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Workers' compensation pharmacy fee schedule - simple prescription
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This data is provided as a service to the workers' compensation community. Please send comments or questions questions for employers
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You may download the current Medi-Cal pharmacy fee rates here (Zip file, 7.45 MB, updated 8/16/2007 - also available via ftp to, anonymous login). The file's record layout and instructions are included in the  Alphabetical order
By form number
You may look up the current price of simple prescriptions by completing the form below and clicking "price". For WCAB decisions
compound prescription pricing, click here. If you are working from a file with 10 digit NDC numbers, please click here.
Please include leading zeros, e.g. 00002026002
Proposed rulemaking
e.g. 100 ea (tablets), 2.5 grams (ointments), 240 ml (or cc's -
Past legislation
Policy and procedural
(including any dispensing fee) e.g. $12.48
e.g. 01/05/2004
Access to public records
Check this box if patient is in a nursing home Links to other agencies
DWC forum
Check this box only if the prescription explicitly requires a brand-
name drug
WCAB forum
This information is supplied on 8/16/07 for a date of service of 3/1/2007.
Label name
Price date
Number of
Unit price Product
Total of ingredients: $69.23
Plus the Medi-Cal dispensing fee of $7.25 $7.25
Equals subtotal: $76.48
Which is higher than the usual and customary price of: $0.00
Therefore, the Payment price is the usual and customary price minus the $0.00 reduction for a
patient Not in a nursing home (No reduction for dates of service on and after 9/1/2004) : $0.00
Pricing is from data as of 8/16/07.
Effective Jan. 6, 2006, the price calculator and the price data file are being updated weekly, as DWC receives updated price data from the Department of Health Services. 2003 State of California. Disclaimer | Conditions of use | Privacy policy


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