NJTechTeach said:But if sets of three did it to share ideas, maybeAnne said:A cheap virtual response set!skydaddy said:you could do this in a conference session - takes 5-10 minutesaschmitz said:@Anne, I like that idea, but I don't think you'd need to show everyones mouse position all the time.
NJTechTeach said:Even five at a time would workDigitalmaver said:@alec - will this page remain live for long?Dave Stacey said:BucketJen is making me laugh!Anne said:Oooooh!! Graphing!skydaddy said:Jen - switch to decaf, honDigitalmaver said:hey there Roy - Drew hereLast message on this page was 6 seconds ago.
BucketJen said:Ha! Sorry. End of work day. I'm getitng silly.
Zoohival said:Can I rest here?NJTechTeach said:Alec, do you have to turn it on and off?skydaddy said:hey hey - do the bee dance!Alec Couros said:no plans to take it down, it's just a wiki page.
Dave Stacey said:Anne - you're a fountain of great ideas!Anne said:think little kids and pictographs!RoyBlum said:Howdo I talk, Drew?sujokat said:can we save this chat it is so full of great stuff?RoyBlum said:Ah. answered own questionAnne said:why did that go away?Alec Couros said:no, once you put in the script, it stays . and i don't have to be here for it to work.
Digitalmaver said:sujokat - hey theresujokat said:hi howdyRoyBlum said:Hiya Alec. just faved you on Twitter.
Thanks to digitalmaverickskydaddy said:is that THE jokat from oz?Alec Couros said:nice! i'm faved!BucketJen said:Hey, are these all your twitter names? Anyone?Digitalmaver said:can I sue this as a sandpit to play in later please? I have some ideasRoyBlum said:I Love the idea ofthis. Allows for clustered conversation.
sujokat said:yes i am how are you/Anne said:not my twitter name - whynot88NJTechTeach said:Almost - njtechteacherDigitalmaver said:roy - exactly - it's got great potentialDave Stacey said:Oooo - changing opacity is cool!Digitalmaver said:if a little manic at the momentBucketJen said:This is mine. I'm easy to find. Follow me and I swear I'll remember who you are.
skydaddy said:good morning, jo!BucketJen said:Or you might have to tell me.
RoyBlum said:I see why you showed it to me. great for kids in a classroomCould discuss interesting things.
johnrivera said:friend says Pao Gasol traded for Kwame Brown - NBA newssujokat said:can we save the chat alex?Digitalmaver said:roy - yeah and like the 'hole in the wall' projectBud said:I like the chatroom in the corner - Anne said:now following bucketjen ;-)RoyBlum said:DOn't know about hole in the wall projDigitalmaver said:hey there bucketjenBud said:extra handy because the cursor/others cursors are intermitantAnne said:finally moved the chat boxDave Stacey said:Tag!BucketJen said:HeyBud said:I know I spelled that wrong.
Dave Stacey said:Tag!skydaddy said:roy - that's where they set up a PC in a kiosk in a slum in Indiainjenuity said:is anyone else getting browser crashing?skydaddy said:watched kids teach each otherDigitalmaver said:royblum hole in the wall is part of the rationale behind onelaptopperchildAlec Couros said:;-)RoyBlum said:Ahjepcke said:What browser are you using injenuity?Bud said:Browser? No - but I did lose the other cursors for a whileDigitalmaver said:Roy 'holeinthewall' is rationale behind OLPCNJTechTeach said:No browser crash Firefox on OS XDigitalmaver said:where kids were given device in playground but no instructionsBud said:would be handy if the chat/cursor could last over several pages on the same siteskydaddy said:sorta like SL - watchign chat window, mostly ignoring av positions and actionsDave Stacey said:I quite like the idea of handing this over to a class of kids and seeing what happens! sujokat said:please how do i save this?RoyBlum said:Ah!Digitalmaver said:in few days had worked out how to use the computerBucketJen said:Not me, I play with the avs in SL too.
NJTechTeach said:Does mouse keep moving when I go to another tab?RoyBlum said:The linux touch screen box in India and South AfricaAlec Couros said:yea, kids would be able to figure this out i think.
Digitalmaver said:dave stacey cool idea then we could pool our results@royblum that's the oneBud said:sujokat - click on he icon on the bottom right of your screen, click talk and then you can cut/pasteBucketJen said:can you see me cliking around the screen?Digitalmaver said:yes royblum, that's the oneRoyBlum said:I directed a tv show on the open source movement, and we cobvered thatDave Stacey said:Yeah BucketJen. we can!RoyBlum said:Awesome stuff.
Alec Couros said:and of course, you could jing the results of this if you wanted, i did last night when we first tried it.
Digitalmaver said:y there derrallgBucketJen said:Wheeee!RoyBlum said:Can't recall the name they usedderrallg said:where do you put the code?Alec Couros said:open source movement tv show? who said that?RoyBlum said:I said it.
skydaddy said: thinking about sending this to my kid with no instructions other than "figure it out with your friends" - whaddya think?RoyBlum said:In South AfricaCalled GO_OPENIt's available online somewhere.
Free downloads, of course. As in free beerDave Stacey said:Skydaddy - yeah, I agree, then pool results as DigtialMAverik saidAlec Couros said:we should talk, i wrote my dissertation on that, and am really interested still. your twit id?NJTechTeach said:Put the code in widget box i guessjepcke said:I disappeared for a minuteAnne said:Be right backBud said:thanks for the place to play, alecRoyBlum said:Search for 'mark suttleworth go_open go open source' something like that.
Alec Couros said:see . social networking happens here.
Bud said:sujokat - did you find what you neededRoyBlum said:My twitter id is royblumenthalDigitalmaver said:alec could you create a wiki for us to pool our resultsRoyBlum said:Shoud be the newest follower on your list.
skydaddy said:I think this is it, digimavjepcke said:Anyone else keep disappearing?dugsymington said:full houseAlec Couros said:cool, following you roy.,RoyBlum said:I've also been lookinginto creating an open source industrial theatre company.
NJTechTeach said:I disappeared once or twice. talking brought me backdugsymington said:not so far re disappear RoyBlum said:Thanks Alec.
BucketJen said:Don't close the option thingy in the corner and you won't disappear.
dugsymington said:did last night (early this morningAlec Couros said:hey dougDigitalmaver said:principle of this would be excellent if graphics changedjepcke said:Thanks Jen and NJtechteacherdugsymington said:Hey Alecyou are a machine!Alec Couros said:hahasujokat said:this is more fun than last night dougAlec Couros said:funny how this is going still.
Bud said:lots of fun - but you need some good content on the page for folks to interact withRoyBlum said:Hmm. A neat wat to do this, without all the crazy movement,Dave Stacey said:Is there a limit on how many people can come in?Alec Couros said:of course, i left since last night. :-)jepcke said:Come here often? LOLBud said:some videos?cmalbeuf said:dugsymington said:I knowDigitalmaver said:that in itself is an interesting findingRoyBlum said:would be to simply 'park' next to the person you want to commuinicate with.
sujokat said:ark arkcmalbeuf said:This is brutally too much fun :-Pdugsymington said: I've been reading the tweets!Alec Couros said:sort of 2D second life on any page.
Digitalmaver said:how long people stay? why they stay or leave?RoyBlum said:Alec. a neat thing todo would be to allow 'conversation spaces'skydaddy said:put a map graphic upRoyBlum said:Coloured blocks of some sort.
skydaddy said:or a board gameBud said:a whiteboard would be goodDigitalmaver said:skydaddy - I'm liking your ideasAlec Couros said:yea, i think so, i should design a page for this for part of presentations.
dajethro said:user can just click anywhere and start talking, too.
RoyBlum said:Some 'coding' to create 'private' or 'public' space within this areaBud said:could you edit the wiki while folks were watching?Alec Couros said:hmmmmmBucketJen said:Ok ya'll, as much fun as you are, leaving work is even better. I'm going to go try that now.
johnrivera said:Hi JaniceBud said:r would that disable the code?Digitalmaver said:alec - would this work as an OVERLAY?dajethro said:Doesn't editing the wiki clear everything out?johnrivera said:Type awayjepcke said:Good question BudNJTechTeach said:This joint is jumping nowJanice said:Hi JohnRivera sujokat said:good questionRoyBlum said:Hmmmm. overlay. thatBud said:presentation page - killer - so long as the entire handout were one pageRoyBlum said:neatJanice said:This is coolDigitalmaver said:Alec would this work as an overlay?Alec Couros said:well you could VERY easily just create a series of rooms in a wikispace, then install the script on each, and have people go from room to room.
jorrflv said:HelloAnne said:Do me a favor and "sit" where your favorite ice cream isBucketJen said:Later gatorsclassrmqueen said:this is sillyRoyBlum said:Tjhen people could create thjeir own 'woprkspace'dugsymington said:Alec edited it last night while we were inNJTechTeach said:This is a great way to show the fun of networkingNeil said:Evening folks.
RoyBlum said:BrillPaulWill said:hello?jamielpeters said:hiBud said:there you go - so you build the whole site that way - but then folks still can't talk page to pageNJTechTeach said:especially at the end of a sessionskydaddy said:oh, neat - it works on >1 page @same timejamielpeters said: alec what's up with this?sujokat said:alex please i can't find where to save this help.
Bud said:chat's a little laggyPaulWill said:Wow, loads of tweet peeps here!!!!classrmqueen said:oh.the bell just randAlec Couros said:yes, it would be quite easy really.
Digitalmaver said:looks like we've reached critical massclassrmqueen said:whoops rangAlec Couros said:wow . busy placeRoyBlum said:Sounds great. What a cool tool.
jamielpeters said:this is really hard to focusAlec Couros said:i should sell lemonade.
skydaddy said:jokat - select all in the Talk window, copy, paste to Worddajethro said:think it would hard to do this for very long. YOu miss what other peeps say very easily. If you make it really big, it blocks other peoples' respNeil said:So. what's the considered opinion of the best way to use this?Anne said:Thanks! Instant graphing!sujokat said:i just tweeted itjamielpeters said:i do'nt htink i can do this.
Bud said:wait - skydaddy - say again - does it currently work that way?dajethro said:150 char. limit!RoyBlum said:'m Certain there's a brainstorming application to be had out of this.
classrmqueen said:is there a best wayjamielpeters said:what do the different colors mean? RoyBlum said:I wonder if it shouldn't be some sort of scrolling timeline?Neil said:@alec: LOL!jamielpeters said:alec, slow down.
NJTechTeach said:brainstorming, instant votingsujokat said:colourful people!Digitalmaver said:- jamiepeteres you can change your colourjorrflv said:Any claSSROOM APPLICATINS?cmalbeuf said:Is anybody else finding that they can't type on other websites when this is up?RoyBlum said:So the conversation is visually persisitent?Bud said:if it makes you sick, use the chat room in the corner. To chat. Not to get sick in.
dajethro said:Down here you can follow what has been said.
NJTechTeach said:no, i typed on twitterBud said:alec - will you archive the chat? I've got to runskydaddy said:Click the little talk balloon @ bottom of screen, then click Talk button to show chat windowjorrflv said:Any classroom applications?jamielpeters said:ok i'm out. good luckNJTechTeach said:you really get sick when someone uses scroll buttonJanice said:Cool. This chat works inside the firewallDigitalmaver said:did someone try this ontop of another site a mo' ago?johnrivera said:RoyBlum said:Not sure what this button doesskydaddy said:yes - vote for ice cream Digitalmaver said:hey there paulwillNeil said:@Alec: How easy was the wikispaces install of JustMyMouse?RoyBlum said:11:30pm South African time. I must head for snoozeville.
Digitalmaver said:paulwill just typePaulWill said:Hi Mav! Fancy seeing you here!RoyBlum said:Thanks for the link, Drew.
Digitalmaver said:bye royRoyBlum said:Thanks for the cool tool, Alec.
skydaddy said:bye, royRoyBlum said:Night to all.
Anne said:This is excellently cool! thank you so much!PaulWill said:I came from your tweet.
Digitalmaver said:alec could you get this to work on top of other GRAPHICS?PaulWill said:This is *interesting*Alec Couros said:i think sosujokat said:this is awesomeAnne said:It works on top of tables in my wikiAlec Couros said:i have no idea, but people have really good ideas so far.
skydaddy said:check out the ie cream siteDigitalmaver said:- maps? diagrams?skydaddy said:yeah - whatever's ion the pageAnne said:It's favorite season site right now! sujokat said:esays johnrivera said:Will try to add this to a static site later when not on district networkNeil said:I'm thinking it would be a great way of teaching kids how to use Web2.0 tools?sujokat said:yesjorrflv said:This is crazyskydaddy said:Neil - yeah - proof that a group of people can teach themselves a new tool ni 5 min or lessjorrflv said:I placed the code on my wiki for my high school classIt will be interesting how long it takes the kids to discoverRamacity said:hhglkb,Neil said:What we need is a picture or maze in the background that people can interact with.
NJTechTeach said:See you later off to play with gabcastjohnrivera said:great idea neilAlec Couros said:cya later nj.
Anne said:Thanks again Alec.
Neil said:By NJAlec Couros said:npbye anneDigitalmaver said:arthus doesn't think much of this on twitterAlec Couros said:little laggy at times.
Neil said:Bye AnneJanice said:Thanks Alec. This tool has some great potentialDigitalmaver said:according to his very negative postjohnrivera said:will try and embed this on a site with background graphic organizerAlec Couros said:i'm not selling this, but the only way you learn is via experimentation.
Neil said: Arthus needs to lighten up and join in here. ;0)skydaddy said:d'arcy said it didn't agree w the pho he ate for lunchDigitalmaver said:johnrivera - what's your twitter name?skydaddy said:Digitalmaver said:indeed neilAlec Couros said:haha, he probably had a baconater again!Neil said:Ooh. He had a smilie. how?johnrivera said:johnrivera is my twitter nameDigitalmaver said:baconaterwhats that alec?dugsymington said:another tryworking better now, for nowthink the fire marshall cleared the roomNeil said: + C = Chatjepcke said:Have bookmarked the siteNeil said:Apple Key + C = Chatskydaddy said:or the dramamine wore offjepcke said:Hope to play with ya'll againNeil said:Bye jepke.
Alec Couros said:not quite getting arthus' concern, oh well.
jepcke said:ByeBTW, no crashing for me w/FirefoxAlec Couros said:no crashing here either.
wow . you are fast sujokat!Digitalmaver said:what is 'that's my mouse though?johnrivera said:thanx for sharing. must be active participant in meeting I'm in right now. See you all later (or on twitter) skydaddy said:I'm in XP/IE6, 8 windows open, no crashingsujokat said:yupAlec Couros said:the link to the site is above in this wiki.
see how useful that was.
Janice said:Strange that the app works but the site is blocked in our firewallDigitalmaver said:arthus seems to think some sort of mouse monitoring is going onNeil said:I wonder if it's possible to install it across a whole wikispaces site?skydaddy said:And Dick Cheney is watching, tooAlec Couros said:anyways, i'm heading out . have to take care of my real world now, will try to copy the chat.
Neil said:Sorry Skydaddy. I missed that. Is there a way of keeping comments up longer?skydaddy said:click the balloon at the bottom of the screen to oen the control panel, then click the Talk button to open the chat windowNeil said:Bye Alec. thanks for letting us play!Alec Couros said:anytimeit was fun!Neil said:@Skydaddy: Thanks!skydaddy said:thatnks, alec - as alwyas, disorientingsujokat said:thanx alex

Source: http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/media/ThatsMyMouseChatTranscrip.pdf

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