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Tuesday afternoon September 4, 2007
Poster session I

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Garnir, Improved energy resolution of a cyclotron beam for RBS measurements Shao, Toward high accuracy in channeling Rutherford backscattering spectrometry analysis Mallepell, Annular gas ionization detector for Heavy Ion Backscattering Spectrometry Baltateanu, Influence of some variable parameters on bremsstrahlung dosimetric characteristics for electron LINAC Ishibashi, Design study of a multibeam IH-RFQ linac to accelerate the high intense and low energy heavy ion beams Trifirò, Radiation processing with the Messina electron linac Hayashizaki, Development of table-top electron linac for science education Ito, Design of hybrid single cavity linac for BNCT Iwata, Beam acceleration tests of a compact injector for heavy-ion medical accelerators PI_10) Emanuele, X-ray tomography system for industrial applications
PI_11) Nakanishi, Characteristics of extracted beam from a synchrotron using a pulse Q-
PI_12) Hasegawa, A compact micro-beam system using a tapered glass capillary for
PI_13) Nassisi, A Faraday cup to characterize soft X-ray induced by Cu plasma
PI_14) Katagiri, Development of a coaxial tapered electromagnetic shock tube for beam-
plasma non-linear interaction experiments PI_15) Akhmadaliev, High intensity capillary gas ion source for accelerator applications
PI_16) Mattiazzo, Performances of SIRAD Ion Electron Emission Microscope
PI_17) Carraresi, The controls network implementation for the experiments at the LABEC
PI_18) Carraresi, The pulsed beam facility at the TANDETRON accelerator in Sesto
PI_19) Moretto, AIFIRA : a new IBA facility at the Bordeaux-Gradignan Nuclear Centre
PI_20) Toader, New capabilities at an Ion Beam Surface Modification facility
PI_21) Gorelick, Fabrication of microfluidic devices using MeV ion beam Programmable
Proximity Aperture Lithography (PPAL) system PI_22) Giuntini, The new ionoluminescence apparatus at the LABEC external microbeam
PI_23) Karlusic, Ion fluence measurements for microprobe irradiation using low beam
PI_24) McDaniel, A broad, aerially uniform flux alpha-particle beam for accelerated SEU
PI_25) Grassi, Alpha particle beams produced by accelerator for PIXE analysis
PI_26) Grassi, Use of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) for the detection of medium-light
PI_27) Kavcic, High-resolution Johansson type crystal X-ray spectrometer at the J. Stefan
PI_28) Kavcic, KαLN satellite lines in the Li ion induced X-ray spectra
PI_29) Tada, Chemical shift measurements of chlorine K X-ray spectra using a high-
PI_30) Mandic, Characterisation of Ti valence state in FeTiO3 by analysis of high-
resolution Ti Kβ x-ray spectra induced by the proton impact PI_31) Jaskola, L-subshell ionization of some heavy elements by S ions with energy of 0.4-
PI_32) Mamoun, Stopping power measurements of 1.6 to 5.5 MeV/u 16O, 19F and 28Si ions
PI_33) Hermanne, Excitation functions for deuteron induced reactions on W and Ta
PI_34) Kokkoris, Study of the d+11B system for NRA purposes
PI_35) Misaelides, Differential cross section measurements of the 32S(d,p)33S reaction for
PI_36) Pellegrino, Cross section of 27Al, 28Si and 29Si nuclear reaction with deuterons for
PI_37) Tárkányi, Database for activation by light charged particle of technical materials
used in target units for isotope production PI_38) Kegel, Computation of the low-energy neutron spectrum obtained by proton
irradiation of a thick, metallic lithium target PI_39) Campbell, GUPIXWIN - a new software package for PIXE analysis
PI_40) Von Reden, Software development for continuous-gas-flow AMS: toward in-vivo
PI_41) Palonen, Reverend Bayes and AMS data-analysis
PI_42) Terrasi, High precision 14C AMS at CIRCE
PI_43) Quinto, Assessment of contamination of river sediment by liquid releases from the
PI_44) Wilcken, Positive ion AMS with single stage accelerator mass spectrometer
PI_45) Lopez-Gutierrez, Status of the compact 1 MV AMS facility at the CNA (Spain)
PI_46) Milenko Müller, 10Be AMS measurements at low energies (E < 1MeV)
PI_47) Priller, Applications of a compact ionization chamber in AMS at energies below
PI_48) Forstner, Feasability study of isobar suppression of 182W using Laser
PI_49) Kutschera, The potential of 26Al/10Be ratio measurements for dating of old ice
PI_50) Uhl, Development of a fully automatic CO2 graphitization system
PI_51) Scharf, New developments in AMS-dating of carbonates and lime mortar at the
PI_52) Wallner, Nucleosynthesis processes probed by AMS
PI_53) Quarta, Paired carbon stable isotopes and 14C-AMS analyses of plant remain from
Syria: a possible paleoclimatic tool? PI_54) Fedi, AMS radiocarbon dating of textiles in medieval relics
PI_55) Craciun, The use of electron beams in conjunction with microwaves for medical
PI_56) Furukawa, Design study of rotating gantry for HIMAC new treatment facility
PI_57) Inaniwa, Development of treatment planning for scanning irradiation at HIMAC
PI_58) Torikai, Manipulation of cooled beam for future heavy ion therapy
PI_59) Tsai, High-resolution gel dosimetry using flat-panel detector cone-beam computed
PI_60) Tsai, Dose response and distribution verification in three-dimensional MAGAT-type
polymer gel dosimetry with TSE MR imaging PI_61) Liang, Evaluation of radiation dose and repositioning accuracy on X-ray Volume
Imaging system for image-guided radiotherapy PI_62) Zahraman, Atorvastatin™ quantification in anti-hyperlipidemic commercial solid
PI_63) Olabanji, Accelerator-based analytical technique in the study of anti-diabetic
PI_64) Olabanji, Quantitative elemental analysis of some medicinal plants in Nigeria using
accelerator-based analytical technique PI_65) Preoteasa, Elemental changes in a dental composite filling during its oral use
PI_66) Arteaga Marrero, Status of the cell irradiation facility at the Lund Nuclear Probe
PI_67) Arteaga Marrero, Artificial cell sample to test the cell recognition software at the
PI_68) Nilsson, Reproducibility and targeting accuracy when using a thin pre-cell hit
detector in single cell irradiation experiments PI_69) Giunti, External Micro PIXE analyses of unworked lumps of Cu-based materials
PI_70) Vaggelli, Zr-in-rutile geothermometry by micro-PIXE: inferences on crystallisation
temperature of high-pressure rocks from the Western Alps (Italy) PI_71) Giuntini, Micro-PIXE analysis of single fluid inclusions in quartz veins from Apuan
PI_72) Strivay, Micro-crystalline inclusions analysis by PIXE/RBS
PI_73) Sasa, Micro PIXE system for trace element analysis of single fluid inclusions in



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