Dave McDonald
Family Information

Born 12th August 1962.
Married to Fiona on 3rd December 1983.
We have four children, 2 daughter-in-laws, and one grandchild: Luke is married to Sharon (19/3/11); parents of Liam (24/10/13)
Matthew is married to Elizabeth (29/6/13) and live in Sydney
Grace is 17, in Year 11 at Dickson College
Marcus is 15, in Year 9 at Lyneham High
Formal Education

Completed the HSC in 1979 at Dickson College in Canberra.
Bachelor of Social Work, UNSW, 1980-83.

Bachelor of Theology with Honours, Moore Theological College, 1986-88

Coursework for Masters in Theology, Moore College, 1989.
Did not completed thesis due to subsequent ministry demands.
Master of Arts in Theology, Moore College, 2000-04.

Arrow Leadership Program, 1997-98.

First Aid Certificate, 2010.
In preparation for church planting in Darwin, and working with aboriginal youth I completed the following courses in 2011: • Diploma of Management (Business)
Certificate 3 in Fitness Instruction
Certificate 4 in Personal Training
For interest and professional development in non-theological elements of leadership, management, teaching, training, and using the web, I received
Certificates of Attainment from Open Universities in the following courses
Teaching Adult Learners
Management for a Competitive Edge
Becoming a Confident Trainer
Strategic Management
Writing for the Web
Financial Literacy
User Experience for the Web
Financial Planning
Various Job Experiences
I have spent 24 years employed in Christian ministry Some of my earlier job experiences include: Three years as a milk deliverer in late High School Four years as a casual taxi driver in Sydney during university years Summer holiday employment with City Parks Administration, doing Part-time social work, with Ryde Council, working with adolescents Ministry Employment

1984 to 1985

Ministry trainee working at UNSW under the supervision of Col Marshall. These years enabled me to assess my suitability, and fuelled my passion to serve God in ministry. At this stage, my desire was to enter ministry in the
Uniting Church.
Part-time minister at Camperdown Stanmore Community (Uniting) Church. This was a small congregation of various ages, who were committed to gospel ministry. My role was to preach once a month and encourage the members of the congregation. Worked as a student minister with the Anglican Department of Evangelism under the supervision of John Chapman. This involved me preaching evangelistically over 70 times during the year. I look back on this year with great appreciation for the coaching I received.
1990-1999 (2000-2011)
Worked for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students pioneering and developing ministry to university students in Canberra. We began with 4 people and have seen the groups grow to more than 150 students over these years. Since 2000 I have continued involvement in this ministry in an associate capacity, overseeing a team of staff who are engaged on the campuses.
In February 1996 I led the planting of Crossroads Christian Church in Canberra. This is an independent evangelical church, which grew beyond the university ministry to embrace people of all ages and life situations. In 2000, I ceased being employed by AFES and became fully supported by Crossroads. Crossroads has grown in this time to be a church with multiple congregations and an average weekly attendance of around 800 people. In 2011, I announced my resignation and intention to move to Darwin in the Northern Dec 2011- Feb 2013
Having been diagnosed with cancer and receiving three weekly chemotherapy I was not fully employed in ministry.
Feb 2013- present
Employed as Associate Pastor at Crossroads, responsible for ministry training, leadership development, small groups ministry, writing and some Some Specific Ministry Roles

Leading a growing staff team over a 20 year period. The church now
employs ten theologically trained pastoral staff (8 men and 2 women).
Teaching, equipping, evangelism and pastoral care to and with the
members of the congregations that I have led.
Training and coaching over 70 ministry apprentices, many who are now
leading ministries throughout the world. Ministry Training Strategy
coordinator for the Canberra region.
Casting and leading a vision for the development of church and campus

Shaping the organization of these ministries, leading the management
committees and councils, and writing a constitution for Crossroads.

Coordinating an ongoing training and refreshment program for people
involved in ministry in the Canberra region, called Requip (Refreshing and Equipping in Ministry).
Together with my wife, conducting marriage preparation, weddings and
marriage counselling. We also lead pastoral ministry to people in a wide
range of circumstances.
Pioneering, leading and passing on the leadership of the Canberra Christian
Christian Conventions ministry.

Initiating and teaching regularly at weekly evangelistic City Bible Forums
in Canberra (Civic, Belconnen, and Barton).
Sports chaplaincy at the Australian Institute of Sport from 1998-2002, and
chaplain to the Brumbies Super 15 Rugby team from 2002-present.
Building and leading a ministry team reaching International Students.
Some significant experiences that have helped shape me
Australian delegate to IFES World Assembly in Nairobi. Visiting families in Kenya whom we support through Compassion. Our daughter, Grace, was born 14 weeks premature, spending her 1st 3 months in Neonatal Intensive Care. Our family surviving a multiple rollover motor vehicle accident in remote North-Western Australia. Diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage 4, hospitalisation and regular chemotherapy ever since. My perceived gifting for ministry

Preaching and teaching. I believe that I preach with simplicity, clarity and
depth, helping people to understand the Bible for themselves, and urging practical application to life. I have systematically preached through a number of new books of the Bible and different topics every year of my
Relational ability. My natural inclination and my training have led me to
connect well with people. I believe that I listen well to others, and treat people with gentleness and respect. I am often energized by spending time with
My wife, Fiona, complements me well in this area, as she is very perceptive
of the needs of others, especially those who are struggling. Fiona is actively involved in many ministry areas, especially with pastoral care of women. She has exercised ministry among women and children, in the Aboriginal
community, and also with university students.
Leadership. Gathering people and leading them in numerous ministry
contexts. I continue to apply myself to learning and growing to improve in this area.
Teamwork. I have led a team of staff since our third year in this ministry. I
have developed and equipped leaders to take on new ministries, and have constantly replaced myself and adjusted my role to make room for others to grow the work. I read extensively in the area of leadership and teams and
continually seek to improve our teamwork.
Pioneering and planting. We have been involved in starting up, establishing
and planting churches, congregations, and various ministries. I regularly see
opportunities and work out ways of engaging people to take them.

Since being diagnosed with cancer I have been able to develop a
multifaceted ministry through writing. This has included blog posts and articles on a range of topics of faith, cancer, leadership, church, small group ministry, and more. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first book, Hope Beyond Cure, due for release in January 2014. Perseverance. We have been involved in ministry in Canberra for 24 years

Care. The experience of battling cancer and persevering in suffering has
equipped me to exercise greater empathy to others in crisis and chronic circumstances. I have a specific opportunity to minister to those with chronic illness, terminal illness, and especially those with cancer. And again, Fiona is Why I am interested in this position?
Having seen significant improvement in my health, I am able to devote myself to regular ministry. I have a passion for the work at Central to flourish under God, and believe that I can contribute to this continuing. I desire people to become Christians and grow in Christ. I long to lead people in loving God, loving their neighbour, and loving one another. I believe due to relationships, experience, and training that I am well placed to offer leadership to Central at this difficult time of transition. Basically, Fiona and I love serving God and working with people, and under God we want to make a difference in ministry. We see a need and an opportunity and believe that we can contribute. David McDonald


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