Gpat-2010 question booklet code – a

PY: Pharmaceutical Science
(75 Marks)
PY-1 The question consists of TWENTY FIVE sub-questions (1.1-1.25) of ONE mark each. For
each of these sub-questions, four possible answers (a, b, c, and d) are given, out of which one is
correct. Answer each sub-questions by darkening the appropriate bubble on the OBJECTIVE
RESPONSE SHEET(ORS) using HB pencil. Do not use the ORS for any rough work. You may
like to use the Answer Book for any rough work, if needed.
( 1 x 25 = 25 )
1.1 Starting material for the synthesis of L-Thyroxine is
a) 2-amino-5-chloro-acetophenone b) Phenylalanine c) 5-amino-2-chloro-acetophenone
d) L-tyrosine
1.2 One of the following antianxiety agent is an azaspirodecanedione derivative.
a) Lorazepam b) Cycloheptadiene c) Meprobamate d) Buspirone
1.3 Include the following drug under proper classification. NIFEDIFINE
a) Quinoline derivative b) Aryl piperidine c) Isoquinoline derivative d) Pyridine derivative
1.4 Acetazolamide can be synthesized from on of the following intermediates.
a) 5-amino-2-mercapto-1,3-thiazole b) 5-amino-2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole
c) 5-amino-2-mercapto-1,2,3-thiadiazole d) 5-amino-2-mercapto-1,3,4-tetrazole
1.5 Choose the correct trichomes of Digitalis purpurea
a) Numerous covering trichomes and a few glandular trichomes b) Few covering trichomes
c) Few glandular trichomes and few covering trichomes d) Few glandular trichomes
1.6 PANAXADIOL is a constituent of
a) Ginger b) Jatamansi c) Ginseng d) Pepper
1.7 The plant hormone which shows specific effect on the cell division is
a) Auxins b) Abscisic Acid c) Cytokinins d) Ethylene
1.8one of the following condition is maintained in programmed temperature gas chromatography
a) Temperature of the whole column is raised during analysis b) Temperature at the
Sample injection system is raised c) Temperature at the detector is gradually raised
d) Temperature at the recorder alone is raised
1.9 A BOLOMETER consist of
a) two metals welded together b) a thin blackened platinum strip in an evacuated vessel
c) deuterated triglycine sulphate d) Tungsten
1.10 Choose the correct excipient for enhancing solubility in tablet manufacture.
a) PEG b) Microcrystalline cellulose c) Talc d) Lactose
1.11 Two or more ions present together can be determined successfully by polarograph
even if their half wave potentials overlap or interfere by
a) titration b) Complexation c) filtration d) heating
1.12 One of the following is selective. SEROTONIN reuptake inhibitor
a) Despramine b) Fluoxetine c) Buspropion d) Maprotiline
1.13 Plasmodial resistance of CHLOROQUINE is due to
ROSE PHARMACY JAIPUR GPAT / NIPER (JEE) / DI a) induction of inactivating enzymes b) change in receptor structure c) increase in the
activity of DNA repair mechanism d) decreased carrier-mediated drug transport
1.14 One of the following actions of opioid analgesic is mediated via kappa receptors
a) Cerebral vascular dilation b) Euphoria c) Spinal analgesia d) Physical dependence
1.15 One of the following drugs has activity against Herpes simplex virus type I and is used
topically.systematic administration of the same results in bone marrow depression, hepatic
dysfunction and nephrotoxity.
a) Acyclovir b) Amantadine c) Vidarabine d) Idoxuridine
1.16a woman has to be treated for upper respiratory tract infection. Six years back she was found
hypersensitive to penicillin V. the cultures now reveal a strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae that is
sensitive to all of the following drugs. Which one would be the best choice for the patient?
a)Amoxicillin b) Erythromycin c) Cefclor d) Cyclacillin
1.17 The units of measurement for conductance is
a) Ohms b) Amperes c) Mhos d) Milli volts
1.18 The shells of soft gelatin capsules made elastic or plastic like, by addition of
a) Sorbitol b) Povidone c) PEG d) HPMC
1.19 The rate of drug bioavailability is most rapid when the drug is formulated as a
a) Controlled release product b) Hard gelatin capsule c) tablet d) Solution
1.20 The loading dose of a drug is usually based on
a) total body clearance of the drug b)Percentage of the drug bound to plasma proteins
c) fraction of drug excreted unchanged in urine d) apparent volume of distribution
and desired drug concentration in plasma
1.21 BROWNE’s tubes are most commonly used chemical indicator for
a) Ethylene oxide sterilization b) Radiation sterilization c) Heat process sterilization
d) Filtration sterilization
1.22 A specimen obtained from a patient’s cerebrospinal fluid, cultured in specialized
media for about five weeks showed the presence of bent rods and tested positive with
Ziehl-Neelsen reagent. Identify the organism
a) Nesseria menningitidis b) Mycobacterium tuberculosis c) Bacteroides fragilis
d) Leptospira interrogans
1.23 Staphylococcus aureus is used for the I.P. assay of
a) Doxycycline b) Bleomycin c) Kanamycin d) Carbenicillin
1.24 State pharmacy council should have the following number of elected members
a) Six b) Nine c) Five d) Seven
1.25 Drug combination WARFARIN/VITAMIN-K results in a specific interaction. Identify.
a) Antagonistic b) Increased sedation c) No known interaction
d) Harmful only in the presence of oxidizing agent
PY-2 the question consists of TWENTY FIVE sub-questions (2.1-2.25) of TWO marks each. For
each of these sub-questions, four possible answers (a, b, c, and d) are given out of which one is
correct. Answer each sub-question by darkening the appropriate bubble on the OBJECTIVE
REPONSE SHEET (ORS)using a soft HB pencil. Do not use the ORS for any rough work. You
may like to use the Answer Book for any rough work, if needed.
(2 x 25=50)
2.1 In the glucuronidation reaction of OXAZEPAM-the functional group responsible is
a) –OH b) –COOH c) –SH d) –NH2
2.2 Benzhydryl bromide when treated with 2-dimethyl amino ethanol in presence of K2CO3 gives
ROSE PHARMACY JAIPUR GPAT / NIPER (JEE) / DI one of the following
a)2-diphenyl ethoxy-N,N-dimethyl ethylamine b)2-diphenyl methoxy-N,N-diethyl ethylamine
c)2-diphenyl methoxy-N,N-dimethyl ethylamine d)2-diphenyl ethoxy-N,N-dimethyl
a) absence of CH3 group on carbon 6 b) presence of –OH group on carbon 6
c) absence of –N(CH3)2 group on carbon 4 d) absence of –OH group on carbon 3
2.4 Choose the IUPAC name for CARBAMAZEPINE.
a) 5[3-(dimethylamino) ethyl] 10,11 dihydro-5H dibenz [b,f]azepine b) 5H-dibenz [b,f]
azepine-5-carboxamide c) 5H dibenz [b,f] azepine-5-acid chloride d) 5[3-(dimethylamino)
propyl] 10,11 dihydro-5H dibenz [b,f]azepine
2.5 RESERPINE is derived from
a) Squalene b) Homoserine c) Tryptophan and tryptamine d) Asparagine
2.6 An alkaloid from atropa belladonna having the molecular formula C17H23O3N having αD-220
when warmed with ethanolic alkaline solution is converted into
a) (-) Hyoscyamine b) (±) Hyoscyamine c)(+) Hyoscine d) (±) Hyoscine
2.7 Choose the appropriate description for ERGOT.
a)loosely arranged or in small more or less agglutinated angular masses b) Peudo parenchyma
formed by the interwoven closely appressed compact septate hyphae c) The crystocarps have
fallen out leaving corresponding oval perforations in the ramuli d) Colourless septate hyphae
about one quarter the width of a cotton trichome and they become twisted together
2.8 Characteristic bands observed in the IR spectra of alcohol result from
a) –OH and C-O stretching b) –OH stretching c) C-O stretching d) C-H bending only
2.9 Bulking agent used for parentral preparation is
a) Sodium metasulphite b) Benzyl alcohol c) Carbolic acid d) Sorbitol.
2.10 Identify the correct Non-inflammable propellant
a) Trichloro monofluoromethane b) Dichloro monofluoromethane c) Diethyl ether
d) Difluoromethane
2.11 Elastomer used in rubber stopper formulation is
a) Polybutadene b) Butyl stearate c) Titanium dioxide d) Butylated hydroxyl toluene
2.12 Schedule D as per D and C act is concerned with
a) list of drugs exempted from the provision of import of drugs b) disease or
ailments which a drug may not be purport to prevent or cure c) requirements of
factory premises d) list of prescription drugs
2.13 Official method for the analysis of CIPROFLOXACIN is by
a) Potentiometry b) HPLC c) Gas chromatography d) Non-aqueous titration
2.14 The radio frequency is associated with
a) Light consisting of one colour only b) Nuclear magnetic Resonance c) Mass
Spectrometry d) E.S.R.
2.15 How many gms of drugs should be used in preparing 500 ml of a 1: 2500 solution
a) 0.2 b) 0.02 c) 0.4 d) 1.25
2.16 The pyroelectric detector converts electromagnetic radiation into
a) electric signal b) fluorescence c) electrons d) visible light
2.17 The mechanism of action of DIGITALIS is
a) decrease intracellular sodium concentration b) inhibits sodium potassium ATPase
c) activates adenyl cyclase which produces cAMP d) decrease release of calcium from
ROSE PHARMACY JAIPUR GPAT / NIPER (JEE) / DI sarcoplasmic reticulum
2.18 The mechanism of action for DACTINOMYCIN is
a) Inhibits topoisomerase II b) Cross links DNA c) Inhibition function of microtubules
d) Inhibits DNA polymerase
2.19 One of the drugs when coadministered with TERFENADINE may lead to life threatening
cardiac dysrhythmia (Wilson & Gisvold 11th edition Page no.712)
a) Lomefloxacin b) Clofazimine c) Itraconazole d) Neomycin
2.20 Adverse effects of one of the drugs include amenorrhea, bone marrow depression,
gastrointestinal distress and haemorrhagic distress, identify.
a)Cyclizine b) Pyroxicam c) Cyclophosphamide d) Cimetidine
2.21 Varicella zoster is the causative organism for
a) Chicken pox b) Dermatophytosis c) Herpes d) Infectious mononucleosis
2.22 One of the following is confirmed by DNA diagnosis test
a) Hyperurecaemia b) Cystic fibrosis c) Acute pancreatitis d) Hyper lipidaemia
2.23 The conversion of Fructose-1,6-biphosphate to Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate is catalysed by
a) Phospho-glycerate kinase b) Enolase c) Aldolase d) Triose phosphate isomerase
2.24 MORPHINE undergoes microsomal oxidation by
a) N-dealkylation b) Aromatic hydroxylation c) Oxidative deamination d) O-dealkylation
2.25 SULFASALAZINE is a prodrug that is activated in the intestine by bacterial
enzymes. The enzyme responsible is
a) Azoreductase b) Choline estrase c) Glucuronyl transferase d) Amylase
Answer Key-2001
1.1.d 1.11.b 1.21.c 2.1.a 2.11.a 2.21.a
1.2.d 1.12.b 1.22.b 2.2.c 2.12.a 2.22.b
1.3.d 1.13.d 1.23.a 2.3.a 2.13.b 2.23.c
1.4.b 1.14.c 1.24.d 2.4.b 2.14.b 2.24.a
1.5.a 1.15.d 1.25.a 2.5.c 2.15.a 2.25.a
1.6.c 1.16.b 2.6.b 2.16.a
1.7.c 1.17.c 2.7.b 2.17.b
1.8.a 1.18.a 2.8.a 2.18.a
1.9.b 1.19.d 2.9.d 2.19.c
1.10.b 1.20.d 2.10.a 2.20.c




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