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CELEBRATE PURIM IN A SPECIAL WAY IN 2014 One of the most joyous customs associated with the festival of Purim is SHALACH MANOT, the sending of treats to friends and family. You will be able to send Purim wishes and Kosher goodies to Emeth members (in Bergen County), ECC and Religious School families, and Temple staff. Recipients living outside of Bergen County will receive a beautifully inscribed card. Make the giving (and receiving!) of SHALACH MANOT part of your family’s annual holiday cycle! Here’s how it works: **List on the reverse side the Emeth families to whom you wish to send SHALACH MANOT. Enclose $6.00 per name if you are sending to 16 families or fewer; enclose $5.00 each if you are sending to 17 or more. **Each recipient will get only one SHALACH MANOT gift; the size of the gift is determined by the number of families who send to that household. Each package is accompanied by a card listing all the donor families. **RECIPROCAL OPTION. You may choose to have SHALACH MANOT automatically sent to those who send to you. **MITZVAH MANOT. Enhance the Mitzvah! Send SHALACH MANOT to a Temple family which would not otherwise receive one! **You may also order extra SHALACH MANOT packages to deliver on your own to family and friends who are not part of the Emeth community. These packages cost $8.50 apiece and must be picked up at Temple on Thursday, March 13 between 4:00-6:00, or on Purim Day, Sunday, March 16 between 9:00-12:00. **We always need lots of help with this exciting event. Please indicate on the reverse side if you will be able to help pack SHALACH MANOT on Thursday, March 13 and/or deliver it on Purim Day, Sunday, March 16. We look forward to your participation in SHALACH MANOT! Please return the form on the reverse side of this sheet, with payment, to the Temple office by Friday, February 21. Feel free to call us with any questions. SHALACH MANOT ORDER FORM ~ return by February 21, 2014 Name, phone, and e-mail_____________ I wish to send SHALACH MANOT to the following Temple families. 1 ____________ 5____________ 10____________ …use additional paper if necessary, or circle names on the enclosed list _RECIPROCAL OPTION. Please send SHALACH MANOT in my name to those who send to me and who are not listed above. Available with a minimum order of FIVE SHALACH MANOT packages. I understand that I will be billed for these additional orders before Purim. _MITZVAH MANOT. I wish to send SHALACH MANOT to a Temple family which would otherwise not receive one. I'll include this package in my order total, below. _I wish to order _additional packages at $8.50 apiece, which I will pick up on Thursday, March 13, or Purim Day, Sunday, March 16. _I can help pack SHALACH MANOT on Thursday, March 13, between 12:00-5:00, or until we're done. _I can help deliver SHALACH MANOT on Purim, Sunday, March 16. Number of packages (16 or fewer) at $6.00 each__x$6.00=$___ OR Number of packages (17 plus) at $5.00 each__x$5.00=$___ AND Number of additional packages at $8.50 each__x$8.50=$___ TOTAL ENCLOSED $____ (payable to Temple Emeth)


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