Heathfield and waldron parish council

73 High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8HU
A N A G R E E M E N T made this 1st day of April 2012 , BETWEEN Heathfield and Waldron
Parish Council (hereinafter called the Council) of the one part and XXXXXX, (hereinafter called the
Tenant) of the other part whereby the Council agree to let and the Tenant agrees to hire as a yearly
tenant from the 1st day of April 20XX, the allotment garden numbered XX on the Council’s plan,
provided by the Council at a yearly rent of £72.00 from the date hereof. This rent is subject to
reasonable annual increases as may be agreed by the Council and notified in writing to the Tenant not
less than 6 months before the date upon which the increase is effective and at a proportionate rent for
any part of a year over which the tenancy may extend. The Parish Council reserves the right to amend
the Terms and Conditions of this Tenancy Agreement if necessary.

The tenancy is subject to the following conditions:-
The rent shall be paid annually in advance on the first day of April.
1. The Tenant shall use the allotment garden for the production of vegetable or fruit crops for consumption by himself or his family and cultivating flowers for his own use. 2. All plot holders are required to become a member of the Allotment Association for the duration of their tenancy and to abide by their rules and regulations 3. The Tenant shall keep the whole allotment free from weeds and well manured and otherwise maintain it in a proper state of cultivation. 4. The Tenant shall keep any pathway that forms part of or adjoins the allotment garden properly 5. The Tenant shall not erect nor plant any form of enclosure around their plot. 6. The Tenant shall keep all compost and waste heaps within their own allotment garden and in a neat and tidy condition and not accumulate rubbish or dump it elsewhere on the site. 7. The Tenant shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment or obstruct any paths set out by the Council for the use of occupiers of allotments. Bonfires and BBQs are strictly prohibited within the allotment area. 8. The Tenant shall not underlet, assign, or part with the possession of the allotment garden or any part of it without the written permission of the Council. 9. The Tenant shall not deposit or allow other persons to deposit on the allotment garden any refuse, or place any matter in the hedges or ditches situated in the field of which the allotment garden forms part. 10. Tenants should be aware that Wealden District Council have advised that Planning Permission is required for individual sheds. Sheds must be 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 metres high and of a pitched roof construction. Sheds should be painted in green wood preservative (as specified by the Allotment Association) only and properly maintained. All sheds are required to have guttering attached to a water butt. Any overflow must discharge into the drainage provided. 11. The Tenant shall not, without the written consent of the Council, erect any building on the 12. Any Member, Officer of the council or designated contractor shall be entitled to enter and inspect the allotment garden at any time. 13. Access to the site will only be available between the hours of 06.00 and 22.00 hours. The electronic barrier will be closed outside these hours. 14. The Tenant shall not keep any animals, livestock of any kind or bees upon the allotment. 15. The Tenant shall ensure that any dog brought into the allotment site is securely held on a 16. The Tenant shall store on site only chemicals necessary for gardening purposes and keep such chemicals in the manufacturer’s containers. All chemicals to be locked away and out of reach of children. Manufacturer’s instructions regarding safety, storage, mixing, disposal and use must be observed at all times, together with all relevant Statutory provisions and Regulations. 17. The storage of petrol, diesel or paraffin in containers is strictly prohibited anywhere on the 18. All new structures such as cages must be constructed of poles and green or black fruit netting only. No other colour will be permitted. Frames must be no higher than 1.8 metres. 19. The tenancy may be terminated by the Council or by the Tenant in writing expiring on the 20. If the tenant moves out of the Parish his tenancy will terminate at the following 31st March. 21. The tenancy shall terminate on the last day of the month next after the death of the Tenant. The tenancy may also be terminated by the Council after one month’s notice if: (a) the rent is in arrears for not less than forty days or (b) the Tenant is not duly observing the conditions under this agreement or any other condition of his tenancy or if the Tenant is resident outside the parish or if the Tenant becomes bankrupt or compounds with his creditors. (c) the plot remains uncultivated for a period of 6 months.

Source: http://www.hwpc.org.uk/uploads/hwpc/draft%20theobalds%20green%20tenancy%20agreement.pdf

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