Graduate students at UOIT benefit from innovative
instructors, progressive research and academic tools
unique to UOIT. We are focused on high quality programs in high demand areas of study. Our faculty members are dedicated professionals who have acquired their considerable skill by working on some of the most advanced projects in Canada and around the world.
current research examines how radiation moves from a surface to air (also known as “resuspension”) by external forces such as wind. SALMA SIDDIQUI
According to Fawaz, “The skills that I continue to develop through MSC IN APPLIED BIOSCIENCE
the Modelling and Computational Science program will enable me to effectively conduct innovative research. This program at UOIT is Oshawa native Salma Siddiqui recently graduated from UOIT with an unequivocally unique. It affords students the opportunity to engage honours undergraduate degree in Biological Science with a in relevant research in order to tackle real-world problems – specialization in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Currently, she is in problems that must be redressed everyday, across all industries. her first year of the Applied Bioscience graduate program at UOIT This program provides a bedrock for an interdisciplinary education where she will continue her research training in the area of Molecular as it bridges science and engineering. It brings together bright people and bright ideas from a plethora of undergraduate experiences, which includes physics, mathematics, and computer Her research will investigate genes that encode for neurotransmitter science, among others. Thus, the Modelling and Computational receptors in the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus, a Science program not only complements the student’s present skill parasite that infects sheep, goats and cattle in North America and set, but expands it through the wide breadth of applications.” other parts of the world. This specific project began early after her second year of undergraduate studies when she was hired as a research assistant in the laboratory of Dr. Sean Forrester. She MICHAEL FREJEK
continued to conduct research in this area for her fourth year thesis project. This early exposure strengthened her interest and MASC IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
enthusiasm for this area of research. As a result, she decided to remain at UOIT and pursue a graduate level degree in this area. Michael graduated from UOIT with a Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering. During his undergraduate studies, he Since completing her undergraduate degree at UOIT, Salma worked as a research assistant with Dr. Ibrahim Dincer in his first presented her undergraduate thesis research entitled “Identification of summer and with Dr. Scott Nokleby in consecutive summers. GABA receptor subunit genes from Haemonchus contortus” at the Michael enjoyed the research and the environment which led to his annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists in May 2007. decision to pursue graduate studies. Graduate studies offered him In addition, she has coauthored an upcoming refereed scientific the opportunity to explore his interests in robotics and mechatronic article entitled “A novel ligand-gated chloride channel gene from Haemonchus contortus”. According to Salma, “the opportunities at UOIT have been invaluable, and I look forward to continuing my Michael is currently enrolled in the MASc in Mechanical Engineering program. He continues to work with his supervisor, Dr. Nokleby. Michael’s thesis title is Researching Coordinated Control of Mobile Manipulators at the Mechatronic and Robotic Systems Laboratory FAWAZ HASSAN ALI
Michael was the recipient of the Governor General’s Silver medal. The medal is awarded to the student graduating from an undergraduate program who has achieved the highest cumulative Having completed a degree in Nuclear Engineering at UOIT, Mr. grade point average (GPA) in the courses required for the degree. Fawaz Hassan Ali is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Michael is also the recipient of an NSERC Canada Graduate Ed Waller in the Modelling and Computational Science program. His phase extraction and high performance liquid chromatography at the RAJAN MISTRY
American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Conference in February 2006 in Seattle, Washington. MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
Galiena is now on an educational leave of absence to pursue graduate studies at UOIT in the Applied Bioscience program. She Rajan Mistry started his post secondary education in 2001 on this is studying under the supervision of Dr. Shari Forbes, Canada campus at Durham College. He graduated with honours from the Research Chair in Decomposition Chemistry. Galiena’s current College’s three year Computer Systems Technology diploma research investigating drug chemistry in decomposition program in 2004. He completed the specially designed bridging environments is just one example of the collaborative approach program which allowed him to enter the third year of UOIT’s Bachelor taken by the Applied Bioscience program. Her thesis is entitled of Commerce (Honours) program. He successfully completed the Evaluating the influence of soft tissue decomposition on the stability BCom program with Distinction and received his degree in June of illicit analytes in hair. Her research aims to demonstrate that while 2007. After graduation, he decided to continue his graduate studies there is forensic value in considering hair as an alternative specimen in the Master of Information Technology Security program. in toxicological examinations; results must be interpreted with consideration to case history and scene conditions. According to Rajan, his decision to enrol in the MITS program was an easy one to make. He says, "Not only was I confident that the Galiena chose the Applied Bioscience program and UOIT because knowledge acquired from this program would be industry specific, but of its interdisciplinary approach to research and learning. The that it would also open many doors for me in the future. Since state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation, small class size and information technology security has become a pressing need in the overall quality of the Research Faculty were also major contributing industry, having a background in IT Security is a value-added factors in her choice of UOIT for postgraduate studies. component to any individual’s resume. Although my work experience has been limited due to my ongoing education, I have had the pleasure of working for a number of reputable organizations such as HELEN QIN
Nexolink Inc., The Scarborough Hospital and the Ministry of Finance. UOIT is a first class university with excellent professors who are all MASC IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
Helen Qin is currently enrolled in the Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering program. She received her Bachelor GALIENA TSE
degree of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering with Automotive options from the University of Windsor in 2006. MSC IN APPLIED BIOSCIENCE
During the last year of her undergraduate studies, she had the Galiena Tse graduated from the University of Toronto in 2001 with a opportunity to participate in the SAE Mini Baja’s team. The BSc (Hons), specializing in Toxicology and majoring in Human objectives of the Mini Baja competition are to design and Biology. During her final undergraduate year, she completed a manufacture a “fun to drive”, versatile, safe, robust, and high research project with the Centre of Forensic Sciences Toxicology performance off road vehicle. This new and innovative challenge Section, which resulted in a poster presentation at the Canadian allowed Helen to apply her engineering knowledge, employ Society of Forensic Sciences Annual Conference in 2001. The engineering design and judgment to complete and refine the design. presentation was entitled Endogenous Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) Concentrations in Human Urine Collected Ante- and Post- She began her studies at UOIT in the beginning of 2007. She says, “At UOIT, I have been given the chance to continue my education and research in the field of my interest.” For the research work of her thesis, she is working on the hybridization of conventional Since 2002 Galiena has been employed as a Forensic Technologist vehicles and its control. Adding an additional propulsion device to a in the Toxicology Section of the Centre of Forensic Sciences. Her conventional vehicle, an electric motor in this case, makes the duties include performing analytical drug analyses for criminal and vehicle more fuel efficient and environmental friendly. Vehicles with coroners’ investigations, method development, as well as method low or even zero emissions are the solution for today’s energy crisis. Hybrid vehicles have gained popularity over the past decade and are continually being innovated. “UOIT has given me this chance to Most recently, Galiena completed a method development and work on a project that is on the leading edge of the evolution of the validation of quetiapine for the Toxicology Section. She presented a automotive industry, an opportunity that I would not have had paper entitled Quantitation of quetiapine in human blood by solid


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