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Health Screening Packages - Singapore Computer Society (SCS) Members
Health screening is essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions that can cause disability and death. Early detection allows diagnosis and management of illnesses to be done appropriately. When all that is taken care of, your health and wellness could then be enhanced to achieve your lifestyle aspirations.
Raffles Medical Group is pleased to offer comprehensive health screening packages for SCS members at special rates.
All packages are available at Raffles Health Screeners at Raffles Hospital.
Raffles Lifestyle Raffles Deluxe
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Raffles Ladies
S/N Package Details
Deluxe Package
Executive Package
A Examination/ Review by Doctor
Interview on Medical History by Doctor
1 Past & present medical conditions will be reviewed. Do bring past medical records for doctor's reference. Physical Examination by Doctor
2 Complete physical examination including eyes, ears, nose, throat and Body Fat Measurement
Measurement of the percentage of fat in the body. Body Mass Index (BMI)
Indication of whether patient's weight is within the healthy range. Blood Pressure Reading
5 Indication of whether patient's blood pressure is within acceptable Visual Acuity & Colour Vision Assessment
Eyesight test and colour blindness test. Medical Report
Health report on results of tests. Post Examination Review
Review of health report with doctor.
Advice will be given for abnormalities detected and recommendation for treatment. B Laboratory Analysis
Complete Haematological Parameters (CBC)
A complete blood count to check haemoglobin levels for blood
sufficiency, white blood cells and platelet count. To exclude blood diseases like anaemia and leukaemia. 10 This is a sensitive marker that gives indication of possible problems in any internal organ (e.g inflammatory diseases, blood disorders). Liver Function Test
11 To test the proper functioning of the liver and detect liver damage or Kidney Function Test
12 To test the proper functioning of the kidney to exclude potential kidney Blood Glucose
Screening test for possible or early diabetes. Lipid/ Cholesterol Profile
14 Test of the good and bad cholesterol in the body, as well as triglycerides. To determine risk of coronary heart diseases. Gout/ Uric Acid
15 To screen for risk of joint diseases, kidney stones and kidney Thyroid Screen (Free T4 and TSH)
16 To assess the functions and activities of the thyroid gland, which controls various functions of the body, largely metabolism. Bone Mineral Status (Calcium and Phosphate)
17 To detect potential hormonal disturbances, bone disorders and risk of Immunology: Rheumatoid Factor
To detect Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease affecting several joints in
the body. It can lead to pain and permanent deformities if left untreated. Cardiac Risk: Lipoprotein A
19 To determine the risk factor for heart diseases like stroke and heart Hormonal Profile
20 Progesterone/ Estradiol (E2) levels for Females or Testosterone Hepatitis A Screening
To screen if patient has immunity against Hepatitis A which is a viral
disease that cause fever, nausea, malaise, anorexia and abdominal discomfort. Hepatitis B Screening
To screen if patient is a Hepatitis B carrier and if the patient has
immunity against Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B problems range from mild liver infection to acute liver failure. Raffles Lifestyle Raffles Deluxe
Raffles Ladies
Raffles Executive
Raffles Ladies
S/N Package Details
Deluxe Package
Executive Package
B Laboratory Analysis
HIV Screening
To screen for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Venereal Disease (VDRL/TPHA)
24 To screen for syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease (STD). If VDRL
screen is positive, TPHA, a confirmatory test for syphilis is performed. Urinalysis
25 A screen to detect early signs of disease and if there is blood in the urine. Also to detect signs of diabetes or kidney disease. Urine Microalbumin (Qualitative & Quantitative)
26 To test for the presence of micro-protein in the urine, which may be a Stool Occult Blood
To detect bleeding from the colon which may indicate early cancer. Choice of 2
Choice of 2
Choice of 3
Choice of 4
B Package/ Choice of Tests
(from S/N 28-34) (from S/N 29-33)
(from S/N 28-34)
(from S/N 29-33)
Pap Smear (Female)
28 To detect early signs of cervical cancer, pelvic infection or any Tumour Marker - Liver
Tumour Marker - Colon
To detect cancer of the colon.
Tumour Marker - Pancreas
Tumour Marker - Ovarian (Female)
To detect cancer in the female ovaries. Tumour Marker - Breast (Female)
Tumour Marker - Prostate (Male)
34 To detect cancer of the prostate, a common cancer in the male C Radiological Investigations
Chest X-ray
35 To detect the presence of lung tuberculosis cancer, pneumonia and Choice of 1
Choice of 1
Choice of 2
C Package/ Choice of Tests
(from S/N 36-38)
(from S/N 36-41)
(from 36-41)
Ultrasound Pelvis (Female)
36 To check on the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes to identify any tumours, kidney stones and disorders in the urinary bladder. Ultrasound Breast (Female)
37 Recommended for women below 40 years old. To screen for breast lumps for potential breast cancer. Mammogram (Female)
38 Recommended for women aged 40 and above. To detect breast lumps for potential breast cancer. Ultrasound Abdomen
39 To evaluate the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen to Bone Densitometry
This is a measurement of bone density to screen for osteoporosis. Treadmill Cardiac Assessment
41 An examination of patient's fitness and heart condition under stress. Helps detect heart disease (heart vessel blockage). 12 Leads Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)
42 To detect heart diseases, abnormalities of cardiac rhythm and heart Tonometry
43 A routine eye test to screen for increased intraocular pressure (IOP), which increases the risk of glaucoma. Terms & Conditions:
Packages offered are valid until 31 December 2009 and subjected to GST at the prevailing rate.
Preferential rates offered cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and offers.
Items declined in packages cannot be exchanged or refunded.
Health screening is by appointment only. Kindly call 6311-1222 for appointments (Call Centre).
SCS members shall produce their membership card upon registration and payment to enjoy the preferential rates.
SCS members' dependants (Parents/ Spouse/ Children) are entitled to the preferential rates if accompanied by SCS members with their membership cards.
All payments shall be made on the day of health screening (Available modes of Payment: Cash/ NETS/ Credit Card). Health Screening Preparation:
Fasting is required for 8 hours prior to health screening. Plain water is allowed.
Bring along past medical/ health screening reports for doctor's reference.
For females, it is advisable for your health screening date to be at least 1 week after the last day of your menstruation. For treadmill, kindly bring along jogging attire and shoes.
For ultrasound abdomen, prior fasting of 6 hours is necessary.
X-rays are not recommended for preganant women or for those who have done a similar x-ray less than 6 months ago.
Our Location
Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Road
Raffles Health Screeners @ Level 2
Singapore 188770
Call Centre (For Appointments): 6311-1222
SBS Bus Services
Victoria Street
2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 62, 63, 80, 130, 133, 145 & 197
Ophir Road
Nearest MRT Station
S/N RMG Clinics with Health Screening Facilities
Packages Available
OUB Centre Clinic
1 1 Raffles Place #05-03/04 OUB Centre S(048616) Raffles Airport Medical Centre
2 Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-MS-15 S(819663) Tampines Junction Clinic
3 300 Tampines Ave 5 #01-05 Tampines Junction S(529653) Causeway Point Clinic
4 1 Woodlands Square #05-02 Causeway Point S(738009) Jurong East Clinic
5 Blk 131 Jurong East Street 13 #01-267 S(600131) Note: Health screening is by appointment only.
Additional Tests to your Health Screening Package
Treadmill Cardiac Assessment (Heart Disease) Note: Prices are subjected to GST at the prevailing rate.
Prices are subjected to change without notice.


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