Eda minutes

Harmony EDA Minutes

Present: Chris Skaalen, Deb Scrabeck, Steve Donney, Roxanne Johnson, Steve Cremer
Present: Jerome Illg, Chris Giesen
Meeting was called to order 7:35 a.m. by Roxanne Johnson

Motion by Skaalen, seconded by Scrabeck to approve the minutes from April 7th. Motion

Jerome gave an update on revolving loans. Past due loans were discussed.
Motion by Cremer, seconded by Skaalen to approve financials. Motion carried.
Commercial Rehab Loan
Chris Giesen presented a commercial rehabilitation loan request from Harmony Repair
Service in the amount of $10,000. The total project cost is $28,473. Improvements
would include: replacing exterior windows, walk doors, and garage doors. Modify
cement block as necessary to make new windows and doors fit and remove cement “step”
on front door to improve accessibility. Replace steel siding. Insulate exterior walls.
New roof. Other items were ineligible but used for the business’ match. The loan
committee reviewed this application and recommended that the EDA approve the request.
Motion by Cremer, seconded by Donney to approve the commercial rehabilitation loan
request from Harmony Repair Service in the amount of $10,000. Motion carried.
Giesen mentioned that the billboard company would not come any further down from
their price of $3,960 plus $750 for design. Consensus of the board was to put this option
on hold for now.
There was discussion about placing a sign advertising the downtown on the old elevator.
Jeff Soma had offered to work with the city to have a sign placed on his building. He
was also looking at a possible commercial rehab project for the building. Consensus of
the board was to have the beautification committee make a recommendation for signage
on the old elevator and report back.
Giesen mentioned that the EDA and chamber had been approached by the Rochester
Post-Bulletin to do a small ad in a larger “Visit Harmony”-type ad to run on in a Saturday
Post-Bulletin newspaper. The chamber said most businesses are doing a 2”x3” ad for
$162. Motion by Donney, seconded by Skaalen to place a 2”x3” ad for $162 in the “Visit
Harmony” ad in the Rochester Post-Bulletin. Motion carried. It was the consensus of the
board that Giesen would come up with a design and check with a few board members
prior to using the ad in the newspaper.
Donney left at 8:00 am
Jill Fishbauger and Emily Ellis Nikoloski gave the chamber update. They mentioned that
Quarter/quarter requested a bench in front of their business. They discussed two different
advertising opportunities the chamber was exploring and the various 4th of July events.
The chamber was wondering what would become of the Bluff Country space at the
Visitor’s Center since Bluff Country is not renewing their lease.
Heritage Grove
Kristie Kiehne gave the operations report. Occupancy is up: only 1 memory care and 1
assisted living currently available. Consensus of the board was for Skaalen and Johnson
to review the repair options and get bids for both the interior and exterior entry way
Giesen discussed some prospects.
At 8:40 a.m. motion was made by Skaalen to adjourn, seconded by Cremer. Motion

Source: http://www.harmony.mn.us/vertical/sites/%7BF58070D9-8755-4E19-AB36-50206B76B06C%7D/uploads/Min_110505.pdf

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