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Prof R K Somashekar, Bangalore University, Bangalore and Prof Lidia Environmental Sciences, University of Venice, Venice Synthesis and characterization of Nano Dr VPS Awana, National Physical INT/ITALY/POC/2005-07)/BS- metals on nutrient absorbtion in plants : and Prof Franco Gamable, Research Director , Instituto di Biofisica, Geneova, Dr. R Ramesh, Director and Dr. P Ramachandran, Sr. Scientist, Institute of Department of Civil Engineering and Dr. Lutkemoller, Ecosystem functioning and global change , University of Luneburg Prof. L M Manoch, Head and Dr Satish Manocha, Centre of excellance in Nano-materials, Sardar Patel University, Development of functional Nano-phase Vallabh Vidhya Nagar 388120, and Dr. Department of Chemical Reaction Engineering Univeristy of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen Dr. P Venkat Rangan, Dr. M Sethumadhavan, and Dr. Sai Prakash, Amrita Vishawas Vidya Peetham, School Dr. Anja Feldmann and Mr. Vinay Aggarwal, institute for informatics, technical univeristy, Munich ,Germany Dr. Niloy ganguly , and Animesh Mukherjee , IIT Khargpur, and Mr. Subrata Nandi, NIT, Durgapur and Dr. Peruani, Centre for information services and high performance computing , Dresden Andreas Martin, Dr. Moller, Insititute for Development Molecularly reinforced bio- division , SCTI, for medical science and degradable Nano-composite material as technology, TVM. , and Prof Mithias Epple , Department in-organic chemistry, Univeristy of Duisburg-Essen Prof. CSP Ojha, dept. of Civil Engg., IIT, Roorkee and Mr. HP Uniyal, CGM, Dr. Thomas Grischek & Prof. U Beims, Dresden Dr. SK Patra, Dr. RK Choudhury, Prof. L. Satpathy, IOP, Bhubneswar, Dr. R.Palit, Mr. N Madhavan,NSC, New Delhi and Dr. Jurgen Gerl, GSI, Dearmstadt Experimental and theoretical studies on Dr. Suman Chakraborthy, Asst. DNA Hybridization in micro chanells with Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg. mapping of Protien-Protein interactions Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University and Prof. Yedivya Gafni, ARO, Director, Institute for Pharmazeutische Biologie, GermanyDr. KN Brahmadathan, Dept. of microbiology, Christian Medical College, Biotechnology,Dinkla KatrinDr. CT Arvindakumar, School of Chemical Sciences, MG Univ. , Schupp, Institute of Radiation Biology, GSF National Research Centre, Neuherberg ions in the presence of competing water Fachbereich Chemie, Technical environment university, Karshruhe, Germany, A Lagutschenkov Dr S Sirajul Hasan, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Koramanglam, Bangalore, Kiepenheuer Instut for Sonnenphysik, Freiberg Barden Wuttemburg Dr S P Deshpande, Department of Modeling Institute for plasma Research Bhatt village Gandhi Nagar, Dr Wolfgang Reactive Plasma Process, Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysik, Garching Toussaint Odu, PhD , Vartolomei Vasile, Mr. Michael Schulter Dr Amitava Sen Gupta , Senior Deputy Director , National Physical Laboratory, Dr K S Krishnan Road , New Delhi / Dr Robort Wynands, Head Unit of Time Physical Technische Bundesalschweig Weyers Stephens Numerical And Experimental Studies on Mechanical Engg. IIT Kanpur / Prof Department of Neurology , University of Heidelberj, GermanyProf Venkatesh Raman , division of theoretical Computer Science, Institute of Mathematical Scineces, CIT campus , Niedermeier, division of theoretical Computer Science, Institute of informatics , Friedirch-Schiller Univeristy , Jena Dr M R Anantharaman, Reader, Department of Physics Cohin University Dr G Schatz, Department of Physics, University of Konstanz, Germany Klingeler , Scientist, Leibniz, Institute of solid state and material research, Dr R V Chaudhari, Homogeneous palladacycles and their catalytic activity Lab Pune / Dr W Bench, Istitute for inorganic Chemistry Univeristy of Kiel, KelProf C P Sharma, Scientist G , Bio-Surface Technolgoy Division, Biomedical Wing, Shree Chitra Trinal istitute of Evaluation of Pro and anti inflammatory Medical Science & Technology, profile of cell onto bio-material surface Renz, Director, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Central Lab Philipps Univeristy Marburg, Mraburg Metallurigical and Materials Engineering, Dresden, Institute for Metallic Materials , Dresden Dr Kulinder Pal Singh , Tata Institute of Enhanced Bioremediations of nitroaromatic pesticides and herbesides Dr R K Jain, Institute of Microbial mixed bacterical cultures form basic science to practical approaches medical sicnces and technology, TVM.
applicationMicro forming of ultra thin wire : A Numerical expermintal StudyPhotometric or studies very young open clustersGenome-wide functions for pre-mRNA, Splicing factors in splicing Chaterization of river sediment contamination form humid tropical hugly Dr Santosh Kr. Sarkar, Dept. Marine river, India and temperate rivers of Dr. R Uma Shanker, School of Ecology and conversation, Univ of Riede, Dept. Zoologisches, Adenauerallee, Bonn control for Bio-MES Device.
Design and study of butadiene based DST/INT/JAP/JSPS/P-02/2006 self assembled photo and thermo responsive luminescent materialsPetrogenesis and geologcal setting of nano structure interpenetrating polymer Univ., Kottayam Kerala / Dr Srecko Valic Dr S Iniyan, Asst. Prof. Department of mechanical Engg., Anna Univ., Chennai / Dr Ranko Goic faculty of electrical engg. Mechnaical Engg. , naval Architecutre enable university of split insitute Rudjer , Boskovic, Split , Croatia Physics , Alligarh Muslim univ. Aligrah / Prof Zoran Basrak, Insitute rudjer boskovic croatiaDr Apurba Das , IIT Delhi, and Dr Plant SUMO Conjugates-its role in biotic stress Engg. Calcium-Responsive transcription Dr Sundhi K Sopory, International Centre Role of Nonhistone chromatin proteins , histone chaparsones and small molecule moderators of histone modfying enzymes quantam magnetic mixing effects in fully Dr Grish Kumar, Dept. applied chemistry, cochin univ. , Kochi & Dr Radecki Jerzy, Institute of Animal reproduction and food research Pland academy of Sciences, PolandProf N M Shama Sundar , Dept. Histological and computational analysis Croatia Novel Bioflavonoids Chemical charaterization , structure/activity applicationProteome analysis of serum from Hydrogen - bond-directed self assembly Dr. A AjayGhosh, Regional Research Pores & channels by assembly of cyclic Dr.B Ganguly , CSMCRI Bavnagar & peptides :Design, molecular modelling & synthesisStudy of vapour liquid equilibrium of Chennai & Prof.Lother Rainer Oellrich, Analysis & identification of local & global IIT-Madras, Chennai & Prof.Dr.Wolfgang Phase transition phono properties high Dr.P.K.Jha, Sr Lecturer, The Maharaja Effects of strains & defects on Lattice and Dr Andrzej Turos, Insitute of Nuclear studies, PolandProf S K Pal, IIT Khargapur and Prof P S Prof A S Luyt, Univ. free state under the Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and there role in Dr Colin Straker, Univ. of Witwatersrand, Novel catalysts for Abatement of volatile chemical technology , Hyderabad and agriculture expert system for fertilizer Kersebaum, ZALF, MunchebergDr V S Panwar , CCS Haryana Neoproterozoic tectonomagtic evolution Prof M K Pandit, Univ of Rajasthan , of the NW Indian Craton : An Integration Prof T Singh, Christian Medical College, Dr B A Shamsundar, College of fisheries, bacteria in the preservation of fish and Study of magneto-optical properties of sol gel based transition metal Ion oxide Films on glassBiocatalysis- a novel approach for the Triblogical properties of nano structered Dr Bikramjit Basu, IIT Kanpur, and Dr Expression of microbial Iron chalators in Institute of herbal and microbial studies , Noida and Prof G K Podila, Huntsville, USA Application of cultivation- independent approaches in identifying Rhizospheric Prof A K Tripathi , BHU, Varanasi and Dr communites associated with Selected rice varites in India and Argentina Instrumentation, IISc, Bangalore and Dr. detection and identification in biofluids Quantitative analysis of in Vivo Magnetc Prof. K. Murlidhar, Dr. Arun K Saha, IIT, Myconbacterium tuberculosisPolydimethylsiloxane bed bioreactors and electronic tongue-nose biorestoration Detection and identification of Opjop beamsExposure and biological roles of host Instituto de Biologia Molecular Cellular , Advanced Wet Air Oxidation Processes Chemical Technology, Mumbai, and Dr Komori, Insittute for Solid State Physics, KolkataDr T R Govindarajan, Institute of P Balachandran, Syracuse Univ. USA (STIO) Gurion Univ. IsraelProf Dhirendra Bhadur, Department of Science, IIT BombayDr Parbodh Chander Sharma, Central Soil salinity Research Institute , Karnal Fault delineation studeis using soil gas Prof Suriender Singh, and Dr Bajwa, applicationsTreatment of hormone and drug Suface modification of high strength fibers / Fabrics using plasma water saving during textile manufacturingStudy of remodeling of bone ceramic interface to assess , cell growth kinetics Dr D Basu, CGCRI, Kolatta and Dr Nina morphological modification of ceramic implant Application of CIM, Monolithic supports Prof M A Vijaylaxmi, VIT, Vellore, and macro molecules Molecular Genetics Immunological and Dr. K Ghosh, Director, Institute of Dr. Rani Joseph, Cochin Univ. of S&T, advance surface treatment of orieanted Kochi and Prof. Karin Stana Kleinschek, Studies on T Cell riceptor VB repertoire correlation with HLA ProfileConnecting STIO to Indian Scientific and Technical Professional/Societies to Dr. Mukund K Gurjar, National Chemical Bhattacharya, AustriaProf. Mathew Varghese, National Nurosciences Bangalore and Prof. Madhav Thamvisetty, UK DST/INT/JSPS/PROJ-15/2006 using ballon vorne spectroscopic Magnetic and structural study of intrinsically in homogeneous and meta stable in super conducting and magnetic nuclear physics, Kolkatta and Dr. Victor Prof. Utpal Chaudhuri, Director, Institute cells disorder using photodetector aided High density based genome-wide screening identification and functional regeneration.
Active and passive inclusion on bilayer membranes ; the influence of anistropy Dr. PV Sunil Kumar IIT, Chennai and Prof. Ales Lglie, Univ. Ljubljana, Slovenia constituents on budding and domain inforation in bilayer membarance oxide produced by solution combustion Chemical Technology, Mumbai, and Prof Arvind Varma, Purdue Univ., USAProf. DD Sarma, Chairman, Centre for for the cultivation of Science, Jadavpur Sofia Univ. , BulgariaDr. Manoj Changat, Dept. of Future Mechanism of apoptosis and ageing as Dr. Nilanjan Roy, NIPER and Veronika modelsPreparation and characterization of Zno Quantum imbedded in microcavities Univ. of Pune and Vinod Menon,City Electronic Structure of low dimensional Dr S R Barman, Sc. -E , Univ. Campus Khandwa Road, IndoreDr Rajendra Singh , IIT Delhi, and Director , MAX Planck, institute for micro structure physics, GermanyProf Rajendra Prasad, School of life Joachir Ernst, Institute of mcirobiologie, GermanyDr Kalpagam Polasa, National Institute Bio-markers for transplacental genotoxic Division , Naitonal Chemical laboratry , its application towards antispastic drug Pune Balasubramanian, IIT, ChennaiDr Chitra Mandal, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Jadavpur in Collaboration with Prof. C Jaffe, Hebrew Invetigation of various physiocochemical Prof P K Mandal , North Bengal Univ. , and structural properties of liguid crystal Siliguri and Prof Dabrowski, Military Univ.


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OCCURRENCE OF WHEAT HEAD BLIGHT-CAUSING FUSARIUM SPECIES AND ASSOCIATED TRICHOTHECENE MYCOTOXINS IN KENYAN WHEAT 1Muthomi, J. W., 1Ndung’u, J. K. and 2Gathumbi, J. K 1Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection; 2Department of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology University of Nairobi, P. O. Box 30197, Nairobi, Kenya. Abstract Freshly harvested wheat grain sam

TAMIL NADU INFORMATION COMMISSION Kamadhenu Super Market First Floor, Old No.278, New No.373, Anna Salai, Date of Hearing: 26th April , 2010 at Chennai Thiru R. Perumalsamy, M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D., Information Commissioner Thiru A. Rajaram 5/203-N3- Bharathy Thoothukudi The Public Information Officer Commissioner Chennai-600 The petitioner Thiru

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