P.E Department
I.E.S. Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente
• Spain is on a winning streak, Spain beat Egypt 32-23, Brazil 39-28, and Sweden 28-22.
• The most difficult game was against Sweden although the team managed to win with a good outcome, Spain managed to win more easily against Brazil and Egypt.
• Spain has a great team which is capable of winning the European, is one of the favourites. • Spain showed that it might be the best team in Europe.
Journalist: Luís Álvaro Santos Ruíz
The German driver Michael Schumacher known to be the most successful in the history of
Formula 1 thanks to won seven world championships in Formula 1 is in critical condition since
suffering an accident last December 29th practicing one of his favorite sports, he used to practice
every Christmas. Investigations say the driver was not going too fast and had very unlucky to crash
into stones, completely destroying the helmet without which he would have died.
Journalist : Antonio Fernández Gómez

P.E. Department
I.E.S Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente
P.E Department
I.E.S. Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente
No one knows for sure where the word doping comes from , some associate it with an old English word " dope" , which was like a paste or grease , but today the term is used as a generic drug. The Encyclopedia Britannica attributes to the flamenco voice " doop " used to determine a mixture. It also says that comes from the South African term " Dope " which was an alcoholic beverage that was used to perform a ceremonial dances correctly.
The use of substances or other means to enhance the performance is as old as competitive sport. For example, it is known that athletes participating among IV to VIII century. Olympics Games in ancient Greece used special diets and stimulating potions to fortify athletes. These Greek athletes had such important economic gains (equivalent to half a million current euros) that some of them sought illegal means to win at all costs. By the late nineteenth century is known that some cyclists often used strychnine, caffeine and alcohol. In 1928, the IAAF was the first agency to ban the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Most international sports federations introduced doping controls in the 1970s. However, these controls were ineffective because they did not detect the presence of anabolic steroids that were being used by many athletes from the 60s.

Journalist : Sara Cerrillo Romero
Is the NBA season too long?
Recently, some of the most important sport journalist in the world have asked themselves if the NBA season is too long after multiple injuries of NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose or Brook Lopez. These years, there are only a few players who can play the 82 matches of the Regular Season as Russell Westbrook who played the whole season the last 5 years, and this season he has need surgery 3 times on his knee.
DID YOU KNOW…?NBA (NationalBasketballAssociation) is the league of USA in which the teams play 82 matches.
Journalist: Paula Simón Páez
P.E. Department
I.E.S Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente
P.E Department
I.E.S. Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente
Spanish boxer Kiko Martinez retained today in the Spanish town of Elche the world junior featherweight title , International Boxing Federation ( IBF ) version , to win by KO assault in the ninth contestant , the South African Jeffrey Mathebula.
The Spanish champion did a work shoe from the beginning of the fight and was gradually sapping the strength of an opponent who showed an unorthodox boxing style. In the ninth round Kiko launched a hook ending the hopes of South Africa.
The holder of the IBF Super Bantamweight clearly dominated every round. His opponent mobility and desire with a high difference with his rival ( 1.65 by 1.80 meters KikoMathebula ) in a story.
In the fourth round, the champion was about to send him to the canvas with a precise crochet the South African , who was able to avoid a visit to the canvas because of its experience.
The Pavilion Esperanza Lag , which almost 3,000 spectators witnessing the event organized by Maravillabox , tipped with Kiko Martinez, who was at home , he lives near Elche , in Torrellano.
The king of the bantamweight proved that the words he said on the eve were true and his phrase " he is taller , but I 'm stronger " were corroborated in the ring and the belt will remain in the hands of the Spanish.
Journalist : Daniel García Baquero
• Rhythmic Gymnastics is a very difficult and disciplined sport which mixes elements of ballet, dance, gymnastic and the use of various devices.
• However, this sport is very undervalued, most of people never have seen the rhythmic gymnastics, even in the TV. For example, Europe´s championship was performed between 31 ay and 2st June of 2013, and they weren’t issued in Spanish TV until the 29, 30 and 31 December of 2013.
• It is a beautiful and different sport, which can transform the pain in art.
• Gymnasts are great athletes who should have much more recognition all around the world.
Journalist : Violeta Álvarez Pleiteado
P.E. Department
I.E.S Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente



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