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Preliminary Post Operative Instructions for Anorectal Operations Below is a partial list of your instructions you will receive post—operatively (after your surgery). This is being given to you now so you will have some idea as to what is expected of you and the medications you will need to have on hand. A full post—operative instruction sheet as well as pan medication prescriptions will be given to you the day of your surgery. a) Metamucil or Citrucel b) Senokot Tablets c) Berocca Plus or other multivitamins d) Prescribed Pain Medication e) Fleet enema (green—white box) f) Sanitary Napkins Call the doctor’s office on __________________ to set up an appointment for _____ - Do not remove the dressing today’. (Some patients have a false urge to have a bowel
movement the clay- of the surgery. Try not to have a movement the day of surgery unless
absolutely necessary).
- If you need to have a bowel movement TODAY, remove the dressing and begin sitting
in warm water as indicated below.
- Tomorrow morning remove the dressing and sit in warm water at least three times a day
every day for 15 minutes each time.
- Always sit in warm water after a bowel movement.
- When you return to work you may reduce the number of times you sit in water to twice

Starting ______________take Metamucil or Citrucel (softeners) 3 times daily. Always take one of the above in 8 ounces of liquid and follow this with another 8 ounces of liquid without the softener. - You should have one soft bowel movement each day. - Reduce the dosage of Metamucil or Citrucel if bowel movements are too frequent. - If you do not have a bowel movement by ______________take _____Senokot tablets that night. - If you do not have a bowel movement by 9:00 AM ______________, take a Fleet enema. - Once you have had your first bowel movement, after using the enema, take 2 Senokot tablets only if you miss a fill day without a bowel movement. Do not be alarmed at minor bleeding or discharge from the anal area. This is normal. Limit your activities for 2 days. Take one multivitamin daily. Eat a regular diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Alcoholic beverages may be used in moderation after 24 hours if you are not using pain a
You were given Toradol by injection afier your surgery. Your next Toradol (generic Ketorolac) dose is due at ______________. Take one Toradol every six (6) hours for 2 days after surgery, then every six (6) hours as needed. Toradol is not a narcotic and. therefore, does not cause constipation. If Toradol is not sufficient to control your discomfort, you may take Vicodin (generic Hydrocodone) or with the Toradol as instructed. This second medication may cause constipation and will cause drowsiness, Avoid driving while taking this narcotic. The stool softeners should help to control constipation. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN OR ASPIRIN CONTAINING PRODUCTS FOR TWO

If you were given Miralax prior to surgery continue the Miralax until otherwise instructed by your physician. If you have any problems or questions, call the Doctor at 323-8989.


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