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Central Union High School District
Health and Welfare Benefits
All Benefit Eligible Classified Employees (and COBRA Enrollees) Carol Moreno, Director of Human Resources HEALTH AND WELFARE BENEFITS EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2010
The annual open enrollment for making medical, dental, vision and life insurance plan changes is from Tuesday, August 10, 2010 through Friday, September 10, 2010. Al information you need for open enrollment has been posted on Personal Choices. Go to the District websiteHuman Resources, scroll down to Personal Choices and click. You will find plan designs (click on Benefits), forms (click on Library), announcements, and links to carriers, life event information and much more. On the website are the election and enrollment forms that must be fil ed out, signed and returned to Human Resources by September 10, 2010. If you fail to return these two forms by September 10, 2010 your
coverage wil be delayed.
What’s New this Year?

 We are changing from Blue Shield/Access Baja to Anthem Blue Cross (SISC program) and SIMNSA. All
employees must re-enrol in the medical plan of their choice. If you are covering your spouse
and/or dependent children, you must bring a copy of your marriage certificate and/or birth
 You have 4 medical plan choices (see Personal Choices and compare plans):  Include Costco $0 copay program for generic drugs  Generic copays for diabetic supplies 2) SIMNSA – coverage in Mexico. You must receive al services (aside from an emergency) from a SIMNSA provider if you choose these California licensed plans. Remember, anytime you change from one insurance company to another; be sure to have adequate prescriptions on hand. You wil need a new prescription from your doctor after October 1, 2010. For maintenance prescriptions (high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) use mail order! See Personal Choices for additional information on al these programs.  You have 2 dental plan choices: Delta Dental (current plan with no changes) or SIMNSA dental. In addition, you may enroll in both Delta Dental and SIMNSA dental if you choose. However, you wil pay the full cost of the SIMNSA plan through tax-free payroll deductions.  Adult children may be covered under your health plans until age 26 as long as they do not have access to other employer-sponsored health coverage. A birth certificate is required if you should decide to add an  Al employees must re-enroll in the MetLife District paid life insurance program in order to make sure our records are accurate regarding your beneficiaries. This is also your opportunity to enroll in additional life C:\Documents and Settings\jbedolla\Desktop\2 Central Classified OE Memo 08 04 2010.doc  Enroll in Pre-Paid Legal and/or Identity Theft. Important Information
 If premiums for benefits are greater than the bargained benefit cap, employees can pay for those excess premiums with pre-taxed dollars under the District’s IRS Section 125 Plan. Pre-taxing premiums may be significant tax savings for employees and their families.  Registered Domestic Partners (age 18 but less then age 62 same sex and age 62 or older same/opposite sex) are eligible for District benefits and have the same benefits as a spouse per AB 205 and AB 2208. For  Enrolment in the Section 125 Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement accounts wil be in  Please be advised that your final benefit election for the 2010/2011 plan year cannot be changed unless there are certain family status changes. Acceptable changes must be communicated to the District Office Human Resources Department within 30 days of the event otherwise you wil have to wait until the next  Customer service numbers and web addresses for SISC Anthem Blue Cross, SIMNSA, Delta Dental, etc. can be found on the Contact Sheet located on Personal Choices.
Remember, you must re-enrol in the medical plan of your choice or risk not having medical
insurance effective October 1, 2010!
Al forms, benefit information, announcements, payroll deductions and more are available online under Click on Human Resources under Departments Scroll down to Personal Choices and click C:\Documents and Settings\jbedolla\Desktop\2 Central Classified OE Memo 08 04 2010.doc


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