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SINGAPORE, 14 NOV – A healthy combination of unprocessed and natural organic farm
produce and California-imported cold press technology, hic’Juice comes to you in the form of
freshly pressed juices delivered conveniently to your doorstep in chill bottles of six. Available in two categories for the health-conscious, Juice Cleanses is the first category used as a
routine healthy maintenance tool for busy urbanites to detoxify and allow our digestive systems and
There are three levels to choose from: Reboot level for beginners, Restore for intermediate, and
Reborn for the advanced. Juices of this category serves as a replacement for your daily meals
available in the form of 1-day, 3-day, or 5-day cleansing programmes. “I am definitely game for having this juice cleanse a constant as it helped in making me feel detoxed and healthy throughout the three day journey.” – Viola Tan, Business Development Director of Love The second category, Six-Pack Juices comes in the form of 5 different functional packages namely
Glow, Skinny, Remedy, Energy and Relax for supplementing your diet. Each pack comes with six
bottles with three different types of juices containing nutrients with various benefits. This year, hic’Juice has also collaborated with Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2013 to introduce
and promote healthy cold pressed juices made with raw and organic ingredients to the local fashion Pure, raw and pulp-free, the juices are pressed the same day they are delivered to ensure that its
nutrients are retained and consumed with maximum freshness. The juices have to be kept chilled
and have a shelf life of 3 days after they are pressed. For more information, please refer to ABOUT HIC’JUICE
Founded to make organic cold pressed juices available for working urbanites island-wide, hic’Juice juices can work as either a supplement to a healthy diet
or as a 1 to 5 day cleansing programme your body deserves every once in a Using cold press technology imported from California, hic’Juice is able to extract close to 5 times
more in nutrients from the organic produce as compared to a conventional juicer to ensure that
you get all the benefits that each nutrient provides. With the special hydraulic press imported from the US, it gently and completely extracts the natural vegetable and fruit juices through a two-step process This unleashes phytonutrients, vitamins, traceminerals, enzymes, and other vital elements that our
organic produce has and is able to extract the finest quality and flavour compared to any other juice Website:
Founded by a former engineer, a former lawyer, and an aspiring pianist, the trio found themselves following Drew Barrymore into an organic juice bar when they were exploring Beverly Hills, Los Angeles in early 2013. Originally a group of food junkies checking out ice cream and cupcakes at Beverly Hills, the trio found themselves gaining more than just a closer glimpse of the post-pregnancy star and her family. They discovered the wonders of cold pressed organic juices on that day. Upon returning to Singapore, the trio were miffed to find out that they had no way of getting organic cold pressed juices here and returned to eating food that were picked based on whichever was most convenient. It wasn’t long before they were alerted of the need to change their lifestyle when one of them was alerted of the effects of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle during a full health check-up. From there, it was months of searching for organic cold pressed juices within the region and makeshift juice kitchen experimenting before the trio decided to aim a little higher and make organic cold pressed juices accessible to everyone in Singapore. Also the same team behind the successful American franchise, “Marble Slab Creamery” in
Singapore, our hic’Juice founders belong to Thirtythree Private Limited, a forward-looking brand

Source: http://hicjuice.com.sg/downloads/hic'Juice_Press%20Release%202013.pdf


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