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Celebrating 25 Years
What do I do if I am drugged?
of Survivors’ Strength in 2005
• Get to a safe place and call a family member, Drug Facilitated
friend, rape crisis center, hospital, and/or a • If you wish to report the incident, preserve Sexual Assault
evidence and do not shower, douche, brush • Seek medical attention for any possible injuries and to be tested for pregnancy and STDs, whether you wish to report or not. Drugs can be found in the victim’s urine for up to 72 hours, but this test is not routinely • Remember that ATVP advocates are on call Web Address
STD/drug testing, or in reporting to law en-forcement. How can I protect myself?
E-Mail Address
• Open or prepare your own drinks and keep them in your sight and covered at all times. 24-Hour Hotline
• Do not drink from a punch bowl, keg, beer • Do not drink anything with an unusual beverage that tastes flat, soapy, or salty. This project is supported in-part by the Department of Social and • Trust your gut. If a situation or drink does Health Services, Children’s Administration. Distribution supported by the following: (1) Grant No. 2005-WF-AX-0024 awarded by the Office of Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice; grant • Watch out for your friends and ask them to funds are administered by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy, Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic (509) 332-HELP
Development, (2) Victim’s of Crime Act Sub-grant #KC204400 • Be assertive with your words and body awarded by the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim assis- language. Know your limits and communicate tance, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime/Family Violence Prevention and Services Act/State Domestic Violence Project Account, (3) Winifred L. Stevens Founda- (208) 883-HELP
tion, (4) Moscow/Latah County United Way, (5) Pullman United Way and other governmental and non-governmental sources. The opin-ions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the grantor agen-cies. Some rapists use a loaded weapon. Others use a loaded victim.
Drug facilitated sexual assault occurs when an Types of Drugs
individual administers any substance with the Ecstasy (XTC, X), or MDMA, is a popular club drug intent of obtaining sex. In many cases, the illicit Rohypnol
typically used at raves that takes effect quickly and substance is added to a victim’s drink without Rohypnol (Roofies, Wolfies, Mexican Valium) is a potent typically lasts 4-6 hours. It is manufactured in tablet his or her knowledge. Perpetrators of sexual sedative that usually takes effect within 20-30 minutes. form (which may be crushed into powder) overseas assault may use alcohol or other drugs to inca- Rohypnol has never been approved for any use in the and is illegal in the United States. Ecstasy may cause pacitate a victim or because they lessen the likeli- United States and is illegal to manufacture, possess, or confusion, arousal to touch, dehydration, increased hood of the victim remembering the crime. Per- distribute. It comes in tablet form that may be crushed heart rate, and psychedelic effects. Ecstasy also petrators may also use substances in their own into a powder. It dissolves quickly into drinks and is odor- causes a significant increase in body temperature less, tasteless, and colorless. Ingestion may cause drowsi- Alcohol is the most common drug used. In a ness, confusion, dizziness, or reduced consciousness. 2000 study by the American Council on Drug When mixed with alcohol, Rohypnol can cause low blood Education, 90% of all campus rapes occurred pressure, respiratory depression, coma, or death. “Fry” is a nickname for cigarettes, cigars, or mari- when the victim or assailant were using alcohol juana bud soaked in embalming fluid and then Gamma Hydroxybutyrate
prior to the assault. The role of alcohol in drug dried. Fry mimics the effects of PCP and may cause facilitated sexual assault can cause victims to feel Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB, Grievous Bodily Harm) is panic, paranoia, rage, numbing, unconsciousness, a greater sense of self-blame. However, even if a dangerous synthetic, one form of which (Xyrem) has re- and destruction of muscle and brain tissue. Typical the victim used drugs or alcohol voluntarily, it cently been approved for limited medical use. It typically safety precautions include smoking one’s own ciga- does not justify sexual assault. Sexual assault is a takes effect within 5-15 minutes. GHB has been used for rettes, avoiding smoking anything illegal or anything crime and the perpetrator is to blame. years by body builders, and is easy to make from common ingredients. GHB usually comes in liquid form, and has a Victims of drug facilitated sexual assault all react slightly salty taste, but is colorless and odorless and easily differently depending upon the type and amount disguised in alcohol. Ingestion may cause dizziness, sei- “Thunder” is a date rape drug that is very similar in of the drug consumed, the victim’s metabolism, zures, unconsciousness, and memory loss. GHB overdose composition and effect to GHB. It is new on the the presence of alcohol, and other factors. Ef- market and is not subject to FDA regulation. Thun- fects of drugs may include impaired motor skills, Ketamine
der generally takes effect within 5-20 minutes. Side amnesia, seizures, rapid intoxication, hallucina- effects may include muscle spasms, dizziness, bed- tions, unconsciousness, coma, and death. You Ketamine (Special K, Vitamin K, Kit Kat) is an animal tran- wetting, unconsciousness, and memory lapse. When may have been drugged if you experience the quilizer that has a fast-acting effect when consumed by hu- mixed with alcohol, the use of this drug can cause mans. Ketamine may be used recreationally, and most found on the street has been stolen from hospitals or vet- • Wake up feeling “fuzzy” or very hung over. erinarians. It usually comes in liquid form (but may also Other Drugs
• Feel a lot more intoxicated than usual in be found in powder form) and may be injected, smoked, or Prescription and over-the-counter medications may mixed into drinks. Ketamine is odorless, colorless, and • Have memory lapses; can’t account for a also be used in facilitating sexual assault. Some of tasteless, and typically takes effect within one minute. these medications include antihistamines (i.e. Bena- Typical effects of Ketamine include numbing, hallucina- • Feel as though someone may have had sex dryl, allergy medicines), anti-anxiety drugs (i.e. Paxil, tions, difficulty with speaking, breathing, or body control, with you, but can’t remember any or all of Xanax), muscle relaxants, sedatives (i.e. Valium), and


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