Enrolment Form and Terms and Conditions
Section 1- Child details
Examples are shown in italics in the right hand column *PLEASE ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR CHILD'S CLINIC CARD
Section 2 – Parent (No 1) Details
Section 3 – Parent (No 2) Details
Section 4 – Family member not living with you – Details
Section 5: Information required in case of an emergency or hospital

I________________________________________________________________ parent/guardian of _________________________________(Ful name and surname) cede my power as parent/guardian to the principal of Playschool Academy or her representative should medical treatment be required for my child. As far as I know he/she is in a good state of health. I accept that all reasonable precautions wil be taken for the safety and wel being of my child and that I wil be held responsible for paying any medical and/or hospital accounts where applicable. I do however request that the responsible person to take note of the fol owing: (Any particulars in connection with your child's state of health: al ergies, operations, epileptic, diabetic etc. Section 7: Terms and Conditions
1. I/we choose the address supplied in the enrolment form as my/our domicilium citandi et executandiand I/we
wil receive al notices and/or other correspondence at this address. 2. I/we undertake to notify Playschool Academy of my change in my/our domicilum citandi et executandi in writing within 10 days of said change. If I/we do not, Playschool Academy may assume that my/our domicilium citandi et executandi has stayed unchanged. 3. Any notice in terms of this contract which is -sent by prepaid registered post in a correctly addressed envelope to the address specified in the enrolment form, shal be deemed to have been received by me/us; delivered to me/us by hand at the address specified in the enrolment form shal be deemed to have been received on the day of delivery, provided that it has been delivered to a responsible person during ordinary business hours; sent by fax/e-mail to me/us at the number specified in the enrolment form shal be deemed to have been received within 4 (four) hours of it being sent during office hours and within 12 (twelve) hours of it being sent outside of office hours. 4. For purpose of al proceedings under this contract, the parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of 5. Clause 4 shal be deemed to constitute he required written consent-conferring jurisdiction upon the court in terms of section 45 of the Magistrate's Courts Act 34 of 1994. 6. Clause 4 and 5 shal continue to be binding on the parties notwithstanding an termination or cancel ation of 7. I/we undertake to pay the school/transport fees in the amount of R_____________ before or on the 5th day of each month, failing which Playschool Academy may take such action as they deem necessary to col ect the fees. 8. I/we further agree that I/we wil be responsible for the costs, calculated on the attorney's own client scale, incurred in col ecting said school fees as wel as any other col ection costs failing my/our payment. 9. Playschool Academy may vary the school / transport fees at their discretion provided that it is done in writing and with at least 1 (one) months prior notice. 10. Al clients utilizing the transport service, note that the children MUST be at the pick up point on time. We can unfortunately NOT wait for any children as it makes the bus late for the next collection and it has a major impact on the rest of the schedule. 11. Be informed of the 10% late payment charge. Ensure that your account is paid before or on the first day of the month. Late payment charges wil be added if payment is received after the fifth day of the month. We have to meet our financial obligations and NO exceptions wil be made. 12. Times: 06h00 to 18h00 Adhere strictly to these times. A late col ection fee wil be charged should children be col ected after 18h00. (R100 per half hour or part thereof) The register must be signed by the person who col ects the child. Staff members are being paid overtime. Section 8: Indemnity Form
I hereby declare that I have read the contract explaining the terms and conditions and payment system. I ful y
understand and accept this information as binding upon me/us. I also declare that I fully understand that Ivon
Muller wil not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury of whatever nature consequential or otherwise however
caused at the school or on transport. I also understand that my vehicle and its contents are parked at my own risk
and that I enter and exit the premises and bus at my own risk. I undertake to pay the prescribed fees not later
than the fifth day of each month and I take note of the 10% penalty for late payments. I also understand that a full
month’s written notice (PAID) is required on termination of registration school/transport contract. I undertake to
complete the termination of registration form provided by Playschool Academy. I take note that fees are payable
twelve (12) months of the year, irrespective of holidays. Aftercare children have to pay an additional holiday care
fee for mornings attending the school. Transport children have to pay an additional fee should the bus have to
deviate from the set route or have to make additional trips. I, the undersigned do hereby undertake to abide by al
the rules that are stipulated and that I wil be held responsible for al legal expenses that may be incurred due to
the breaching of this contract. This contract is binding and I agree to abide by the rules as stipulated.
Signed on this ________day of ______________________________________20_______


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