The cecilian society

The Cecilian Society
Committee Meeting
20th May 2010
SEDERUNT: Ben Galloway, Laura Bauld, Kirsty Leith, Esther McMillan,
Dominic Spencer, Jess Brodie, Lucy Emptage, Jennifer Campbell, Laura
McLuskey, Sam Ferguson, Ashleigh Carter, Yasmin Galloway, Xuân-Linh
2. Correspondence
 E-mail from Laura McLuskey asking whether the society had a list of their sponsors from the past year in order to help her with a charity performance she is part of in October  E-mail from Yasmin Galloway to say she will be attending  E-mails from Cat Tyre, Julie Craig and Victoria Bianchi suggesting shows for consideration for this year’s Show Choice.  Julie Craig’s e-mail also has a invitation for the Society to perform at Scott’s Selkirk on the 4th December 2010. Susanne McLean arrives at 15:25. Yasmin Galloway leaves the room at
this time and returns at 15:27.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
 The minutes from the committee meeting of 16th May were proposed by Laura McLuskey and seconded by Esther McMillan.  Ben states that he is enjoying the committee ‘Code Names’.  Ben also prompts people to fill in their availability on the Cecilian Doodle page if that have not already done so.  Finally, Ben reminds people that apologies should be sent to 4. Format of the Year
 Ben Galloway suggests that the committee stick to the usual yearly format in which two shows are performed – The Weekend show in September and the Main Show in February – and this is agreed upon by the committee.  Yasmin Galloway brings up the point made after the Revue of March 2009 that the committee then thought two shows was enough work for one year Jennifer Halliday arrives with apologies at 15:35.
 Kirsty Leith reminds the committee of the idea of a Christmas Pantomime which was discussed last year as well. However, in light of Yasmin’s point about the Revue and the prospect of going to Scott’s Selkirk in December the committee decide that there is no time in the Cecilian year for a pantomime. 5. Weekend Show
 Ben proposes the Weekend show takes place from the 23rd to 26th September with the performance taking place on Sunday 26th. The committee votes upon this.
A short break is taken at 15:43. At 15:56, Esther McMillan returns with
the shiny, bound Cecilian Bible of Session 2009/10. The Bible is greatly
admired by all present.

6. Show Choice
 Ben shows the committee the NODA magazine which, as well as having a detailed list of what musicals are available for performance, has a beautiful picture of Sir Tim Rice on the front cover.  A lengthy discussion ensues in which those present at the meeting suggest possible shows for Weekend and Main show. This list is then extensively discussed and whittled down to a shortlist which will be e-mailed around the society in order to hear their opinions on each show.
All Shook Up
Back to the 80s
Boogie Nights
Fiddler on the Roof
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Our House
The Wiz

 During this discussion and making of the shortlist, several o Laura Bauld could easily whip up some tentacles
o Ben Galloway loves Cliff Richard.
o Esther is greatly offended by the word p****.
7. Cecilian Bible
 Ben reminds every one that the Bible will be sent round in electronic form and that everyone should read their respective section before the next committee meeting.
Meeting closes approx 21:00. The next meeting will take place Thursday
27th May at 3 pm.


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