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leas and members of the rhododen- toxic plant on a table may not be dron species contain a substance enough to keep it out of reach for a called gray antoxins that can cause cat that can climb and jump.
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the safety of your pets. Keeping a ling.)
Child care training set
terials and other school improve-ments.” On June 27-28 the Northeast Colorado Child Care Resource and Referral will be holding a 15 hour pre-licensing class “There’s No Place Like Home” for individuals who want to become licensed child care This training will be held in Yuma at the Rural Communities Resource Center and is open to individuals throughout Northeast Colorado.
To find out how to become a licensed family child care provider, The Logan County Humane Society has several pets available for including information on financial assistance in the form of mini-grants of adoption this week, including Reid, an 11-month-old male Terrier up to $400 to pay for some of the costs of becoming licensed or to pre- mix. He weighs about 10 lbs. and is very cute. Reid is all ready register for the class, contact Claudia or Sheila at (970) 848-3867 or toll house trained, and gets along best with smaller, more calm dogs.
For more information about this week’s pet, and other available dogs and cats in the animal shelter call the Humane Society at 520- 2804 or visit the group's web site at rules and paying thousands of dol-lars in sales tax while others weren’t,”Sonnenberg said.
by Ronald Lorenzo, R.Ph.,
Jenae Lorenzo Lock, R.Ph.
Bobbi Archuleta, Pharm. D., R.Ph.
Brian Menkhaus, R. Ph.
Bobbi Ronald Jenae Brian
twice as the bill worked its waythrough committees.
Combating Alcoholism
While there are no medications on the market that can be prescribed to prevent people from drinking alcohol, there are prescription drugs We're the experts for
that can help people who have given up alcohol. These medications help former drinkers maintain alcohol abstinence. The first of these, all your parts and
disulfiram (Antabuse), was the first medication approved by the FDAfor the treatment of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. It does so automotive service
by causing an adverse reaction when alcohol is consumed. Naltrexone selves to become actively involvedin the civic process and change state- needs! Call today
(Revia and Depade) is another FDA-approved drug, which works byblocking the euphoric feeling that drinkers get when they consume for an apointment:
alcohol. Lastly, acamprosate (Campral) was the most recently ap- proved drug, which reduces the distress associated with quitting 522-2700!
Today’s column is presented as a public service. At our pharmacy, we carry the latest in prescription and generic medications andmaintain complete patient profiles so that we can check for side STERLING
effects. Here at 422 Main St., 970-522-0190, we also carefully explain MONUMENT
when and how to take a specific medication. Medicare “D” and most insurance accepted. Consult with our full time Medicare specialist.
Hours: Mon.- Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Visit our Diabetic Shoppe offering free
SINCE 1918
counseling. A certified shoe fitter is on duty. We also stock a largeselection of sports nutritional supplements and nonprescription medi- CONTINENTAL
422 Main St.
• Sandblast Signs • Historical Markers 522-0537
1200 West Main Sterling, CO
Hours: Mon.-Sat., 8-6



Pediatric Urology – Patient Education Handout Daytime Wetting and Voiding Dysfunction in Children What are the symptoms? • urge incontinence – your child leaks on the way to the bathroom, often complains of • non-specified incontinence – your child leaks without sensation or warning • urinary frequency – child voids at least every 2 hours (interferes with school) • l

Subdivision restrictions

Subdivision Restrictions Holiday Beach, Oak Shores Section Holiday Beach Property Owners' Association, Inc, the owners of Holiday Beach, Oak Shores Section, as shown by the plat thereof duly recorded in the Plat Records of Aransas County, Texas, does hereby acknowledge, declare and adopt the following restrictions, which are hereby impressed on all of said property, and these restrictions

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