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Health Precaution Information
As you prepare for your stay in Thailand, please consider potential health risks. The Thai government does not require any immunizations for entry to the country, but after consultation with, recommendations. However, GSC strongly advises that you consult with your personal physician, infectious disease specialist or travel clinic before deciding what preventative measures to take. In addition, be sure to discuss any pre-existing medical conditions with your physician. Immunization Recommendations
Tetanus lasts for ten years. Be sure to have a booster if necessary. Polio
The polio vaccine is given in three doses over a period of 18 months (usually as a young child). A booster is recommended prior to travel where polio is common. Hepatitis A
Vaccine should be administered at least four weeks before departure. If long-term protection is desired (ten years), follow-up with second dose 6-12 months after the first dose. If departing within two weeks, a dose of immune globulin is recommended that lasts 3 months. Typhoid
Both oral and injectable vaccines are available. The oral vaccine fever
should be finished at least one week before travel and will last 5 years. The injection should be given at least 2 weeks before travel and will last 2 years. Malaria
The Center for Disease Control Malaria Branch no longer recommends that travelers to Thailand take oral prophylactics unless they plan to travel to remote, forested regions on the Thai borders. In this case, the recommendation is Malarone or doxycycline as there is confirmed mefloquine, chloroquine and fansidar resistance in these areas. Other Health Considerations
Jet Lag Tips
Current research suggests the following to help you overcome the occasionally
unpleasant effects of jet lag:

Eat as little as possible during long flights. Vegetarian meals (give airline 3 days notice) are often recommended because they tend to be lighter and more digestible. Avoid coffee, tea, cola and alcohol. They are dehydrating Melatonin or light sleeping pills can help you sleep on the plane and regulate your sleeping pattern upon arrival in Thailand. Consult your physician. Upon arrival, expose yourself to lots of outdoor daylight for the first few days and sleep in a completely dark room (use a mask if necessary). Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
Just by virtue of being different from what you are used to, the food, water, climate, and
conditions of Thailand can cause gastro-intestinal disorders. The most widely advised
cure is to drink lots of fluids and let it flow. To help you avoid a bout of illness, we make
the following recommendations.

Food and beverages provided by your host family or in private homes are nearly always safe. Take care, however, when buying meals in restaurants or from roadside vendors. When you aren't sure of sanitation quality, avoid raw foods, uncooked vegetables, peeled fruits, unpasteurized milk products, raw meats and shellfish. Hot, cooked food is usually fine. Do not drink tap water. All eating establishments, including street stalls, serve bottled water. You can ask for the bottled water to be brought and opened at your table, although this is already commonly done. For more information about travel related health risks, preventative measures and
requirements, contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
24-hour travelers' hotline
Automated fax service
CDC Website


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