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NuLYTELY-TriLyte-Bisacodyl Colonoscopy Preparation
Purchase at the pharmacy:
Fill the prescription for your bowel prep kit at any pharmacy contracted with your insurance company. Also purchase over-the-counter 5mg Bisacodyl laxative tablets.
One week prior to your procedure:
Please inform the office if you have a prosthetic heart valve or require antibiotic coverage, and if you are/were unable to received pre-procedure antibiotics from your primary care physician. Do not take iron pills or medications that thin your blood (i.e., Coumadin, aspirin, ibuprofen naproxen, etc.) one week prior to your exam.
Five days prior to your procedure:

Please begin a restricted fiber diet which will result in less waste matter being discharged from the intestines, and smaller feces, thereby making the gastrointestinal tract easier to clean. Do not eat nuts, seeds, popcorn, corn, broccoli, cabbage, salads and onion. Discontinue high fiber foods, and fiber supplements like Metamucil and Konsyl. The day before the procedure:
Drink only clear liquids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Solid foods, milk or milk products are not allowed. As a general rule, if you can see your fingers through a glass of liquid, that liquid is OK to drink. Red-colored liquids are not OK to drink because they can look like blood during the examination of your colon.  Kool-Aid or other fruit flavored drinks  Carbonated and noncarbonated soft drinks  Plain Jell-O (without added fruits or toppings)  Coffee or tea (without milk or non-dairy creamer)  Stained fruit juices without pulp (apple, white grape, The day before the procedure in the morning:
Prepare your NuLYTELY or TriLyte solution according to the instructions on the package and refrigerate.
The day before the procedure at Noon:

Take two 5mg Bisacodyl tablets with water. Do NOT chew or crush the tablet. No antacids should be taken within one hour of taking the bisacodyl delayed-release tablet. Wait for a bowel movement (or a maximum of six hours).
The day before the procedure at 6:00 PM:
Begin drinking the solution as instructed: 8 ounces every
10-15 minutes until the bottle is empty. You will have consumed several glassfuls before having the first loose, watery bowel movement. Initially, you may feel slightly bloated, but will become more comfortable as you continue to have bowel movements. It will take approximately 3 hours to finish the solution. You may stop drinking the solution early, if at least half of the 4-liters was consumed and your stool is clear liquid. Diarrhea may continue for at least 1 hour after you finish drinking the solution. TIP: For most patients, rapidly drinking a glassful is better than sipping an ounce or two at a time. Clear liquids are gulped faster and easier if they are ice cold, have little or no calories, and if they are sipped through a straw. Consider yourself a connoisseur and try pre-chilling your glass before using. Initially, you may feel slightly bloated, but will become more comfortable as you continue to have bowel movements. It will take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to finish the solution. Diarrhea will continue for about 1 hour after you You may resume drinking clear liquids per the above, for up The day of the procedure:
1) Do not eat anything until after your examination. No
Liquids allowed after midnight, or 4 hours prior to your
scheduled procedure. 2) You must be accompanied by a friend or relative to drive


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