Haz-dust particulate monitor 770-1005

Haz-Dust III Particulate Monitor
Real-time Personal Dust Monitor
• Instantaneous readings
• Senses, calculates, and displays airborne dust concentra- • Displays TWA, STEL, Min, and Max
• Real-time data displayed in mg/m3 using internal datalogger • High sensitivity — 0.01 to 200 mg/m3
• Selectable dual-range feature measures between 0 and 20 • Personal or area sampling
• Attaches to a worker’s belt or can be placed in an area • Collect concurrent filter samples for gravimetric
analysis using the detachable optical sensor and
• 3.5 x 9 x 2.5 inches (8.9 x 22.9 x 6.4 cm) thoracic sampling head with an opaque in-line 37-
mm filter cassette.
• True breathing zone measurements of inhalable,
• Connect a GS Cyclone for respirable particle-size
thoracic, or respirable dust
• Miniature sensor attaches to a worker’s collar • Connect an IOM Sampler for inhalable dust sam-
• Unique sensor design allows interchangeable sampling heads to collect concurrent filter samples • Communications software included
• Meets the ISO 4.0 µm respirable criteria using an SKC G-3 • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT
• Easily downloads data to a PC and exports into
• Easy four-key programming and operation
spreadsheet programs to create graphs and per-
• User-selectable audible alarm
form statistical analysis
• Preset alarm alerts the user of approaching threshold • Powerful HazComm Software now included with
• Long-life lithium battery back-up
The HAZ-DUST™ III real-time personal dust monitor containsan internal pulsation dampened sampling pump (flows up to 3.3 • Easy field service and interchangeability
L/min) and datalogger for large data storage and on-screen statistical calculations. Using near-forward light scattering • Modular subassemblies easily interchange for service, al- technology, the HAZ-DUST III measures airborne dust particle lowing servicing outside the U.S. and reducing transporta- concentration and displays in real time. Unique signal processing internally compensates for noise and drift, while providing high resolution, low detection limits, and excellent baselinestability. With included HazComm Software, download data to • Internal pump
a PC, create graphs, and perform statistical analysis.
• Adjustable flow rate from 1.0 to 3.3 L/min for concurrent SKC Inc. 724-941-9701 SKC West 714-992-2780
SKC Gulf Coast 281-859-8050
SKC South 434-352-7149
Performance Profile
Sensing range:
Recording time:
Sampling rate:
Flow rate:
Monitor these dusts and aerosols:
Operating temp:
Humidity range:
Battery life:
Charging time:
Easy-to-use Personal Dust Monitor
The miniaturized detached sensor easily attaches to a worker’s Optical Sensor:
collar for true breathing zone measurements. The HAZ-DUST * Data is averaged and stored as a single data point III unit is lightweight and attaches to a worker’s belt. Allfunctions are controlled using four simple keys and menu-driven Analytical Software — HazComm
instructions shown on an easy-to-read LCD.
The HazComm computer software provides data plots fordetailed graphical analysis and allows statistical analysis and Operation
mathematical correction of particle characteristics (density The HAZ-DUST III displays and records respirable, thoracic, or and refractive index) when aerosol is significantly different inhalable particulate mass using an internal microprocessor and from calibration dust. The data easily imports into spreadsheet interchangeable sampling heads. To collect concurrent filter samplers for gravimetric analysis, place a 37-mm filter into the Ordering Information
opaque filter cassette supplied with the HAZ-DUST III, select Description
the desired function from the menu, and connect the proper HAZ-DUST III Personal Monitor includes
• To measure thoracic particles, use the sampling head included • To measure respirable particles, use the optional GS-3 Cy- 770-1005
• To measure inhalable particles, use the optional SKC IOM 770-1006
Inhalable Dust Sampler (Cat. No. 225-70A) with adapter Accessories
Calibration Standard
Replacement NiCad Battery Pack
Principles of Operation
GS-3 Respirable Dust Cyclone
The HAZ-DUST III uses the principle of near-forward light Adapter for GS-3 Cyclone
scattering of infrared radiation to immediately and continuously measure the concentration in mg/m3 of airborne dust particles.
Inhalable Dust Sampler (IOM)
This principle utilizes an infrared light source positioned at a 90 degree angle from a photodetector. As the airborne particles Adapter for IOM Head
enter the infrared beam, they scatter the light. The amount of light received by the photodetector is directly proportional to the Notice: This publication is intended for general information only and should
aerosol concentration. Unique signal processing internally not be used as a substitute for reviewing applicable government regulations, equipment operating instructions, or legal standards. The information con-tained in this document should not be construed as legal advice or opinion noras a final authority on legal or regulatory procedures. SKC Inc. 724-941-9701 SKC West 714-992-2780
SKC Gulf Coast 281-859-8050
SKC South 434-352-7149

Source: http://www.elhigienistalaboral.com.ar/backup/adjuntos/article/161/1189.pdf


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