CARDIAC BYPASS:APPLICATION OF A MECHANICAL HEART AND LUNG APPARATUS +Post-Doctoral Fellow Department.of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute ofTechnology New Delhi 110016 India, *Cardio Thoracic Surg.,Department of Cardio Thoracic Surgery St Stephen'sHospital Tis Hazari Delhi ++Director Helmholtz Institut Fur BioMedinische Universitat Aachen Germany offsprings can have it.Impure blood duringcirculation affects the lungs,left artery to right ventricle.Arterial defect ,a hole inthe heart,blood takes short track instead of This paper deals with the problem of bypass proper channel,it escapes, oxygenated blood surgery.lt examines the basic mechanical and mixes with deoxygenated one.Defects occur in physiological problems of the heart and lung.
The paper assumes that the cardio-pulmonary operation.Ventricular septic defect.blood bypass is a technique by which the pumping forcing into the aorta is diverted,lung gets more blood. Several factors postulating this functions of the lung are temporarily replac- ed by a mechanical device,the pump oxygenat- India.Blue baby is obstruction to one of the or attached to the vascular system of the arteries.The baby can not strive cries, and patient.Studies have been carried out on over is called Tetralogy of Fallot.Blood vessels 250 patients on open heart operations and are wrongly connected and oxygenated blood clinical perfusion of cardiopulmonary bypass.
The contributions of this paper is based on the results obtained from successful patients abnormal progress.Endocardigraphic machine operations models of preoperative and post detects if a child has disease.Diagnosis is operative procedures.The paper revealed that by surgery.For closed heart does not involve patients with angina pectoris senosis complic- ations in heart attack and young individuals with heart diseases need CPB.The result ind- sophisticated equipments.The cost is 1 lakh icates that the CPB is relatively safe in the including entire period of treatment.Funding sense that many patients got releif who suffe- organisation and Government deffer the cost red from the intracardiac and excruciating of importing disposable valves.Trivandrum pain.The new trend is that the study identi- is one centre.Valvular disease isdone.Chinese fies bypass surgery as one of the greatest valves are less costly.Reheumatic fever is in contributions,grouped in line with the disc India,and gives sour throat caused by bacter- overy of antib iotics and insolin with regards ia, reaction in body manifestation.Mitral valve is one way passage ,block the lungs useful in the sense that it has prevented easily tackled by method of ballon either to many early deaths and has helped innumerable repair or replace them by artificial heart patients to live normal lives.The limitation is that only certain persons can benefit from this procedure.Computer Subroutine Models and performed.:Mitral valve artery and cardiac heart stop noted at 30 units to 217 minutes aortic clamped.Valve variable was 0,6repaired to 3.5 cm .
bypass surgery. Valve was opened and closed, operations and clinical perfusion for cardiac the mitral valve repairesd.In another case, pulmonary bypass problems.Cardio-pulmonary bypass involves a technique or methodological valve) 0.6 opened to 3.5 using Tubbb.Mitral procedures by which the pumping action of the valve was leaking and narrowed. Mr Mathews MP heart,and the gas exchange functions of the aged 63years had mitral valve grafting.lt lung are replaced temporarily by the pump- took 9am - 3pm coronary artery block bypass oxygenator,connected to the vascular system surgery.ECG was 80 per minute,BP 80-144 and of the patient.CPB is a safe clinical tool at the intensive care the X ray was taken at for~~risk patients having coronary artery bypass, grafting can be done with a hospital Aortic Cardio Pulmonary Bypass was a case mortality of less than l%.In seriously ill of aneurysm of abdominal aorta resection and patients,very young or old CPB contributes to grafting using Dador graft gelsad.Other oper- morbility and mortality.Damaging effect of ations that took place include myocarditis- myocardium,anginapectoris-occurrence of pain-chest, pericarditis-inflammation of the enveloping membrane of the heart-bacterial categorization.lt is rampant among the rich infection-rheumatic fev«>r and conginital typically of the west.Defect occur at upper children.Parents with defective genes,their (i) 0.2% dex with 90mg vite according to Proceedings RC-IEEE-EMBS & 14th BMESI -1995 PS15
Glucose 10/dex add Inj with Insoline 10 unit 30ml/hr, Inj K.CL lgm (iii) 5% with Injection Doparine 400mg/500 ml.according to patientBP.(iv)NTC Nitrobyceine 25mg/500 ml or 50mg/500 ml.(v) Blood transfusion acceding to HB report 3 or 4 point (of surg).Total 15days in the hospital is allowed.CABG andValue replacement:Sug Pest of orders and (vi)injection Omnatax 1 gm 6 hrly(vii) Irij.
Coulta 60mg 8hrly (viii)Inject Morphine 3mgSOS If chest drainage is more than 100 Ml/hr,then we give Injection. Protamine 1 amp.v stat or 2 mg sat,If urinary output is low 60 ml/hr or 25 ml/hr then Inj.lasix to be given.
We will keep the pH to CTS ICU atleast 1 week after that we will transfer the Patient toCTS ward (General ward or put in the ward.
Figure 1 illustrates details observed in the intensive care.Enough concentrated serium albium is added to the balanced salt solution infants.Glucose concentration 350 mg per centis delibrately raised to promote osmoticdirenis during and for a few hours afteroperation and to provide energy source.
Name of patient Sirequiddin AorticR on 1.46pm Height 170 cm 3.4m/Operation AVR Aortic off 2.31pmAnaest 11.00 am Card P 1.59pm/900mgOD st 11.5am Urine at lOOmg Bypass on 1.45pm urine 600mm,- 500Bypass off 2.31 pm Heparine tr 1.34 pm/180mgurine dur 250mm-100 urine off 100mm Temp 38*C In view of the subjectivity of this study, according to Paul CNjoku and Prof G.Rau Direc-tor of HIBMEDE Universitat Technik Aachen in scope of extension by way of a wide range ofsimulations in the form of Sensitivity Study.
This refers to inclusion of autonomous controlof implantable electromechanical artificial heart to analyse the reciprocal effects ofhuman physiology respectively pathology andTAH technology.Systems analysis specificallymotor control and sensors,stability and sensitivity evaluation are proposed.The results ofthese studies serve as a base for the designof an experimental extracorporeal control andmonitoring unit in the context of total artificial heart.They will also serve the futuredevelopment of an intracorporeal miniaturisedcontrol unit [ . J .
Safe CPB is characterized by the absence ofstructural or functional damage after the perfusion.This is complete due to profound hypothermia.Thousands of patient have noapparent ill effects from CPB.Coroary Artery DeseasefCAD),CABG,and increasing number of patients are subjected to observation.
[l]Paul.CNjoku(1994)Experience of over 250 Research and Development in cardiac assist openheart operations and clinical perfusion devices under Biomechanic Design is vital.
for cardiopulmonary bypass RAThesis underDr [2.]Paul.CN Autonomous Control of Implantable The auspicious opportunity to trainDrPaul was Electromechanical ArtifificialHeartHelmholtz TAH BioMechanic Cardiac Assist Devices PD Thesis under UnivProfDrG.Rau Dir HIBM Aachen ging the reverential admirations tothem ismvpleasant and dutiful awe.lam grateful to nrBrown,ProfSAnand and ProfDrGuha for support.

Source: http://eprint.iitd.ac.in/dspace/bitstream/2074/1646/1/njokucar1995.pdf


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