Jester Entertainment - Daiquiri / Slushie Flavours List
Alcohol Required
Cocktail Flavours
Cino Freeze
Rich, smooth & creamy, its just like drinking frozen baileys 2L milk, 500ml baileys, 500ml kahlua, 700ml vodka The old favourite, mubslide mix with butterscotch schnapps 2L milk, 1L baileys, 700ml vodka, 500ml butterscotch schnapps Float away with your favourite liquer's and the taste sensation of french 2L milk, 700ml tia maria, 700ml frangelico, 700ml baileys Cosmopolitan
"Sex in the city" favourite - the taste of cranberry and lime Fruit Tingle
Real fruit tingle flavour and a fabulous purple colour Lemonade
Blue Lagoon
Dive into one of our most popular drinks….sweet & blue 500ml blue curacao liqueur essence, 1.4L vodka 500ml blue curacao liqueur essence, 1.4L vodka, 4 cans of red Great taste of midori, lemonade and orange 500ml triple sec liqueur essence, 1.4L midori Great taste of tequila, lemonade and orange 500ml triple sec liqueur, 500ml blue curacao liquer, 1.4L Mango
Mango Daiquiri
Always a favourite, ever popular fresh mango and the smooth taste of white 1.4L bacardi rum A Mango Daiquiri that will keep you dancing all night long 750mL Bacardi White Rum, 375mL Banana Liqueur, 375mL Malibu A delicious Mango Daiquri for the sweet tooth in you 270mL Midori Melon Liqueur, 375mL Frangelico, 375mL Malibu Margarita
Lime Margarita
Fresh lime flavour with a splash of tequila - authentic mexican flavour Refreshing frozen, fruity vodka with the zesty taste of fresh limes 500ml triple sec liqueur essence, 1.4L vodka Melon
Melon Illusion
Great midori sensation with fresh pineapple juice Delicious melon flavour with the taste of coconut and fresh pineapple juice Fabulous taste of melon, pineapple juice and coconut….colours of the ocean! 2L fresh pineapple juice, 500ml blue curacao 1.4L malibu The crisp refreshing taste of watermelon, perfect for summer Orange
Freddy Fudpucker
A smooth orange Daiquiri with a creamy edge 750mL Cointreau, 750mL Bailey's Irish Cream 750mL Kahlua, 375mL Scotch, 375mL Grand Marnier Pina Colada
Pina Colada
An old favourite - summer sensation of pineapple and coconut Pineapple, coconut and the fantastic melon flavour of midori Pineapple and coconut with a tang of orange 2L fresh pineapple juice, 500ml triple sec liqueur, 1.4L bacardi Strawberry
Strawberry Daiquiri
Always a favourite, ever popular strawberry and the smooth taste of white Set your night to Cruise control with this sweet favourite 750mL Frangelico, 375mL Strawberry Liqueur, 375mL Tia Maria Tropical
Tropical cocktail
Refreshing frozen, fruity vodka flavour with delicious guava colour Frozen fruity flavours and the exciting taste of caribbean white rum Tropical flavour of orange, passionfruit and guava with a hint of coconut Wildberry Base
Disco Kandi
A wild drink to keep you partying all night long 1L Vodka, 300mL Cointreau,150mL Lychee Liqueur Slushie Flavours
You may choose 2 flavours from the above lists


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