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Synthetic hormones such as Premarin and Provera Dr. Chartrand is a family physician practicing in Bio-Identical
are similar but not identical to the body's own McKinney, Texas. He has an interest in alternative Premarin, are derived from the urine of pregnant horses. Like all mammals, horses make estrogen. Horses produce over 35 different estrogen molecules, but not one of them is the same as estrone, estradiol, or estriol, the three human The difference between synthetic hormones and the human body’s own hormone receptors leads to increased risks and side effects. The risks associated with synthetic hormone replacement (HRT) came to the forefront when The Women's Health Initiative study of 2002 showed a significant increase in the risk of heart disease and cancer with the use of HRT. Moreover, because synthetic hormones come in prepackaged dosages, they cannot be individualized to the needs of each Bio-identical hormones, on the other hand, are individually compounded at specific doses for each patient, allowing for a more personalized hormone treatment. And, because bio-identical hormones are identical in structure to hormones already found in the body, the potential risks and harmonyfamilyhealth.com
For Men and Women
that men who have low testosterone levels are at Hormones influence your entire body, from you  Decreased hot flashes and night sweats. bones to your bladder, from your heart to your When bio-identical hormones are used at doses brain. Hormones affect your immune system, your matching the individual's needs, they are safe. response to stress, and your metabolism. Even a Personalized evaluations are completed prior to single hormone, like the female hormone estradiol, beginning hormone replacement therapy with Dr. is known to have over 400 effects in the body. As we age, our hormone levels decline. Estrogen Are Bio-Identical
falls in women; testosterone decreases in men. Hormones Right for Me?
Without adequate hormone levels, our organs cannot function at their best. Declining hormone What Are Bio-Identical
Prior to stating bio-identical hormone therapy, Dr. levels are thought to be one of the primary causes Hormones?
Chartrand will perform a thorough evaluation. He will discuss any symptoms you are having and Bio-identical hormones are plant derived proteins perform a physical exam. Dr. Chartrand will also .By replacing these natural hormones (ones which that are chemically altered to become identical in conduct urinary, blood, and saliva testing to your body already makes), you can reestablish structure to the naturally occurring human evaluate the level and function of your total health and vitality. Through bio-identical hormones. Because they are structurally identical hormone production. Your family history, medical hormone therapy, hormones are returned to to our hormones, bio-identical hormones cannot history, and current symptoms will be evaluated optimal levels, slowing the aging process and be patented by pharmaceutical companies like the along with the findings from diagnostic tests. improving our general health, wellness, mood, synthetic hormones Premarin and Provera. Together, you and Dr. Chartrand will discuss memory, strength, muscle tone, sexual function, Because bio-identical hormones are not marketed options for bio-identical hormones, herbs, by the pharmaceutical industry, the public has vitamins, lifestyle, and diet therapy, before Are Bio-Identical
What Are the Side-Effects?
Hormones Safe?
As you begin bio-identical hormone replacement Bio-identical hormones are safe and effective. therapy, there is typically a short adjustment Bio-identical progesterone has been shown to period as the appropriate dosages are determined. reduce the risk of breast cancer, while the While you will most likely begin noticing positive synthetic hormone progestin increases the risk of changes immediately, it may take several months breast cancer. Several studies have also shown that to fully balance your hormones. There may be bio-identical testosterone therapy reduces the risk some mild side effects during this time including of prostate cancer. Even for those patients with fluid retention, spotting, or breast tenderness. Men prostate cancer, studies show that bio-identical typically have no unwanted side-effects. hormone therapy does not increase the risk of Occasionally, men may experience mild acne until progression. In fact, recent studies have indicated

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