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Combined Passover Listings
Chocolate Layer Cake Chocolate Viennese Biscuits Snowcrest
KLBD Certified for Passover by
KLBD Certified for Passover by
D Cream Cheese Full Fat
CY Cheddar Mature
KLBD Certified Products for
CY Cheddar Mild
Passover 2010/5770
CY Cheddar Reduced Fat
Acetic Acid
CY Low Fat Soft Cheese
CY Medium Fat Soft Cheese
CY Cheddar Slices
Cadbury Available only from Tesco
CY Edam Slices
NB: please check bottom of container
CY Gouda Slices
is inkjetted with KLBD Passover
Real Deli/Mr Freed
Bakery Goods
Cream Parev
Deli Spreads & Salads
Real Deli / Mr Freed
Great Foods
Kosher Deli
Silverman Cuisine
Mrs Elswood
Nat Jacobs
Orkney Herring
Real Deli
Silverman Cuisine
Silverman Cuisine
Dried Fruit & Nuts
Eshel Available only from Tesco
The Walnut Tree
Frozen Desserts
CY Creamy Caramel & Pecan Ice Cream
Matzos & Matzo Meal
CY Vanilla Ice Cream
Hot Drinks
Cadbury Available only from Tesco
NB: please check bottom of container
is inkjetted with KLBD Passover
Moses Tandoor
CY Instant Snowchoc
Jams & Spreads
Mackays Available only from Tesco
Silverman Cuisine
Herman Jansen
Milk & Cream
Charedi Dairies
CY Goats Milk
CY Semi Skimmed
CY Skimmed
Silverman’s Cuisine
CY Whipping Cream
CY Skimmed Milk Powder
KTC Available only from Tesco
Seder Plate
Pickles & Olives
Mrs Elswood
Silverman Cuisine
Smoked Salmon
Potato & Vegetable Products
Great Food
Moses Tandoor
Silverman Cuisine
Moses Tandoor
Tate & Lyle
Real Deli / Great Food
Califig contain actual Chametz and should P Bisacodyl
Medicines for Passover
NP Califig
This list has been compiled by Rabbi A
D Celevac
Adler BPharm MRPharms, a practising
pharmacist, in consultation with the
food technologists of the London Beth
P Dulcolax
D Duphalac
P Eliminease
General points regarding medication
for Passover:
P Fibresure
• In general all solid dose tablets and P Fybogel
P Ispagel
D Lactulose
• Many liquid and chewable preparations NP Laxoberal
contain ingredients such as sorbitol and NP Lepicol
glucose, which may be wheat derived. This P Manevac
• Inedible creams, ointments and inhalers P Normacol
Do not alter any prescribed
medication without consulting a
NP Picolax
NP Regulan
NP Regulose
NP Senokot
P Senokot
D Senokot
NP Nicorette
NK Nicotinell
NP Nicotinell
P Chapstick
NP Beechams
NP Benylin
P Benylin
NP Medised
NK Bronalin
NP Bronalin
P Bronalin
NP Buttercup
P Mucodyne
P Otrovine
NP Robitussin
P Galcodine
P Sinotar
P Galenphol
P Sinutabs
NP Sudafed
P Galpseud
P Galpseud
P Sudafed
NP Tixylix
NP Uniflu
NP Allerief
P Benadryl
NP Benadryl
P Benadryl
P Cetirizine
P Zincomed
P Chlorpheniramine
P Chlorpheniramine
NP Clarityn
P Clarityn
P Bracemate
P Daneral
P Cushion
P Haymine
P Dentomycin
NP Hismanal
P Hismanal
P Dentuhold
NP Neoclarityn
P Dentural
P Neoclarityn
P Fixodent
P Periactin
P Fixodent
NP Phenergan
P Fixodent
P Phenergan
P Fixodent
P Piriton
P Periochip
P Piriton
P Tavegil
P Telfast
P Vallergan
P Vallergan
P Polident
NP Zirtek
P Steradent
P Steradent
P Steradent
Due to the large number in the market it is P Wernets
individual preparations. However all liquid DIARRHOEA
formulated with lactose. These should be P Diocalm
NP Dioralyte
P Dioralyte
P Imodium
NP Imodium
NK Altacite
NK Altacite
P Antepsin
P Antepsin
NP Asilone
NP Asilone
D Normaloe
NP Asilone
NP Rehidrat
NP Benefiber
P Bisodol
NP Dextro
P Glucogel
NP Lucozade
P Buscopan
P Carbellon
P Cytotec
P Gastrocote
NP Gastrocote
NK Gavilast
P Dentinox
NP Gaviscon
P Infacol
P Instant
NP Nestargel
NP Woodwards
The products listed here as suitable for though in most cases contain kitniot. It is P Kolanticon
NP Maalox
which is Not Kosher. If they do, alternative NP Maalox
NP Maalox
D Alicalm
D Alitraq
NP Merbentyl
P Aminogran
NP Merbentyl
NP Mucogel
NP Pepcid
P Calogen
P Calogen
NP Caloreen
NP Clinutren
NP Clinutren
NK Remegel
NP Clinutren
NP Rennie
NP Clinutren
NP Complan
NP Rennie
NP Complan
NP Rennie
NP Complan
NP Rennie
P Dialamine
NK Rennie
NP Rennie
NP Slippery
NP Tagamet
NP Tagamet
P Tagamet
D Enshake
NP Windeze
P Zanprol
Flavours containing E120 should be NP Zantac
P Nutrison
D Nutrison
D Forticare
D Osmolite
NP Forticreme
D Osmolite
D Fortijuice
D Fortimel
D Paediasure
D Fortini
NP Paediasure
NP Fortini
P Paediatric
D Fortisip
P Pectigel
D Fortisip
NK Pepdite
D Fortisip
NK Pepdite
NP Fortisip
P Peptamen
NP Fortisip
P Peptamen
P Peptamen
D Frebini
D Frebini
D Peptisorb
D Perative
D Fresubin
NP Polycal
D Fresubin
NP Polycal
P Polycose
D Fresubin
D Fresubin
D ProSure
D Fresubin
D Protifar
D Generaid
P Provide
D Infantrini
D Pulmocare
D Introlite
NP Isoleucine
NP Reconvan
D Renilon
NP Isosource
P Resource
NP Resource
D Ketocal
P Liquigen
P Maxijul
NP Resource
P Maxijul
NP Resource
NP Resource
NP Modulen
D Scandishake
D Monogen
NP Sondalis
NP Sondalis
P Nutilus
NP Sondalis
P Nutricia
P Nutricia
D Nutrini
NP Stresson
D Nutrini
D Suplena
NP Nutrini
D Supportan
D Survimed
D Tentrini
D Nutrini
P Tentrini
D Nutrison
D Nutrison
NP Tentrini
D Nutrison
D Nutrison
NP Valine
D Nutrison
NP Nutrison
NP Paradontax
NP Avomine
NK Kwells
NP Retardex
NP Motilium
NP Retardex
P Motilium
NK Saliva
NP Salivix
P Stemetil
P Stemetil
NP Theramed
NP Stugeron
KLBD Zohar
All painkillers in tablets form are permitted. used, as other contain ingredients which Soluble tablets should be avoided, as they NP Biotene
NP Chlorhexidine
NP Corsodyl
NP Corsodyl
NP Dentyl
NP Dentyl
NP Eludril
P Aspirin
NP Eludril
NP En-De-Kay
NP Brufen
NP Fluorigard
NP Fluorigard
NP Crampex
NP Glandosane
NP Cuprofen
P Cuprofen
P Disprin
P Disprin
P Disprin
P Disprin
P Feminax
P Fenopron
NP Macleans
P Ibuprofen
NP Merocet
P Imigran
NP Nigroids
P Indomethacin
NP Jointace
P Librofem
P Migraleve
NP Oraldene
P Nurofen
NP Fenpaed
P Nurofen
NP Nurofen
NP Nurofen
NP Orbifen
P Nurofen
P Nurofen
NP Natrasleep
P Panadeine
NP Panadeine
P Sominex
NP Panadol
P Panadol
P Anbesol
P Blistex
NP Bonjela
NP Paracetamol
NP Bonjela
P Paracetamol
NP Paraclear
NP Paracodol
NP Fungilin
P Paramol
NP Medigel
P Phensic
NK Medigel
P Pyralvex
P Propain
NP Rinstead
P Quinine
NP Soothagel
P Quinine
NP Soothake
NP Resolve
NP Soothake
NP Resolve
P Sainsbury'SParacetamol Caplets
Lozenges & Throat Sweets usually contain P Solpadeine
ingredients such as glucose, which may be TEETHING
P Solpadol
P Solpadol
NP Solpadol
P Solpaflex
NP Calgel
NP Dentinox
P Synflex
NP Dinnefords
P Veganin
P Voltarol
from wheat sources and should be avoided NP Calpol
NP Calpol
The following are supervised for Passover NP Calprofen
S Highfield
NP Disprol
and can be obtained in Health Food Shops S Highfield
P Glucosamine
NP Halycitrol
S Highfield
NP Hofels
NP Abidec
NP Ketovite
NP Ketovite
NP Menopace
NP Metatone
NK Becosym
NP Becosym
NP Minadex
NP Benerva
NP Berocca
NP Niferex
NP Biovital
NP Orovite
NK Perfectil
NP Calcia
P Preconceive
NP Pregaday
NP Pregnacare
NP Calcichew
NP Pregnancy
NP Calcium
NP Pyridoxine
NP Centrum
NP Centrum
NK Collagen
P Confiance
NP Cytacon
NP Cytacon
NP Dalivit
NP Detoxil
NP Efalex
NP Effico
NP Ephynal
NK Sanatogen
NP Feroglobin
NP Sandocal
P Ferrocontin
P Ferrograd
NP Solvazinc
P Fersaday
P Spirulana
NP Fersamal
P Sunerven
P Fersamal
NP Sytron
NK Floradix
NP Floradix
NP Foresight
NP Wellman
NP Galfer
NK Wellman
NP Wellman
Best avoided but in cases of medical need a rabbi should be consulted. Glucosamine NP Wellman
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is an alternative which is approved for Pesach P Amilospare
NP Wellwoman
P Aminophylline
P Amiodarone
P Amisulpride
P Amitryptilene
NP Yestamin
P Amlodipine
P Amnivent
P Anafranil
P Cymalon
NP Anafranil
NP Cystopurin
P Androcur
P Anestan
P Angitil
P Abilify
NP Abilify
P Anturan
D Acarabose
NP Anylopin
P Accolate
P Anzemet
P Accupro
NP Apresoline
P Accuretic
P Aprinox
P Acepril
P Aprovel
P Acetazolomide
P Acezide
P Arcoxia
P Aricept
P Acnamino
P Arimidex
P Acomplia
P Aromasin
P Actidose
P Arthrotec
P Arythmol
P Actonel
P Asantin
P Acutane
P Asendis
P Atenolol
P Adartrel
P Atorvastatin
P Adipine
P Atromid-S
P Avandamet
P Avandia
NP Agenerase
P Akineton
P Avlocor
P Aknemin
P Avodart
P Aldactide
P Aldactone
P Azathioprine
P Aldomet
P Azelastine
NP Alendronate
P Azilect
P Alendronate
P Baclofen
P Alimemazine
P Alkeran
P Baratol
P Allegron
P Baycaron
P Allendronic
P Bendroflumethiazide
P Allopurinol
P Benzhexol
NP Almogran
P Besavar
NP Aloclaire
P Alophen
NP Alupent
NP Betahistine
P Alupent
P Betaloc
P Amantadine
P Betnelan
P Betnesol
P Amiloride
P Bexarotene
P Bezafibrate
P Bezalip
P Cedocard
P Bezalip
P Celance
NP Biorphen
P Celebrex
P Bisoprolol
NP Celectol
P Bondronat
P Celiprolol
P Bonefos
P Cellcept
P Bonviva
P Celocoxib
P Bradilan
P Celsentri
P Brevibloc
NP Centyl
P Brevinor
P Cerazette
P Brexidol
P Champix
P Britiazim
P Chemdyur
P BritloFex
P Chendol
P Broflex
P Chenofalk
P Bromcriptine
P Chlordiazepoxide
P Buccastem
NP Chlorpromazine
P Budenofalk
P Bumetanide
P Burinex
P Cimetidine
P Burinex
P Burinex
P Cipralex
P Cipralex
P Buspirone
NP Cipramil
P Cabaser
P Cipramil
P Circadin
P Citalopram
NP Calceos
P Climagest
P Calciferol
P Climaval
P Calcium
P Clinoril
P Calcium
P Clobezam
P Calcium
P Calcium
P Clomipramine
P Calcium
P Clopidogrel
P Calcort
P Clopixol
NP Calfovit
P Clozaril
P Camcolit
P Campral
P Candersartan
P Capecitabine
P Capoten
P Capozide
P Capsuvac
P Codafen
P Codanin
P Captopril
P Carbamezapine
P Colazide
P Carbimazole
P Colchicine
P Cardene
P Colestid
P Cardene
P Cardicor
P Colestid
P Cardioace
P Colestyramine
P Cardiophen
P Colestyramine
P Cardura
P Colofac
P Cardura
P Colofac
P Carisoma
P Colofac
NP Carnitor
P Colomycin
P Carvedilol
P Colomycin
P Casodex
P Combivir
P Catapres
P Competact
P Comtess
P Concerta
P Diclomax
P Concordin
P Diclovol
P Convulex
NP Diconal
P Copegus
NP Dicynene
P Coracten
P Didronel
P Cordarone
NP Didronel
P Cordilox
P Digoxin
P Corgard
P Digoxin
P Cortisyl
P Dihydrocodeine
P Coversyl
NK Dihydrocodeine
P Coversyl
P Dihydrocodeine
P Diloxanide
P Diltiazem
P Crestor
P Crixivan
P Cyclizine
P Diphenoxylate
P Dipyridamole
P Cyclokapron
P Dipyridamole
P Cyclophosphamide
P Cymbalta
P Disipal
P Cymevene
P Distamine
P Cyprostat
P Ditropan
P Cysticide
NK Ditropan
P Cystrin
P Ditropan
P Dalmane
P Diumide
P Danazol
NP Diurexan
P Dixarit
P Dantrium
P Dolasetron
P Dolmatil
P Dapsone
P Dolobid
P Daraprim
NP Domperidone
P Darifenacin
P Domperidone
NP Dopram
P Doralese
P Dostinex
P Declinax
P Dothiepin
P Doxazosin
NP Denivit
NP Doxycycline
P Depakote
P Depixol
P Dromadol
P Deseril
P Duodopa
NK Desmomelt
P Duphaston
P Desmopressin
P Dutonin
P Desmotabs
P Dyazide
P Destolit
NK Dyspamet
NP Detrunorm
P Detrunorm
P Detrusitol
P Dexamethasone
P Dexedrine
P Edronax
NP Effercitrate
P Diamicron
NP Effercitrate
P Diamorphine
P Elantan
P Elantan
P Eldepryl
P Dianette
P Eldepryl
P Diazepam
P Elleste
P Dibenyline
P Elleste
P Diclofenac
P Eltroxin
P Dicloflex
P Flurbiprofen
P Emeside
P Flutamide
P Emeside
P Fluvoxamine
P Emselex
P Fosamax
P Enalapril
P Fosavance
P Endoxana
P Frisium
P Entacapone
P Enterotabs
P Entocort
P Epanutin
P Frusene
P Epanutin
NP Epanutin
P Furosemide
P Ephedrine
P Gabapentin
P Gabitril
P Gamanil
NP Epilim
P Gastrobid
P Gelclair
P Equasym
P GemFibrozil
P Erbitux
P Givitol
P Glibenclamide
P Esmeron
P Glibenese
P Estracyt
P Gliclazide
NP Ethambutol
P Glipizide
P Ethinyl
P Glucobay
P Ethmozine
P Glucophage
P Eucardic
NP Glyceryl
P Eudemine
P Glytrin
P Haloperidol
P Ezetrol
P Harmogen
P Famotidine
NP Heminevrin
NP Heminevrin
P Fansidar
P Hexopal
P Fareston
P Hexopal
P Farlutal
P Fasygin
P Histryl
P Faverin
P Hydergine
P Felodipine
NP Hydralazine
P Femapak
P Femodene
P Hydrocortone
P Femodette
P Hygroton
P Femoston
P Hypovase
P Femseven
NP Idrolax
P Femulen
P Fenbufen
P Fentazin
P Imipramine
P Feprapax
NP Immunace
P Flecainide
NP Immunovir
P Indapamide
P Flexotard
P Inderal
P Flomaxtra
P Indivina
P Florinef
P Indocid
P Fluanxol
P Indoramin
P Fluconazole
P Fludara
P Innovace
P Fluouracil
P Innozide
P Fluoxetine
P Inovelon
P Flupentixol
P Invirase
P Lingraine
P Ionamin
NP Lioresal
NP Ismelin
NP Lioresal
P Lipantil
P Lipitor
P Lipostat
P Isocarboxazide
P Lisinopril
P Liskonum
P Isoniazid
P Isosorbide
P Loestrin
P Isosorbide
P Lofepramine
P Isotard
NP Lofepramine
P Lofexadine
P Ivabradine
P Logynon
P Januvia
P Lomotil
NP Kaletra
P Loniten
P Kalspare
P Loperamide
P Lopressor
NP Kapake
P Loratadine
P Kemadrin
P Lorazepam
P Lormetazepam
P Losartan
P Ketocid
P Ketoprofen
NP Luborant
P Kinidin
P Lustral
P Lyrinel
P Kliofem
P Lysovir
P Kliovance
P Madopar
NK Konakion
P Malarone
P Manerix
P Labetalol
P Marevan
P Lamictal
P Marvelon
P Lamictal
P Maxolon
P Lamisil
P Maxolon
P Lamisil
P Maxtrex
P Lamotrigine
P Mebeverine
P Lamprene
P Medikinet
P Lanoxin
P Medrone
P Lansoprazole
P Melatonin
P Meloxicam
P Menadiol
P Lasikal
P Meprobromate
P Lasilactone
P Mercaptopurine
P Lasoride
P Mercilon
P Lederfen
P Mesalazine
P Lederfen
P Mestinon
P Metenix
P Leukeran
P Metformin
P Levitra
P Methadone
P Levodopa
P Levonelle
P Methionine
P Methotrexate
P Levothyroxine
P Methyldopa
NP Lexpec
P Metoclopramide
P Librium
P Metopirone
P Metoprolol
NP Natecal
P Metyrapone
P Natrilix
P Mexetil
P Natulan
P Mianserin
P Navelbine
NP Micardis
NP Navidrex
NP Micardis
NP Navispare
P Microgynon
P Navoban
P Microgynon
P Nebilet
P Micronor
NP Microval
P Midamor
P Mifegyne
P Neogest
P Mimpara
P Neomercazole
P Minocycline
P Neostigmine
NP Minodiab
P Neotigason
P Neulactil
P Mintezol
P Minulet
P Neurontin
NP Mirapexin
P Miraxid
P Niaspan
P Mirtazapine
P Mistamine
P Nicorandil
P Mizolastine
P Nicotinamide
P Mizollen
P Nifedipine
P Nifensar
P Mobiflex
P Nimodipine
P Modafinil
P Nimotop
P Modalim
P Moditen
P Nitrazepam
P Moducren
P Nitrofurantoin
P Moduret
P Nitrolingual
P Moduretic
P Nitromin
P Mogadon
P Nitronal
P Molipaxin
P Nivaquin
NP Molipaxin
P Nivemycin
P Nizatidire
P Monocor
P Nizoral
P Monomax
P Nizoral
P Nolvadex
P Morphgesic
P Nootropil
P Morphine
P Nootropil
P Morphine
P Norcuron
P Mortens
P Norethisterone
P Motipress
P Norgeston
P Noriday
NP Moviprep
P Norimin
P Norinyl
P Myambutol
P Norprolac
P Mycobutin
P Nortryptiline
P Mysoline
P Novonorm
P Nabilone
P Noxafil
P Nabumetone
P Nozinan
P Naftidrofuryl
P Nutrizym
P Nalorex
P Nuvelle
P Napratec
P Nuvelle
P Naprosyn
NP Naprosyn
P Olanzapine
P Naproxen
NP Olbetam
P Naproxen
P Omeprazole
NP Nardil
P Naritriptan
NP Pregnyl
P Opizone
P Premarin
P Optimax
P Premique
NP Prempak
P Prescal
NP Orgalutran
P Preservex
P Orgaran
P Prestim
P Orlistat
P Priadel
P Oruvail
P Priadel
P Ovestin
P Primolut
P Pripsen
P Ovranette
NP Pripsen
P Ovysmen
P Oxazepam
NP Procarbazine
P Oxbutynin
P Prochlorperazine
P Oxprenolol
P Procoralan
P Oxycontin
P Procyclidine
P Oxymethalone
P Progynova
P Oxynorm
NP Promazine
P Oxynorm
P Prondol
P Palladone
P Propecia
P Paludrine
P Propylthiouracil
P Pancrease
P Proscar
P Pancrex
NP Protelos
NP Pariet
P Prothiaden
P Parlodel
NP Protium
P Paroven
P Provera
P Paroxetene
P Provgil
P Pentasa
P Pentasa
P Pentazocine
P Pylorid
P Perindropil
P Questran
P Periostat
P Persantin
P Ramipril
P Persantin
P Ranitidine
P Pertofran
D Ranitidine
P Pethidine
P Phenobarbitone
P Rapilysin
P Phenoxymethyl
P Rasilez
P Phenytoin
P Razoxane
P Phyllocontin
P Rebetol
P Phyllocontin
NP Rebetol
P Physiotens
P Reductil
NP Pindolol
P Refolinol
P Pioglitazone
NP Regurin
P Piroxicam
P Relifex
P Pizotifen
P Plaquenil
P Remedeine
P Reminyl
P Plendil
P Reminyl
P Popranalol
P Reminyl
P Renagel
P Pravastatin
P Praxilene
P Resonium
P Praziquantel
P Restandol
P Prazosin
P Retrovir
NP Retrovir
P Prednisolone
P Revatio
P Prednisolone
P Rheumatac
P Prednisone
P Ridaura
P Pregabalin
P Rimonabant
P Risperidal
P Stalevo
P Risperidal
P Risperidone
P Starlix
NP Ritalin
P Staveno
P Rivotril
P Stelazine
NP Roaccutane
P Stilnoct
P Robaxin
P Strattera
P Robaxisal
P Suboxone
P Rocaltrol
NP Subutex
P Rohypnol
P Sulfinpyrazone
P Ronicol
P Sulphasalazine
P Ropinerol
P Sulpiride
P Rosuvastatin
P Sulpitil
P Rovamycin
P Rowachol
P Supralip
P Rowatinex
P Rythmodan
NP Surmontil
P Suscard
D Suscard
P Salbutamol
P Salofalk
P Sustanon
P Sandimmun
P Sustiva
P Symmetrel
P Seconal
NP Symmetrel
P Sectral
P Synphase
P Securon
P Selegeline
P Selexid
P Tambocor
P Serdolect
P Tamiflu
P Serenace
NP Tamiflu
P Serenace
P Tamoxifen
P Serophene
P Tamsulosin
P Seroquel
P Tanatril
P Seroxat
P Tarceva
NP Seroxat
P Targretin
P Sertraline
P Tarivid
P Sevredol
P Sildefanil
P Simvastatin
P Tavanic
P Sinemet
P Tegretol
P Singulair
NP Tegretol
NP Singulair
NP Tegretol
P Sinthrome
P Tegretol
P Sitagliptin
P Temazepam
P Slofenac
NK Temazepam
P Temodal
P Tenoret
P Tenoretic
P Tenormin
P Somnite
NP Tenormin
P Tenoxicam
NP Soneryl
P Tensipine
P Sotacor
P Terazosin
P Sotalol
P Terbinafine
NP Spiroctan
P Teronac
P Spironolactone
P Tertroxin
P Sporanox
P Tetrabenazine
P Teveten
P Thioridazine
P Vesanoid
P Thyroxine
P Vesicare
P Tiagabine
P Tildiem
P Tildiem
P Tizanidine
P Vigabatrin
P Tolbutamide
P Topamax
P Viracept
P Toradol
NP Viracept
P Torecan
P Viraferone
P Viridal
P Toremifine
P Viskaldix
NP Visken
P Tramacet
P Volsaid
P Tramadol
P Tramadol
P Tramadol
P Warfarin
P Trandate
P Welldorm
P Tranexamic
NP Welldorm
P Trasicor
P Wellvone
P Trasicor
P Wellvone
P Trasidrex
P Trasylol
P Trazadone
P Trental
P Triadene
P Xenical
P Tridestra
NP Trileptal
P Trinordiol
P Yentreve
P Trinovum
P Yutopar
P Triperidol
P Zamadol
P Triptafen
NP Zanaflex
P Trisequens
P Zanidip
P Tritace
P Zavedos
P Trizivir
P Zelapar
P Uftoral
P Zemtard
P Ultrogestan
P Zestoretic
P Zestril
P Urispas
NP Ziagen
P Uromitexan
P Ursofalk
P Zimbacol
NK Ursofalk
NP Zimovane
P Ursogal
NP Zispin
P Utovlan
P Vagifem
P Valcyte
NP Zofran
P Valdoxan
NK Zofran
P Valsartan
NP Zoleptil
P Valtrex
P Zolpidem
P Vardenafil
NP Zolvera
P Vascardin
P Zomorph
P Vascase
P Zonegran
P Venlafaxine
NP Zopiclone
P Vepesid
P Verapamil
P Zumenon
P Erythrocin
NP Erythromycin
P Zyloric
NP Erythromycin
P Zyprexa
NP Zyprexa
P Erythromycin
P Erythromycin
P Erythroped
All antibiotics in tablet and capsule form are permitted. Sugar free varieties of liquid antibiotics should be avoided. If a doctor prescribes an antibiotic liquid for a child, P Floxapen
try to obtain one sweetened with sucrose P Floxapen
P Flucloxacillin
P Flucloxacillin
NP Aciclovir
NP Fucidin
P Aciclovir
P Fucidin
P Amoxicillin
NP Furadantin
P Amoxicillin
P Furadantin
NP Galenamox
P Itraconazole
NP Amoxil
NP Amoxil
P Ampicillin
P Ampicillin
NP Klaricid
NP Augmentin
P Klaricid
NP Augmentin
P Ladropen
P Macrodantin
P Magnapen
P Cefaclor
P Magnapen
P Cefaclor
NP Metronidazole
P Cefalexin
P Metronidazole
P Cefalexin
NP Minocin
P Cephradine
P Ceporex
P Oxytetracycline
P Ceporex
P Penicillin
P Ceporex
P Ciprofloxacin
P Penicillin
NP Ciproxin
P Phenoxymethyl
P Ciproxin
P Rifadin
P Clarithromycin
P Rifadin
P Clarithromycin
P Rifater
P Clarithromycin
P Rifinah
P Salazopyrin
P Salazopyrin
P Septrin
P Diflucan
P Diflucan
P Distaclor
P Tetracycline
P Distaclor
P Tetralysal
P Doxycycline
NP Trimethoprim
NP Trimethoprim
NP Trimopan
If Passover supervised formula cannot be P Trimopan
obtained, it is still preferable to use a P V-Cil-K
Kosher one that has been supervised for the year. If supervised formula is not P V-Cil-K
available or in cases where it is not P V-Cil-K
suitable for medical reasons the following P Vancomycin
may be used. It should be noted that with P Velosef
the exception of soya formulae, these do, P Velosef
of course contain unsupervised milk. Many P Vibramycin
contain Kitniot. Separate vessels should NP Vibramycin
always be used for their preparation. Where applicable, listing includes powder P Zithromax
P Zithromax
Cow & Gate
NP Zovirax
P Zovirax
P Bricanyl
NK Bricanyl
D Growing
P Bricanyl
P Infasoy
P Instant
D Nutriprem
P Ventolin
D Nutriprem
P Zaditen
P Zaditen
D Nutramigen
P Cafergot
D Nutramigen
NP Clotam
P Imigran
D Pregestimil
P Imigran
Heinz Nurture
NK Maxalt
P Migramax
D Newborn
P Migravesse
NP Migril
P Naramig
Hipp Organic
P Paramax
P Paramax
NP Sanomigran
D Growing
P Sanomigran
P Sumatriptan
D Aptamil
Approved Products for
Passover 2010/5770
D Aptamil
Nanny Care
Baby Milks
P Neocate
P Neocate
NP Barisart
D Caprilon
D Staydown
Available from all kosher stores, by D Toddler
telephone order 020 8809 0411 or online KLBD Sugar Alternative
Frozen Fish
KLBD Sachets
All frozen Kosher species of fish, whole or filleted, are permitted for Passover provided some skin is still attached and no Cleaning Products
other ingredients have been added. It is All products are approved in the following advisable to rinse the fish before use. Frozen Vegetables
Dishwasher Detergents
No unsupervised frozen vegetables are Disinfectants
approved for Passover. This is because General Purpose Cleaner
many factories use starch or citric acid in Oven Cleaners
processing, and may use equipment for General Purpose
KLBD Anti Bacterial Cleaner
Glucose Tablets & Gel
KLBD Anti Bacterial Paste Cleaner
NP Dextro
KLBD Cream Cleaner Orange Fresh
P Glucogel
KLBD Cream Cleaner Original
NP Lucozade
KLBD Cream with Bleach
KLBD Glass & Tile Cleaner
Mineral Water
KLBD Grease Buster
KLBD Kitchen Cleaner
KLBD Marble & Granite Clean & Polish
Brecon Carreg
Washing Up Liquid
NP Sparkling
Buxton Spring
NP Carbonated
Dental Care Products
Please see the Oral Hygiene section of the Lipsticks & Perfumes
Due to the fact that Lipsticks come into contact with the mouth and Perfumes contain alcohol that may be considered as edible, there is more reason to be concerned about chametz derivatives in these products. It has become Morning Fresh
increasingly difficult to obtain reliable information We are only giving information of companies we have been in contact with this year, thus the listings are somewhat limited. Absence of a Soap Filled Pads
product does not necessarily mean that it is a Lipsticks
Oven Cleaner
Individual lip products can be checked by looking Astonish
at the ingredients on the primary packaging and KLBD Oven Cleaner Spray
checking them against the chametz derived In addition, the following brands of Lip products Cosmetics For Passover
are free from chametz derivatives: 1. Revlon 2010/5770
In general all facial cosmetics, nail varnish, nail varnish removers, antiperspirants, hairsprays, Perfumes
shampoos, shower gels, baby wipes and soaps perfumes is the presence of Alcohol derived from In practise it is better to avoid products which chametz sources. The alcohol used in the mention the following ingredients on the primary following ranges of perfumes is free from Derived From Barley
Derived From Oats
Derived From Wheat
Contact Lens Care
All products are approved.
James Wellbeloved
Since one is not allowed to have Chamets in one’s possession over Pesach, nor derive any benefit from it, the following products suitable to be owned and fed to pets over Pesach. (They have also been checked for mixtures of Meat & Dairy from which one is If the approved products listed below are not suitable, an alternative would be to buy the cheapest variety of fresh fish available Purina Pro Plan
Must be ordered in advance through a vet. James Wellbeloved
Purina Pro Plan
Must be ordered in advance through a vet. Fish Food
Whilst fish should be maintained on their pellet or flake food for the bulk of their lives, a week on an alternative diet should Frozen cubes of bloodworm, cockle, mussel, lancefish, brineshrimp etc. may be purchased from aquarium fish shops. These should be free of grain derivatives, provided they are not vitamin enriched. Tiny items of fresh fruit such as orange flesh or broccoli are also suitable. Please note any uneaten food should
be removed from the water after 40
minutes or so.


Für Nachbestellungen dieser Broschüren wenden Sie sich bitte an [email protected] Weitere Informationen finden Beim polyzystischen Ovarsyndrom (PCO-Syndrom, PCOS) bestehen Zyklusstörungen sowie erhöhte Spiegel der männlichen Hormone bzw. Zeichen der vermehrten Bildung männlicher Hormone (Akne, vermehrte Körperbehaarung, Haarausfal ). Typisch für dieses Krankheitsbild sind zystisch

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