Clinical Trials-Kore Liow, MD, FACP, FAAN, CPI
E2007 (Perampanel)
Of Brivaracetam used as adjunctive
Maximum of 150mg/day in epilepsy subjects 16 years or older. Evaluate Previously Developed
Shape Classification Algorithm
Procedures (CAP) Using MRI to Accurately
Discriminate Between Schizophrenic
And Normal Controls
Study of Rufinamide Given
And Tolerability of Adjunctive LEP105972 LTG-XR in Elderly Subjects
Generic Antiepileptic Drug
Generic Antiepileptic Drug
Conversion to Lacosamide
Study of Rufinamide Given
as Adjunctive Therapy in
Patients with refractory
Partial Seizures
An International, double-blind UCB N01199 Brivaracetam in subjects
Investigation of Hypnosis In
Seizure Provocation and Differentiation Between Epileptic And Non-Epileptic Seizure Events Tolerability of Carisbamate as
Adjunctive therapy in patients
Followed by an Open-Label Extension Study. Historical control, randomized Study # N01289 Study with KEPPRA XR for
Reducing Health Disparities
CDC MM-1002-07/07
and Prevalence of Epilepsy
Clinical and Neurogenetics
Submission to the NINDS
Quality of Life Measurements
in Elderly with Epilepsy
Assess the Safety and to
Demonstrate that the Responsive
Neurostimulator (RNS)
System is
as Effective as an Adjunctive
Therapy in Reducing Seizures
in Individuals over 18 Years Old
or older With Partial Onset Seizures
That are Refractory to Two or
more Antiepileptic Medications.

Tolerability and Efficacy of
GW273225 Add-on Treatment of
Partial Seizures, Whether or
Not Secondarily Generalized.
of Monotherapy Topiramate versus Protocol CAPSS-272
Phenytoin in Subjects with Seizures
TIME (Topamax Initiated as
Effectiveness and Safety of Topamax RWJ-17021-000, as Monotherapy in the Treatment of Epilepsy in Clinical Practice. (Antiepileptic Drugs) on Bone
To Investigate the Effect of “Brain
Cooling” on the Interictal Epileptiform SRTP Award
Activities Recorded during
Epilepsy Surgery.
risk/benefits of antiepileptic
drugs in the treatment of women
with epilepsy in terms of their
neurobehavioral development
after in-utero exposure. NIH NEAD II

Assessment of Prevalence of Obesity U Kansas
and Physical Inactivity In
Epilepsy Patients
study examining the safety,
tolerability and efficacy of UCB
44212 (Seletraracetam) used at
doses of 10,20,40 and 80 mg bid.
(total daily doses of 20-160mg)
administration (oral capsules)
in adult subjects (18-65 years) with
refractory epilepsy suffering from
partial onset seizures who are
currently taking Levetiracetam
but still experiencing seizures.
ERSET (Early Randomized
Multicenter Randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy of early surgical intervention for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with continued optimal pharmacotherapy. to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety,
and Tolerability of RWJ-333369
as Adjunctive Therapy in Subjects
with Refractory Partial Seizures.
Tolerability of IV SPM 927
as a Replacement for Oral SPM
927 in Subjects with Partial
Seizures with or without
Secondary Generalization.
Evaluation of LAMICTAL
Therapy in Subjects with Partial
about Stigma, Education, and
: Preliminary Responses
Based on a Community
Participatory Approach
Tolerability and Efficacy
Of long term oral SPM 927
Lamotrigine and Leviteracetam
Efficacy of Long Term Oral SPM
in Patients with Partial Seizures.,
Vagal Nerve Stimulator
Randomized, Placebo-controlled, SP 754
Parallel Group Trial to Investigate
the Efficacy and Safety of SPM
927 (400 and 600mg/day) as
Adjunctive Therapy in Subjects
with Partial Seizures with or
without Secondary Generalization.
Evaluation of LAMICTAL
Therapy in Patients with Primary
Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures.
Stigma and Safe Havens: U Kansas
Efficacy Of Long Term Oral
SPM 927 As Adjunctive
Therapy In Patients With
Partial Seizures.
Vagal Nerve Stimulator
Parameter Study, Comparison Protocol # VCRI-06-227 of Two Stimulation Settings for the Vagal Nerve Stimulators Used for Treatment of Epilepsy, controlled, Parallel Group Trial
to Investigate the Efficacy and
Safety of SPM 927 as
Adjunctive Therapy in Subjects
with Partial Seizures with or
without Secondary Generalization
Of Patients using VNS to Patients
Baade, Stembridge (Neurodevelopment Effects NS 38455, of Antiepileptic Drugs) Multicenter study to investigate the relative risk/benefits of antiepileptic drugs on the behavior and cognition of children born to mothers with epilepsy after in-utero exposure. http://spitfire.emmes.com/study/nead/ Behavior and Daily Living
Skills in Cognitively
Challenged Refractory
Epilepsy Patients Using VNS
Lamotrigine Adjunctive
Therapy in Primarily Generalized Seizures NIH-NINDS
TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Intramural
Stimulation) for Refractory
Melatonin on the Activities of Protocol 00-CC-0015
Cytochrome p 450 1A2, 2D6,
3A4, N-acetyltransferase-2 (NAT2),
and Xanthine Oxidase (XO),
The Effect of Vigabatrin on

Source: http://hawaiineuroscience.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/liow-trials-2009sep.pdf

Problemskapande beteenden

Problemskapande beteenden - Leif Ekström Efter en välbehövlig kafferast och bensträckarpaus var det dags att lyssna till Leif Ekström som talade om problemskapande beteenden. Han presenterade sig som en mångårig medarbetare inom habiliteringen, som nu gått i pension. – Halva yrkeslivet har jag arbetat som speciallärare i grundskolan och halva yrkeslivet har jag ägnat åt autis

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Walter D’Alessio receives Magee Rehabilitation’s 2003 Humanitarian Award Walter D’Alessio, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LeggMason Real Estate Services, was presented with Magee’sHumanitarian Award at the Hospital’s 16th Annual HumanitarianAward Dinner on November 18, at the Four Seasons Hotel. Mr. D’Alessio was honored for his career-long efforts in improvingthe lives

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