DePaRtMent of tHeateR
tWo gentLeMen of veRona
by William shakespeare
Peter Hackett director
georgi alexi-Meskhishvili set design
Laurie Churba Kohn costume design
Richard Winkler lighting design
students of theater 41 stage management
Post-performance discussion
You are invited to remain in the theater immediately following the performance on Friday, November 19. There will be an informal discussion with the director and members of the cast.
This performance is made possible in part by the Drew Dudley 1933 Memorial Endowment, Michael Ellis 1939 Fund, George E. Frankel 1931 Fund, Frank L. Harrington 1924 Fund No. 4, Goddard Lieberson Memorial Fund and the A. Robert Towbin 1957 Fund.
november 12-13 & 18-20 • 8 pm
november 14 & 21 • 2 pm
2010 • The Moore Theater • Dartmouth Col ege
Duke, father to Silvia .Chris Herbie Hol and ’11Valentine.Sterling C. Beard ’12Proteus . Maxwell Hunter ’13Antonio, father to Proteus .Nick O’Leary ’14Thurio, a foolish rival to Valentine . August Browning ’12Eglamour, an aid to Silvia’s escape .Maurice Johnson ’13Host where Julia lodges.Nick O’Leary ’14Outlaw #1 .Camil e van Putten ’14 Outlaw #2 . Rose Wang ’14Outlaw #3 .Michael Zhu ’14Outlaws. . Janna Fennell ’11, Grace Marie Johnson ’11Speed, servant to Valentine . Neil Basu ’11Launce, servant to Proteus .Stephen Jangro ’11Pantino, servant to Antonio .Michael Zhu ’14Julia, beloved of Proteus . Talene Monahon ’13Silvia, beloved of Valentine . Lil ian Wilson ’12Lucetta, waiting woman to Julia .Olivia Baptista ’12His Majesty’s Secret Service . Vero Lecocq ’13, Robert Smith ’14, Launce’s Love .Blaine Johnson ’13Two Shakespearean Actors . Julia Grace McElhinney ’14, Philip Probasco ’14A Stage Hand . Al egra Condiotte ’14A Friar . Robert Smith ’14Crab, the dog . Mystic*Ensemble . Al egra Condiotte ’14, Janna Fennell ’11, Blaine Johnson ’13, Grace Marie Johnson ’11, Maurice Johnson’ 13, Vero Lecocq ’13, Julia Grace McElhinney ’14, Nick O’Leary ’14, Camil e van Putten ’14, Rose Wang ’14, Jessica Wolf ’14, Michael Zhu ’14 *Mystic is a proud member of the Silver family. MusiCians
Music performed by Loco Parentis:
Keyboard .Christopher Schoelen
Guitar .Jon Voelkels
Drums .Mike Gaffney
Bass Guitar .Peter Isquith
Vocals .Carol Dunne, Leslie Potter
There will be one ten-minute intermission. PRODUCTiON STAFF
Director of theater/Production Coordinator .Daniel Kotlowitz
technical Director/sound advisor .Scott Silver
assistant technical Director/Master Carpenter . Carl P. Choquette
Master electrician/Carpenter . Joel Giguere
Costume shop Manager . Carla D. Richters
Master Dyer/seamstress .Joan Morris
Cutter/Draper . Sycha Spengemann
Music Coordinator .Carol Dunne
vocal and text Coach . James Goodwin Rice
assistant Director/film Director .Veronica Haakonsen ’12
assistants to the set Designer .Marian A. Mathias ’11, Gabriel J. Rodriguez ’13
assistant to the Lighting Designer .Olivia Baptista ’12
film Designer .Stephen Jangro ’11
stage Managers . Nishreen Ali ’12, Racquel Bernard ’13,
Walker Fisher ’14, Worth Goodell ’14, Amber H. Porter ’14 stage Management advisor . Kathleen Cunneen
Props Managers .Sterling C. Beard ’12, Victoria Stein ’14
sound engineering Consultant . Benjamin Blier ’13
sound engineers . Marissa Al en ’14, Aidan Nelson ’12
Lead Carpenter . Lucas Sanford-Long ’12
set and Light Crew .Marissa Al en ’14, Benjamin Blier ’13, Chris Bodine ’13,
Maxwell Bogren ’10, Charlyn Brea ’12, Maggie Flanagan ’13, Anya Gleizer ’14, Veronica Haakonsen ’12, Sarah Hakes ’12, Susan Hakes ’12, Serena Nelson ’12, Nick O’Leary ’14, Justin O’Rourke ’09, Nicholas Reznicek ’14, Gabriel Rodriguez ’13, Lucas Sanford-Long ’12, Christian Sherrill ’13, Robert M. Smith ’14, Lucil e Watkins ’14, El en Weburg ’14, THEA 40* Costume Crew . Christian Brandt ’12, Maggie Flanagan ’13, Lauren Glover ’11, El ie Hunter ’11,
Nicole Newman ’12, Victoria Portnow ’14, Virginia Roach ’12, Rebecca Stebbins ’11, Emilie Weed ’13, Wei Wu ’14, Feixue Yan ’14, THEA 48** Light Board operators .Evan Curhan ’14, Whitney Fu ’13, Serena Nelson ’12
sound/Projection operators .Davis Mul any ’11, Wilson Powell ’14
Running Crew . Jason Brooks ’11, Owen Lynch ’13, Jil ian Mayer ’14, El en Nye ’14
Department administrator for Production .Maggie Devine-Sul ivan
*students in tHea 40 . Sterling C. Beard ’12, Tomohiro Berry ’12, Jason Brooks ’11,
Thomas Brown ’10, August Browning ’12, Wil iam Calder ’12, Whitney Fu ’13, Owen Lynch ’13, Al ison Marlar, Davis Mul any ’11, Aidan Nelson ’12, Wilson Powell ’14, Mary Rockwell ’11, Benjamin Spanier-Yearsich ’10, Victoria Stein ’14 **students in tHea 48 . Emily Adams ’13, Christian Brandt ’12, Catherine Cal oway,
Stephen Jangro ’11, Andrew Longhi ’14, Omolegho Momoh ’12, Talene Monahon ’13, Patricia Murphy ’13, Laura Neill ’13, Mary Rockwell ’11, Murktarat Yussuff ’12 sPeCiaL tHanKs
Brett Gamboa, Nathan Margolis and Peter Saccio DEPARTMENT OF THEATER FACULTY & STAFF
Peter Hackett .Avalon Foundation Professor Ford Evans .Adjunct Professor of Theater Daniel Kotlowitz .Professor of Theater, James Goodwin Rice.Senior Lecturer Laura Edmondson .Associate Professor Scott L. Silver. Technical Director, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theater Jamie Horton .Associate Professor Carl P. Choquette .Assistant Technical Mara B. Sabinson .Associate Professor Joel Giguere .Master Electrician/Carpenter Laurie Churba Kohn .Assistant Professor Joan Morris . Master Dyer/Seamstress Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili . Visiting Professor Sycha Spengemann . Cutter/Draper Maggie Devine-Sul ivan . Department Annabel e Winograd . Visiting Professor Administrator, Theater/Hopkins Center of Theater Effie Cummings .Academic Assistant, Joseph Sutton .Visiting Associate Professor UPCOMiNg DEPARTMENT OF THEATER PRODUCTiONS
nov 19 & 20
tHe gooD ReveRenD WHeeLoCK’s “voX CLaMantis in DeseRto”
CaBaRet anD Rising staR CaLvaCaDe
Lighting Design by Stacey Derosier ’12 and Dan Kotlowitz Admission: $2 at the Hop Box Office, starting November 15. feB 18-20
WinteR Mainstage PRoDuCtion: saRaH RuHL’s EURYDICE
feB 24-27
DiReCteD BY PeteR HaCKett
Set Design by Georgi Alexi-Meskhisvili • Costume Design by Laurie Churba Kohn For tickets or more info call the Box Office at 603.646.2422 or visit hop.dartmouth.edu. Sign up for weekly HopMail bulletins online or become a fan of “Hopkins Center, Dartmouth” on Facebook HoPKins CenteR ManageMent staff
Jeffrey H. James Howard Gilman Director
Marga Rahmann Associate Director/General Manager Joseph Clifford Director of Audience Engagement
Jay Cary Business and Administrative Officer Bill Pence Director of Hopkins Center Film
Margaret Lawrence Director of Programming Joshua Price Kol Director of Student Performance Programs
D ART M OUTH If you do not wish to keep your playbil , please discard RECYCLES it in the recycling bin provided in the lobby. Thank you.

Source: http://hop-test.dartmouth.edu/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Verona-F10-Playbill.WEB_.pdf

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