of as you explained, the music how was it?Steven: Oh the music was wonderful,they did 45 minutes of praise and worship music, it was …Sid: What were you used to? Steven: I was used three 19th century songs.
Sid: Okay listen, when he bumps into this former memberof The Righteous Brothers, the power begins to increase,don't go away, we will be right back.
We'll be right back to, "It's supernatural." Sid Roth has found the key to worldwide revivalThis is God's time to reach the Jewishpeople with his love.
Messiah Jesus has torn down the wall dividingJew and Gentile, the two together formone new man to reach the world.
God's method to reach the Jewish peopleis through signs and wonders.
This is why our website, is jam-packed withtools to equip you to move in signs and wonders,understand Israel and the Jewish roots of the church.
Log on to:
We now return to, "It's Supernatural." Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Steven Zarit,two Jewish men that have had encounterswith the living God and not ashamed of it.
Steven Zarit, the power of God was so strong on him thatwhen he started praying for people with leukemia,with days to live they got healed, as a matter of factyou began working for this John Wimber,but when you went to his congregation the first timethere was a substitute speaker, and what happened?Steven: Well, John was playing keyboard and it wasMother's Day of 1980, and John said, "We are going tohave a guest speaker today, his name is Lonnie Frisbee,the Lord just told me to have his speak."Now Lonnie was a longhaired, bearded guy, sometimeswe don't change, and so Lonnie gets up there and he saysthat the church has offended the Holy Spirit,but he said that's all right, the Holy Spirit has forgivenyou and the Holy Spirit is going to move now in greatpower in this fellowship right now.
So Lonnie took his hand and he just waved it across thetwenty-five hundred seats of young people that were inthere and eighty percent of them hit the floor,just passed out on the floor, and it was one of themost marvelous things that I have ever seen.
At first I didn't think it was God, and then I talked toLonnie later on, I said, "Lonnie what is this, what is this?"He said, "Well you are used to seeing the Lamb of God,now you just got done seeing the Lion of Judah."And I said from now on for the rest of my lifeI want to see the Lion of Judah.
Sid: Okay, so then you go with John Wimber to England,you think you are carrying his bagsbut he had something else in mind.
Steven: Yeah, he asked me to go and minister in some ofthe churches, and I go and minister to six different people that were deaf, and I stuck my fingers in their ears.
Sid: How did you know how to do that?Steven: I watched it on TV!Sid: You watched it on Ainsley, I bet.
Steven: Yeah, I watched it on TV;I figured if he can do it, I can do it.
Sid: Yes, but he doesn't have a beard.
I'm teasing! Go ahead.
So what did you do, tell me?Steven: And so I just stuck my fingers in his earsand said oh foul spirits of deafness come out, and thepeople could hear, six people in a row could hear.
And then I was so filled with the Spirit of God, there was agirl in a wheelchair that had a spinal cord injury and Iwalked up to her and I got on my hands and knees and Isaid, "Do you believe that Yeshua can heal you?"And she said, "Yes."And I said, "Look into the eyes of a man of Godand rise and walk."And she gets right out of her wheelchair.
Sid: How could you do that?Steven: I don't know, Jesus, Jesus did it.
Sid: Right now I want you to do exactly what Lonnie did,move your hand, look in the camera and move your handand people are going to fall in their homes, and operate inwords of knowledge, now, look in the camera.
Steven: Yes, yes, Lord I just pray right now for that manthat has that heart condition, got the three stints in hisheart, and Lord he has got one of those tickers that causeshis heart to beat and Lord you are healing him right now.
Right now, touch him right now, the power of God,by the power of God touch him right now.
You are touching that lady Lord with the migraines,the severe migraines, lots of people with severe migraines,you are touching them right now, no more Imitrex,they won't need any more Imitrex, you are going to healthem right now, touch them right now.
Right now, right now, I just speak healing I bring theKingdom of God to all the people that are watching thisshow right now, and whatever your condition is,Yeshua Hamashia is here to heal you.
Right now, in Yeshua's Name, amen and amen.
Sid: I feel such a presence of God on this set right now.
Steven, why is God so strong right now,why is his presence so strong right now?Steven: Because we are talking about him, he loves us,he loves us, he wants the world to know,everybody in the world to know, everybody,Jew, Gentile, Asian, everybody.
Sid: Steven, wherever you go, people get healed,tell me about the time you wanted the Peugeot car.
Steven: Well, I saw a Peugeot in the paper, the MercedesBenz of France supposedly, and I called the people up andthey said yeah come over and take a look at the car.
And so I went over and I knocked on the door and the wifeanswered the door, and she said my husband is upstairs inbed, can you go upstairs and talk to him about the car? And I had looked at the car out front and I thought oh thisis a nice car, maroon, black leather interior, just what I amlooking for, little did I know it was a lemon.
But anyway I started to walk upstairs and I went okayLord, what are you getting me into, this is what we call adivine appointment when God sets us up for something.
And so you have got to be in tune to the Holy Spirit.
So I walked upstairs and this man is laying on top of thebed in his pajamas and a robe and he has got papersthrown all over the place, and he said my name is Jerryand I said my name is Steve and I am hereto talk about the car.
And he said well come on over hereand sit down and talk about the car.
I said what's wrong with you, and he said well I havebeen in bed for two weeks; I dislocated my back.
And instead of saying, "Well, let me pray for you,"out of my mouth came, "Have you ever tried achiropractor, but don't tell your doctor becausethey don't like chiropractors."He said, "I am a doctor, I am a OB-Gyn inKaiser Permanente Hospital."And I went, "Woops." And so I sat down next to him andhe is telling me all about the car and while he is telling meabout the car the Holy Spirit is speaking to me saying,"If you lay your hand on his back I am going to heal him."And I said, "Lord, you don't understand."I am arguing with the Creator of the Universe.
I am arguing with Him.
And I am telling him you don't understand,this is a doctor, doctors don't get healed.
And so I stopped him, I said, "Jerry I haven't heard a wordyou said but I am a Jewish believer, I am a Jewish personand I believe that Yeshua Hamashia is the Son of God andI believe that He just told me that if I lay my hand on yourback he is gong to heal you, so can I do it."He said, "Sure, go ahead."So I put my hand on his lower back and he goes, "There isthis fire going up my back, going up my spinal cord."And I said, "That's a good sign, that's a good sign,get up you are healed."And he gets out of bed and it was so funny trying to,watching a man trying to find his pain that was gonethat he had for two weeks, totally disappeared.
And he walks over to me and he says, "You know, Ihaven't had time, much time for Jesus in my life lately."And I said, "That's all right Jerry,he has got a lot of time for you."Sid: Have you had time for Jesus in your life lately?Perhaps you think he is not for me, I'm of another religion,well the truth is there is only one God, the God ofAbraham, Isaac and Jacob, and there is only one Messiah,not a Messiah for the Jews and a Messiah for the Christian,and a Messiah for the Muslims, one God, one Messiah,the King of the Jews, Yeshua Hamashia.
If you want to hear God for yourself, if you want to knowGod, if you want to experience his peace you must tell God you are sorry for sinning, because God is holyand we are not, even one little sin, stealing an eraser,one little sin separates you from God.
But yours are much bigger than that, but whetherthey are big or small God will forgive you if you askhim to based on Jesus dying in your place.
It is so simple but so profound.
Say, "Jesus, forgive me of my sins,I make you my Lord and Savior live inside of me."That's it, Jesus, help, that's all you have to pray.
Call now and get your copy of,"They Thought for Themselves." I am upset about the rabbinic and Christian conspiracy.
You see last week I shared with an 80-year-old orthodoxJewish woman about why Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah,and then I asked her, "In your 80 years,have you ever heard such good news?"She said, "Never."If Christians had shared and rabbis had allowed Jewishpeople to think for themselves, Jews and Christians wouldhave one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,and one Messiah, Yeshua, the King of the Jews.
This is why God told me in a dream to write a book called,"They Thought for Themselves."It contains ten amazing stories of Jewish people who haveexamined the facts and thought for themselves.
One, a renowned Jewish musician,another a Jewish PH D., another a Jewish millionaire,all came to the same conclusion,Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah.
Call or write today to get your copy of thislife-changing book. If you're encouraged and helped by thesetelevision programs please considerassisting us with future productions.
Send your tax-deductible gift to


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