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Some Resources for Case Studies in Research Ethics
(initially compiled by Karen Muskavitch in 2005; checked, updated and added to by Julie Hollowell in 2009; checked and updated 2010 by Hannah Harp in 2010 and in 2011 and 2012 by Julie Hollowell) There has been an explosion in case studies accessible on the Internet for use in teaching ethics across many professions and disciplines. Some are listed here, but there are now far too many good ones to list them all. You can find many more, often for specific topics or disciplines, through a Google search using: “[name of profession, topic, or discipline] ethics case studies”
Online Resources:

American Anthropological Association, Handbook on Ethical Issues in Anthropology, edited by Joan Cassell and http://www.aaanet.org/cmtes/ethics/Handbook-on-Ethical-Issues-in-Anthropology.cfm
Bebeau, Muriel, et al. Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research, Cases for Teaching and Assessment. The Poynter Center, Indiana
http://poynter.indiana.edu/mr/mr-main.shtml Bioethics Program at Iowa State University, Bioethics Outreach, Case Studies for the Classroom. Case studies divided into a diversity of categories relevant to bioethics. http://www.bioethics.iastate.edu/classroom/case_studies.html Case Study Collection, Ethics Education Library (Illinois Institute of Technology). A database of ethics cases from the fields of engineering, science, the social sciences, and business. The cases have been drawn from all over the web, especially from pages maintained by professional societies and academic institutions. All case studies included in this collection have been reviewed by CSEP staff, and include a short description of the case and a link to either a full text version of the case or to its location on a web site maintained by another ethics organization. Searchable by keyword, subject, or discipline. http://ethics.iit.edu/eelibrary/node/2395 Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Resources on Case-Based Learning: pages include tips for writing and using cases in the classroom; a host of resources on methods, tools, and strategies for teaching with cases. http://cte.umdnj.edu/active_learning/active_case.cfm Columbia University RCR Course Modules (online, but could easily be adapted for classroom use. Each of the 6 topical modules includes useful annotated case studies) http://ccnmtl.columbia.edu/projects/rcr/ Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). A collection of many short cases on a variety of topics related to publication. Only members can access the cases. ComputingCases.org. Very interesting set of cases. Clicking on a case takes you to a table of contents for that case. Each contains a brief history of the case, teaching suggestions specific to the case, socio-technical and ethical analysis, two versions of exercises, and a variety of supporting documents. http://www.computingcases.org/case_materials/case_materials.html Hinman, Lawrence M. Ethics Updates. An amazing site with case studies and much more. “Case studies” are listed under the “Resources” tab; they include 98 cases on “difficult moral issues.” Under “Applied Ethics” find some great video resources on each topic. http://ethics.sandiego.edu/ [note: on 4/27/12 the case study discussion link was temporarily unavailable] NAS, NAE and IOM, On Being a Scientist, Responsible Conduct in Research, Second Edition. National Academy Press, Washington, DC. 1995. Each section includes a brief case study with questions. http://www.nap.edu/readingroom/books/obas National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, SUNY-Buffalo. The Center promotes the use of case studies as a pedagogical tool in teaching science. This is an amazing resource with an annotated list of case studies and loads of information about how to use them. There are 424 case studies from all areas of science including anthropology and psychology; can be searched by keyword or subject. All cases include “Case Teaching Notes” with prompts and ways to use them in teaching. Great materials for undergraduates. http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/projects/cases/case.html National Science Foundation, Office of Inspector General. Case Closeout Memoranda. This site links to a searchable database where summaries of all actual cases of fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct investigated by NSF are archived. North Carolina State University, Graduate School, Responsible Conduct of Research Modules. This web page contains links to 10 downloadable modules, each addressing a different topic in research ethics. Also a link to four short online Undergraduate Research Prep Course Modules at the bottom. http://www.ncsu.edu/grad/preparing-future-leaders/rcr/modules/index.php Office of the Vice President for Research and the Graduate School, University of Minnesota, Teaching Ethics for Research, Scholarship, and Practice. Case studies are found under "Instructional Materials – Format - Case Studies" or search by topic. http://www.research.umn.edu/ethics/materials/ [note: links on this page were not working on 4/27/12] Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Research Responsible Research Cases and Scenarios. A plethora of resources on cases studies in research ethics. http://www.onlineethics.org/CMS/2963/rescases.aspx Cases on Ethics in Professional Practice in Engineering http://www.onlineethics.org/CMS/profpractice/ppcases.aspx Penn State College of Engineering – Case Studies Resources on cases on general engineering, general science, research integrity, and student-centered cases. http://www.engr.psu.edu/ethics/casestudies.asp Pimple, Kenneth D. Website includes eight cases written in the "dialogue mode" as well as many other resources related to teaching research ethics. Scroll down for Case studies and other materials. Poynter Center for the Study of American Institutions, Indiana University, Bloomington. Resources for Teaching Research Ethics. Lots of information and links useful to those teaching research ethics. http://poynter.indiana.edu/tre/resources.shtml Rabins, Michael J., et al. Engineering Ethics, Introducing Ethics Case Studies into Required Undergraduate Engineering Courses. This page contains links to a number of case studies Responsible Conduct of Research Education Committee, Resources for Research Ethics Education. Under “Discussion Tools” are resources including case studies, narrative cases, role-playing, and video/films. http://research-ethics.net/discussion-tools/cases/ Schrag, Brian, editor. Graduate Research Ethics: Cases and Commentaries, Vol I -VI. Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. Bloomington, IN. 1997-2002. Available on-line at the Online Ethics Center http://www.onlineethics.org/CMS/research/rescases/gradres.aspx Society for American Archaeology, Case Studies from the annual Ethics Bowl. 10-12 for each year, beginning in 2004. Subjects range from museums and fieldwork, to heritage issues and research relations.
http://www.saa.org/AbouttheSociety/AnnualMeeting/SAAEthicsBowlCases/tabid/194/Default.aspx University of Washington, Biomedical Research Integrity Cases, Teaching Cases and Background Materials. Cases on a variety of issues in research ethics. First section is a guide for faculty with information on using cases for ethics discussions. PDF download available at: www.ori.dhhs.gov/education/products/burke_washington/burke.pdf
Vanderbilt University Center for Ethics: Case Studies
http://www.vanderbilt.edu/CenterforEthics/cases.html This site includes links to web pages with an amazing range of resources on case studies! Organized by discipline, with major compilations of resource links in the following areas: Various Areas Bioethics & Science Ethics Business Ethics Computer & Technology Ethics Engineering Ethics Journalism Ethics Education Ethics Military Ethics Blogs (great sources of issues in the news)
Biotech Ethics Blog http://biotechethicsblog.com/ Business Ethics Blog http://businessethicsblog.com/ Food Ethics Blog http://food-ethics.com/ Genethics Blog: http://genethics.ca/ A clearinghouse of information in the social, ethics, and policy issues associated with genetic and genomic Research Ethics Blog http://researchethicsblog.com/ Focuses on biomedical issues. Interesting commentary with links to news articles.
Videos, documentaries and movies:

AAAS, Integrity in Scientific Research. A set of 5 videos with scenarios set in life science laboratories. Also includes a discussion guide. $95 ($76 AAAS members) plus $8 shipping and handling. Vollmer, S.H. and N.S. Hall, In the Lab: Mentors and Students Behind the Scenes. Access this 3-part video and guide with case studies from the University of Alabama Center for Ethics and Values in the Sciences: http://media.iitonline.iit.edu/research/inthelab/part3/
Printed collections of cases:
Broad, William and Nicholas Wade. Betrayers of the Truth. Simon and Schuster, New York. 1982. (Out of print)
Orlans, F. Barbara, Tom L. Beauchamp, Rebecca Dressler, David B. Morton, and John F. Gluck. The Human
Use of Animals, Case Studies in Ethical Choice. Oxford University Press, New York, NY. 1998.
Penslar, Robin Levin (ed). Research Ethics, Cases and Materials. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1995.

Texts that include cases:

Bulger, Ruth Ellen, Elizabeth Heitman, and Stanley Joel Reiser. The Ethical Dimensions of the Biological and Health Sciences, 2nd edition. Cambridge University Press, 2002. (Information on using cases is at the end of the text) Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip, Julie Hollowell and Dru McGill. Ethics in Action: Case Studies in Archaeological Dilemmas. Washington, DC: Society for American Archaeology Press, 2008. Designed for classroom use, this book describes a useful framework for ethical problem solving and contains information about how to organize an ethics bowl. Includes 36 case studies with an anthropological and archaeological focus. de Bono, Edward. Six Thinking Hats. New York: Penguin Books, 1990. For a summary of how to use this method: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTED_07.htm Elliott, Deni and Judy S. Stern, editors. Research Ethics, A Reader. Hanover, NH: University Press of New Harris, Charles E., Michael S. Pritchard, and Michael J. Rabins. Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases. 3nd Ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2004. Johnson, Deborah G. Computer Ethics, 3rd Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000. Korenman, Stanley G. and Allan C. Shipp. Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research through a Case Study Approach, A Handbook for Instructors. Washington, DC: Association of American Medical Colleges, 1994. Kovac, Jeffrey. The Ethical Chemist: Professionalism and Ethics in Science. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2003. Macrina, Francis L. Scientific Integrity, An Introductory Text with Cases, 3nd Ed. Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2005. Best for use by those in biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, and related fields. Oliver, Paul. The Student's Guide to Research Ethics. Maidenhead, PA: Open University Press, 2003. Directed towards those doing research in the social sciences with human participants. Pimple, Kenneth D. Using Smal Group Assignments in Teaching Research Ethics. Available from the Poynter Center website. A short essay with ideas on how to organize small group discussions. Many of these small group methods can be adapted for teaching with case studies. http://poynter.indiana.edu/tre/kdp-groups.pdf See also: Using Case Studies in Teaching Research Ethics. http://poynter.indiana.edu/tre/kdp-cases.pdf Shamoo, Adil E. and David B. Resnik. Responsible Conduct of Research. Oxford University Press. 2002. Has an emphasis on biomedical research, including clinical research. Sigma Xi. Honor in Science. A brief 60-page book that covers a lot of bases and is required reading in many graduate programs as a guide to ethics and values in research. Download at www.sigmaxi.org/programs/ethics/Honor-in-Science.pdf Steneck, Nicholas H. 2003. (revised 2007) ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research. DHHS Office of Research Integrity. This 184-page PDF is available at: Stem, Judy E. and Deni Elliott. The Ethics of Scientific Research, A Guidebook for Course Development. University Press of New England. Hanover, NH. 1997. A great resource for developing a course. Includes lists of videos and many references for "real" cases: Out of print but available online at: www.dartmouth.edu/~ethics/archives/Stern_Elliott.pdf
Swazey, Judith P. and Stephanie Bird. Teaching and Learning Research Ethics. In Research Ethics, A Reader edited by Deni Elliott and Judy E. Stern. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 1997 Whitbeck, Caroline. The Module and Scenario Method. Construction and Use of Open-ended Scenarios http://www.onlineethics.org/CMS/2963/modindex/modintro/howto.aspx
Some books or sites devoted to a single case:
Crewdson John. Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-up and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo. Back Bay Books, Djerassi, Carl. Cantor’s Dilemma. Viking Penguin. 1991. [fiction] Elliott, Carl. Guinea-pigging: Healthy human subjects for drug-safety tests are in demand: but is it a living? The New Yorker. January 7, 2008. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/01/07/080107fa_fact_elliott Goodman, Allegra. Intuition. The Dial Press, New York, 2006. [fiction] Jones, James H. Bad Blood, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Free Press, New York. 1993. Kevles, Daniel J. The Baltimore Case, A Trial of Politics, Science, and Character. W.W. Norton, New York, 1998. (See a review of this book by C.K. Gunsalus in New England Journal of Medicine, 340:242, Jan 21, 1999) Reich, Eugenie S. Plastic Fantastic: How the Biggest Fraud in Physics Shook the Scientific World. Palgrave McMillan, 2009. Zimbardo, Philip G. Stanford Prison Experiment. This site has an extensive slides show and information about the classic psychology experiment, including parallels to the prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Source: https://www.nationalethicscenter.info/resources/518/download/Resource_List_for_Case_Studies_in_Research_Ethics_2012.pdf

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