The material
How does the anti bed bugs sheet get used?
The sheet is made of a material that meets all of the It is the ideal travel companion for business The anti bed bugs sheet
trips, trekking tours, pilgrimages or major events lasting several days.
by 7Flies
When using the hotel bed cover ensure that it is 2. Limiting the quantity of active substance to placed completely ON TOP of the sheet. The sheet is only useful if there are no alternative routes that the bedbugs can use to climb into the 4. Protecting your health and the environment with no side-effects and at an affordable price.
The sheet is not a substitute for sustained pest control efforts but is a useful accompanying measure to provide immediate protection in the case of a severe infestation.
What will I be protected against?
The sheet offers protection against bedbugs, ticks, harvest-bugs, fleas, ants and other crawling insects and arthropods. If you roll yourself in the sheet or use it as a cover or screen it can also provide protection For some years it was used as a means of health against flying insects, such as mosquitoes, gnats and flies.
This insect-repellent sheet is a completely new protection in crisis regions. Now it is available to technique that complements the existing range private customers. The use of materials is kept to an of repellents for use against bedbugs, ticks, absolute minimum and totally optimized in order to How long does the protection effect last?
fleas, mosquitoes, harvest-bugs and other achieve an overall product that is lightweight, functional, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.
If well cared for, the protection effect lasts as long as the material itself.
By packing one of our sheets, you are sure to leave nothing to chance. Simply spread it out How does the anti bed bugs sheet work?
For which animals is the sheet not recommended?
For crawling insects – and only for them – any Cats have a different metabolism to other contact with the sheet is like touching a burning Use this innovative product to sit or lie on, in mammals. The active substance is harmful to hotplate, because the bedbugs-free sheet order to keep creepy-crawlies almost totally at them as well as to reptiles and aquatic animals.
bay. Or use it as a screen to keep out mosquitoes.
Since the active substance is incorporated into What about protecting the environment?
When it is time to move on, the sheet goes back the textile fiber itself during the production into your suitcase, ready for the next stage of process, the effect is guaranteed to last During the production process all solvents and residues are recuperated and recycled so that the waste water is free of contaminants. Since permethrin, like all pyrethroids, is highly toxic for aquatic animals, this makes the process particularly environment-friendly.
How much protection do I get in the case of a severe
Eva Scholl (Entomologist)
Sniff the air in the room you intend to spend the night in. A severe bedbug infestation can often be detected as soon as you open the door due to to provide advice on sustainable forms of pest control and prevention effective up to a point: some 2.5 % of the bedbugs are likely to resist the repellent effect. companies. Eva has been studying ticks for many years. While in the case of ten bedbugs, practically She has made many public appearances, gives regular none will get through, in the case of 100 there lectures, is an active participant in numerous events and will be two or three and in the case of 1 000 an We have made it our job to protect people in an
has published countless studies and articles. order of 25 particularly hungry specimens will environmentally-friendly and effective way against
be able to get to your body despite the sheet! diseases than can be transmitted through insect bites.
Avoid sleeping in strongly infested rooms Hannah Schulz
With your sheet create a small safe haven for The sheet's white color offers you an additional safety guarantee: any insect that is able to find We can at last offer you this product thanks in its way into your bed will be easily visible.
large part to the efforts of our pest control expert, biologist Eva Scholl, who after more than 25 years of professional experience is a How do I check that the repellent effect still works
leading expert in this field and knows how to after a long period of use?
leading member of the quality management department Place a few ticks, bedbugs, ants, flies or in an E-learning company. After a 4-year baby break mosquitoes on the sheet and keep them there for she is now back on the saddle in order to manage our a few minutes, for example using a glass. An innovative product
Afterwards observe their behavior for a while.
You will easily be able to see whether there is substance that repels arthropods is incorporated any resistance to the repellent, for example on as a fiber copolymer into the fabric of the sheet. The substance thereby remains embedded in the material, guaranteeing a lasting effect and Standard 100 for textile products of all types which pose no risk whatsoever to human health.
This patented process is an innovation on the world market: to our knowledge it is the only process involving the use of an insect repellent in which the active substance remains intact for re-use.

Source: http://www.evascholl.de/texte/7flies_bed_bugs_free_sheet_protection.pdf


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