Guidelines for mission travel

Medical & Dental Mission Team Guidelines

APPLICATIONS: Must be received by December 31, 2008
Individuals interested in becoming a part of the Medical & Dental Mission Team are to download, print out, and
complete the application form posted on the CoG7 website of the General Conference. Mail your completed
application to Church of God (7th Day) Medical & Dental Missions, P.O. Box 387, Wilton, CA 95693. Applications will
be screened and Mission team members determined by January 31, 2009.

Mission Volunteers are expected to

• pay their own way (you might seek assistance/sponsorship for funding from your local congregation). • cover any hotel/cost of living expenses not incurred in the specific dates/locations of the Med./Dental Mission • work at assigned duties while at the mission clinic sites (notify the Missions Secretary of any changes). • wear name badges (which you will be given) when working with the team. • attend daily briefings from the Medical Director. • attend evening services (subject to energy levels) since these are an important evangelical part of the • act as a missionary, not a tourist—from the time you arrive at the Mission until the time you leave.
Personal Conduct/Behavior as a Mission Volunteer

1. Dress and act as professionals during the clinics. Remember that you are representing the Church of God (Seventh Day). If you look and act like a tourist, you will be perceived and treated like one. (Wait for the end-of-the-mission break, away from Missions areas, when it’s okay to be a tourist!) 2. Refrain from using alcohol and tobacco during the mission trip. In many foreign cultures, alcohol and tobacco 3. Limit use of jewelry in clinics and at church. Leave expensive jewelry and watches at home. 4. Realize that you are a guest who knows little or nothing about living and working in the country you will be visiting. Avoid a superior attitude and work hard to understand the culture. 5. Learn some of the language (–but do not use profane language, and be careful about using slang). 6. Look for opportunities to have a wide variety of experiences 7. Eat some of the local well-cooked food if you feel comfortable doing so. 8. Serve hard, serve hard, serve hard Practical Advice
photos of people, ask for permission.
2. Gifts. People may ask you to give them money. Ask for advice before giving any money or items to nationals;
this can breed jealousy among nationals. 3. Be careful about what you promise or half promise. If you make a promise, keep it.
4. Group Cohesiveness. Be Positive. Respect other team members. There should be no public displays of
disagreement with one another. A little bitterness poisons the whole group and won’t make anyone happier. 5. Good humor. Salt everything with Humor. Smile a lot; don’t make fun of people or their culture.
6. Opposite sex relations. Refrain from public affection. Avoid getting romantically involved with nationals of
1. You will be in a foreign and sometimes dangerous country. Stay with the team and do not leave the mission area to run errands or handle personal business without permission. Do not go off alone. 2. If you are given time off to go shopping as a group, you must go in groups of 3-5 once at the location. 3. Do not argue with our security personnel.
Volunteers will be expected to dress according to the destination country’s expectation. Team members are not to wear camouflage/military style clothing or hats. No facial piercings. At clinics team members may wear scrubs and pants. (No shorts or tank tops in Mission areas.) On Sabbath at church: women are expected to wear head coverings, below-knee dresses/skirts and blouses (no sleeveless/tank/tube tops); men are to wear dress shirts (long-sleeved preferred), ties, and slacks (leaders should have a blazer/sport coat). PREPARATIONS
Travel Documents

1. Passport (with visas if needed) **Need to be more than six months from expiration date (deadlines may differ 2. Emergency contact information for family 3. Photocopy important documents in case of loss (passport, traveler’s checks, etc.) Inoculations

Check online or with health authorities regarding a specific country’s needs
Personal Medications (**especially recommended/get filled prescriptions from your doctor/pharmacy)

1. List your special medical needs, medications, and medication allergies. 2. Personal prescriptions (pack for a few extra days)/medications 3. **Anti-diarrheal (i.e., Lomotil, Imodium or Pepto-Bismol) 4. **Antibiotic board spectrum (i.e. Ciproflaxin at least 10 days) 5. Anti-inflammatory (i.e., aspirins, Advil / Motrin or Aleve) 6. Analgesic (Tylenol) / Antacids (Mylanta or Zantac) / Antihistamines (Benadryl or Claritin) 7. Antifungal creams (athletes feet or jock itch) / Dermatitis creams (i.e., Hydrocortisone 1% creams) 8. Sterile wipes / disinfectant gel
Optional Equipment / Necessities / Items
1. Professional equipment (electronic BP cuff reader, stethoscope, glucometer, BG strips, cotton balls, gloves, 2. Sunscreen SPF 20 / Lip balm with SPF / Insect/mosquito repellent 3. Reading glasses and sunglasses 4. Small 5. Spanish dictionary / electronic translator 6. Camera with lots of film or chips / Extra batteries for camera, electronics 7. Pocket tool kit / Swiss army knife 8. Cash (take $20 dollar bills plus a few single bills and fives. Use a money belt and never keep all the money in one place. (**You should take new currency; bills should NOT have torn corners.) 9. Travel wallet: Bring no more than 2 credit cards (i.e. Visa or MasterCard). Leave all non-essential wallet items at home. Keep a photocopy of your wallet’s contents in case of loss. 10. Laptop / projector for lectures 11. Snacks / flavorings for water bottles.
Men • 5 or 6 pairs casual cottons pants and Polo/T-shirts (no tank tops) Women • 5 or 6 casual cotton outfits (pants/skirts/tops) • Head covering/scarf for church Everyone • Socks and underwear (6 pairs) • Shoes: dress and casual, plus for the shower • Light cotton robe (for common bathrooms) • Hat: optional, but it can help protect from sun, rain or cold
Personal Hygiene (**Hotels may not be up to U.S. standards. Prepare for no electricity/water.)
1. Men: Shaving kit 2. Women: Hair care and hygiene supplies 3. Soap / deodorant / shampoo / Tooth brush and paste / etc 4. Small packets toilet paper / seat covers / Kleenex / body wipes


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