Regular meeting

Angela Brower, Hoween Flexer, Jennifer Hyatt, Greg Keeley, Nelson King, Richard Murray, Alexis Rich. Student Board Members, Emily Klawitter and Samantha Tickey, Notification: John Burns and David Marcotte,
OTHERS PRESENT: William Silver, Superintendent of Killingly Schools, Colin
Chairperson Rich called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.
Recognition of Visitors
 Killingly Central School Music Teacher, Allegra Plantier was recognized as December 2011 Employee of the Month. During such a tight budget, Allegra found a way to have performers come in for free, she brought in an array of performers for the Artist Showcase for Young Audiences and it was a flawless execution of a well-planned enrichment activity for Killingly Central School. Allegra also makes great effort to modify and accommodate all of her learners. Her hard work and planning is so appreciated by all the staff.  Also recognized as December 2011 Employees of the Month were, KIS Instructional Assistants for the Chrysalis Program; Sandy Schaefer, Heather Juszczyk, Elizabeth Izzo, Michelle Gallup, Gloria Jellison, Thelma Dawson, and Julie Stone. They all helped out in many areas and are dedicated to the handicapped students they serve and to each other. They all chipped in with extra duties and extra time when 2 coworkers were out sick. These ladies on a daily basis modify, make accommodations, follow behavior plans, and even help with toileting and feeding and assist with many outside functions.  Four students from the high school were recognized for achieving Advanced Level on all four CAPT subtests - reading, writing, math and science. They were: Brittany Bertorelli, Riley Donlon, Adam Page and Hollis Smith. The Commissioner of Education also has acknowledged their outstanding achievement. Citizens Comments
No comments
Report of Killingly High School Student Board Members
Some of the highlights reported by Samantha Tickey and Emily Klawitter were;
 KHS- On February 9th- 12th. The drama club will be performing the musical, Guys and Dolls
 On Feb. 11th an Italian dinner (prior to the Musical) at 5:00 p.m $8.00 per ticket  On Feb. 13 there will be a Valentine Blood Drive  The Horticulture team went to the National Competitions  The Animal Science class is preparing for the Agri-science competition  The Music Dept. is preparing for the Disney Trip in April  On Feb. 4th., 13 students will be participating in the All-State Auditions  Housing for 150 student musicians is needed for the March NEMFA event  On Jan 27, KMS will sponsor Family Bingo  The KCS Student Council provided over 500 hats, mittens, and scarves (and food) to 52  On Jan 20th. KCS will celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day  KIS Basketball and Cheerleading are underway thanks to funding from SOS.(Save Our Sports), and on Jan 12th. grade 5 Band/Chorus will be performing a concert at 7:00 p.m.
Report of Town Council Liaison
Mr. John Sarantopoulos reported that appointments of Commissions were postponed, due to the low
number of people (4) who applied. Mr. Sarantopoulos also stated that there has been a lacking on the
Boards part, regarding the process for Capital Improvement Plans for building maintenance. He
stated that there must be a better process on the Boards side before the plans can be considered by
the Town Council. He said that the Board should have a list of building issues, along with
suggestions in how to solve the issues and how they intend to be funded.

FRC News: Lynda Fosco, Director of the Goodyear Early Childhood Center gave a report
regarding funding from the School Readiness Grant. The School Readiness Council was established by the state legislature to ensure all children, birth to age 8, are prepared for school. The School Readiness Council helps parents and other community members be advocates on behalf of young children. A regional effort amongst three towns (Killingly Plainfield, and Sterling) was to send in one application instead of three. Killingly Plainfield, and Sterling were granted a total of $12,000, 3 separate budgets @ $4,000 each. Mrs. Fosco reported that the funds thus far have made it possible for 9 of her staff to attend classes at QVCC for professional development. Some GECC staff have also enrolled in classes at EASTCONN. Also reported was that Goodyear’s Early Childhood Center NAEYC accreditation will be expiring in November, 2012. Mrs. Fosco will submit the documents and application for renewal at the end of January. Mrs. Fosco said that there have been many changes over the past 5 years to meet the accreditation guidelines. She did express the need for computers and software in the near future. At this time the center provides services for approximately 132 students.  ALPS Report
William Scalise Head Teacher at the Alternative Learning Program and Steve Craig gave a report regarding the program, updating his presentation that he gave the Board last winter. The ALPS program began in 1984 and its’ mission at that time was to help alleviate the drop out rate in Killingly. Due to limited resources, the program can only enroll a total of 25 students per year. Mr. Scalise emphasized that ALPS is a “School of Choice” and students must assume responsibility if they want to attend ALPS and that all students can learn. The program has been very successful. He stated that there is marked improvement in student attendance and assessments are regular, frequent, and authentic. The teachers provide continuous feedback to students and staff and students meet with guidance counselors on a regular basis. The Board asked if follow-up data have been tracked with students who have gone through the program. Mr. Scalise said that they have not done any formal follow-ups but student reports could be made available. To date, 160 students have gone through the program. It was clearly stated by Mr. Scalise, that if there were more resources available for ALPS, that they would be able to serve more students.
Report of Board Committees
CABE liaison, Richard Murray recently attended The Governor Malloys’ Education workshop.
Jennifer Hyatt elaborated on earlier comments made by Mr. Sarantopoulos regarding the list of
capital projects. She stated that she understood the Town Council as saying (at their meeting the
night before) that the Board could not act upon improvements or capital improvement projects until
they’re approved by the Board. She also stated that it was her understanding that Board needs to
adopt and submit the plans with the proposed BOE budget by March 15.
Based on that information, Chairperson Rich asked that the Board be given a list of the schools’
Capital Improvement Plans at the first BOE meeting in February. Greg Keeley expressed his
frustration with the town council for not bringing this matter to the Board’s attention much sooner.
Jennifer Hyatt announced that the Girl Scouts are sponsoring a career seminar called, “Women in
Leadership” this coming Saturday, on January 21 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the high school.
Report of Superintendent of Schools and Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Safe School Climate Plan
Dr. Silver reported that due to PA 11-232 that this Act (Bullying) would impose a series of requirements on school districts. One of the requirements is that the Board approve a Safe School Climate Plan by January 1, 2012. Associate Commissioner Marion Martinez recognized that many districts would be unable to comply within that short time frame, and asked that a draft be submitted to the CSDE pending board approval. A draft was presented to the Board. The plan outlined all the obligations, deadlines and responsible staff to implement the law. Pete Gerardi will work with the District Safety Committee on overall implementation of the law. The plan was developed in conjunction with EASTCONN, other Connecticut districts, and Shipman & Goodwin. It was submitted to the state on December 27, 2011. By July 1, 2012, there will be the need to appoint Safe School Climate Specialists (principals or their designees), who will then establish Safe School Climate Committees in their buildings. These committees will be charged with developing prevention and intervention strategies, monitor the implementation of these prevention efforts, and review investigation reports. Other obligations of note include: - posting the plan on the district website, once approved by the BOE - notifying parents and students of the process by which they can make reports of suspected bullying - surveying staff, parents and students biennially - training all certified staff annually - provide training for all other staff, as provided by CSDE After the board approves the plan, then the public, parents, staff, teachers, students can be notified on the procedures. Samantha Tickey suggested that an ALERT call be made to parents about the Bullying Forms available on the website.  Audit Report
The completed audit for the 2011-12 fiscal year was electronically attached for board members to view. Dr. Silver said that if board members wanted hard copies to let him know. There were no recommendations that applied directly to the board in the audit. The auditors will be meeting with the Town Council; if board members would like to attend, they should let Dr. Silver know.  Budget Development Update
Christine Clark is in the process of compiling the budget. No dates have yet been set for Fiscal Committee meetings to start the review process, but historically that does not begin until late January or early February. Efforts to develop a budget this year will be more challenging with Christine Clark's departure.
Consent Agenda

by Angela Brower, seconded by Hoween Flexer to approve the a. December 14 2011 BOE Meeting Minutes b. January 2012 EOM Nominees c. Payment of bills for the 2010-11 year in December in the amount of $2,956.18 and for the 2011-12 year in December in the amount of $1,263,817.60. d. System Object Report sent to TOK e. December Check Register Unanimous Vote 7-0
Motion Carries

Action Items

Chairperson Alexis Rich, appointed committees in accordance with her authority under Policy
#9121(a). See Attached Appointments

by Jennifer Hyatt, seconded by Angela Brower to have The Board Meet as a Committee of the whole for future fiscal/budget purposes only. (min.of 5 Board members) Yes- 4
No- 2 Nelson King, Jennifer Hyatt
Abstain- 1 Richard Murray
Motion Carries

by Hoween Flexer, seconded by Richard Murray to accept the Safe School Climate Plan as presented. See Attached Unanimous Vote 7-0
Motion Carries
by Chairperson Rich, seconded by Hoween Flexer to enter into Executive session for a specific personnel matter. Unanimous Vote 7-0
Motion Carries

The Board came out of executive session at 9:22 by Hoween Flexer, seconded by Angela Brower to adjourn.
Unanimous Vote 7-0
Motion Carries



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