By J.P. Timmons
March 8, 2012
2012 CCI Publishing
“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us”
■ John 1:14

Today begins Purim—the feast and present holiday
celebrated by the Jewish people on the 14th of Adar, which
is the twelfth month in their ecclesiastical calendar. Now if
you‟re not familiar with Purim (read the Book of Esther) you
should be because it‟s not just a history of the Jewish
people but it was prophetic and revelatory about God.
Just as the Passover is a symbol of God‟s deliverance out of
Egypt for the Jewish people it is also a symbol to the
Christian of our deliverance out of the world—which Egypt is
a type of—and Pharaoh—a type of Satan, the devil, who

holds all mortals in bondage through the Law of Sin and
All of the feasts and celebrations of the Jews hold
tremendous spiritual significance to the Christian if you
study them, meditate on them, and have the Eye of the Eagle
to see by the Spirit those “things” the Apostle Paul wrote
that are only revealed by the Spirit.
Many theologians and Christian scholars like Hal Lindsey
and Jack Van Impe who teach on prophecy are always
saying, “Watch Israel!” to know what is coming next but I
learned decades ago that, although this is true to some
extent because all prophecy must be fulfilled that‟s written
in the Scriptures, the main Israel you should be watching is
not the Nation of Israel but the Israel of the Bible. This is
because Israel is a type of the Church and many of the
things Israel went through listed in the Scriptures—physical
things—are things the Church has or will go through
spiritually. The Passover and Purim are both clear examples
of this.
Now what is the significance of Purim to the Christian or
Jew today? Purim began and is a continuing testimony to
the delivering power of God. Bibi Netanyahu made reference
to Purim in his speech the other night but unfortunately, our
Jewish friends only recognize it for God‟s deliverance from
evil people in the world (Haman) and the present regime in

Iran but the Christian with the Eye of the Eagle knows that
there is an evil spirit behind all the Hamans and
Ahmadinejads of the world. It is interesting, however, that
both Haman and Ahmadinejad are from the same country,
Persia. Another testimony, dear friends, that the devil is not
dead and he will always try to use the same country,
government, religion, people, etc. to do his work if he can.
For over 40 years I‟ve preached often in my messages—
though I‟ve never preached the same message twice—a
principle of God that is clearly seen throughout the
Scriptures: when God wants to change history He births a
baby! A Moses, Esther, Elijah or the Lord Jesus Himself who
was and is “the Word made flesh.” That‟s why it‟s
imperative that you find out why you were created and fulfill
your mission in life. And as I shared in Revelations from
God, a Prophet‟s Journal (RFG, Vol. I), via a vision I had from
the Lord in 1997, that you only have a 25% chance of
fulfilling God‟s perfect will for your life if you don‟t spend a
lot of time reading and meditating in the Word! Praise the
Now when the Lord moved us to Montana back in the mid
„90s and shut us up with Him He began to pour forth
revelation after revelation through dreams, revelations and
visions. Often Eve or I would have 4-5 a day. Most of these
had to do with the false church—Satan‟s church—that
masquerades as the true church; however, the second most

revealed subject had to do with both “the Word” and our
words, i.e., the importance of our words and our confession.
Many of these are given in RFG, Vol. I, and as I am
completing Volume II of RFG for publication I find many
Now this is important and I want you to meditate on this
teaching article; read it over and over several times and ask
the Spirit of God to speak to you about this—the Word
becoming flesh! It will set you free! I had never heard
anyone teach on this subject but through much revelation I
knew it was from the Lord and that it is important for us to
understand. In fact, it helps explain why the vision the Lord
gave me in 1997 is true, i.e., why a Christian has difficulty
fulfilling God‟s perfect will for their lives if they don‟t spend
much time meditating in the Word.
The Apostle Paul, especially in Ephesians, wrote about the
importance of maturing as a Christian. Spiritual things are
like physical things. When you‟re born again by the Spirit of
God you are born into the Family of God but you‟re a baby!
Now if you don‟t go to the right church and listen to the right
teachings you‟ll remain a baby! In 2001 the Lord sent us to
Portland to minister to an elder of the largest Pentecostal
church in Portland. The man had a rare form of blood cancer
and the doctors told him he only had 5 days to live!
We stayed there almost 2 weeks ministering to this man, his
family and others and while we were there I had a vision of

this big, fat baby! Now this big, fat baby didn‟t represent
this man but rather his church and the fact that, as Evelyn
said, “How does a baby become fat?” By drinking too much
milk! Frankly, my brothers and sisters, this is why the
Church is in the shape that it‟s in today—most churches
don‟t have the Spirit moving, they don‟t want the Five-fold
office of Teacher—they only want milk and because they
want to be entertained and get rich. They‟re becoming
spiritually fat! That‟s exactly why “christian” television now
is almost exclusively some type of fund raising on all the
networks. “Give us your money so we can continue to do
nothing for the Kingdom of God but continue to beg for more
„$1,000 seeds to be sown‟.” What an abomination it‟s
But God does want you to mature and “grow up” as Paul
wrote into Christ. How do you do this? You do it the same
way Jesus did! You follow the Lord Jesus in every way:
through water baptism, Spirit baptism (the Baptism of
Power), Fire baptism and by the Word becoming flesh! Amen!
Now don‟t give me that deer in the headlights look! Meditate
on what you‟re reading and ask the Holy Spirit to help you.
God has given all the tools you need to mature: the Five-fold
ministry (though most churches don‟t operate their
governments the Bible way and don‟t even recognize Five-
fold ministry; but just because they don‟t doesn‟t mean God

is going to change; read Ephesians 4), the Word, the Spirit
and prayer.
In Easter of 2005 I had planned to bring a concluding
message on The Spirit of Elijah that I had begun—I wasn‟t
planning to preach on The Resurrection. But as I was up at
4 A.M. praying that day the Lord changed my message to
“Revelation on the Resurrection.” The Lord showed me how
He had to find the Scriptures such as Isaiah 61 that He
quoted in the Gospels concerning Himself and His ministry.
Now this revelation made me begin to think even more about
this spiritual principle—the Word becoming flesh—that the
Lord had been speaking to me about through revelations and
visions since 1991. Jesus was the Word! That‟s one of the
reasons why He always confronted error but the Pharisees,
Lawyers and Sadducees never understood this principle or
that might have asked themselves: “How come these things
happen on the Sabbath so many times?”
Now let‟s talk about you. How does this spiritual principle
Jesus brought apply to you? How does “the Word become
flesh” in you? Primarily it occurs through your meditation in
the Word to the extent that you become the Word.
Remember what Paul wrote in Romans 12 as one of the key
scriptures concerning this principle:
“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God,
That ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,

Acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed
By the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is
That good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”
■ Romans 12:1-2
We are not to be “conformed” to this world and its way of
stinkin thinking which is contrary to God and His Kingdom
because it‟s been perverted by Satan! So we must renew
our minds to get our thinking straightened out and lined up
with the Mind of God. Those who do so “have the mind of
Christ.” This is one of the reasons in many of my teaching
messages I quote from Isaiah 55. Unless you renew your
stupid mind through meditation in the Scriptures, you won‟t
be able to think the way God does.
So I believe you can begin to understand that the first step
in “the Word becoming flesh” and your fulfilling God‟s perfect
will for your life is for you to spend a lot of time meditating
in the Scriptures to fulfill Romans 12:1-2.
During the month of May, 1999, the Lord spoke a great deal
to me about this principle. It‟s in RFG, Vol. I but I want to
include some of this revelation.
“When we become the Word then the Word will manifest
through us and the greater signs, wonders and miracles
Jesus performed will be performed through us by He who is

in us. The Word becomes flesh! This is “Christ in you, the
hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). I preached on this at a church in
Arizona in 1991 and it impacted a number of people‟s lives.
Jesus did this by emptying Himself and so must we.
“The Spirit of the Lord came upon me to reveal the Word
becoming flesh. Just as the Logos became flesh and dwelt
among us, as we follow Him by dying to self and allowing the
Spirit to kill the flesh then the Word in us begins to manifest
through us and the Word becomes flesh. Our old carnal
nature as it dies and becomes less dominant in controlling
us brings forth the Word dwelling in us and the Word become
flesh—it manifests out of our physical bodies from our
“This is precisely why the Word must become flesh. It‟s only
when we, through the Holy Spirit in us, kill the flesh and its
carnal desires that allow the Law of Sin and Death to
operate through it that we can bring forth the God-nature
through the Word and prayer. As we allow the Word to
become flesh and dominate the old, flesh sin nature then we
allow the world to see Christ in us by the Spirit because He
is dominant instead of the flesh. Oh how difficult this is!”
I pray that you will read this over several times, meditate on
it for a few days and ask the Holy Spirit to give you further
revelation on the Word becoming flesh in you; “Christ in you,
the hope of glory.”

I hope this article has blessed you and increased your
spiritual understanding. That is our only purpose for having
a website that blesses people all over the world. Praise the
This month we are offering the revelation message
mentioned in this article I preached in 2005 titled,
Revelation on the Resurrection, preached at our church in
Montana free with any order or offering to help us support
the work of the ministry. Just mention it with your order and
we‟ll include it at no extra charge. If you‟ve not read
Revelations from God I‟d recommend that you order it
because it will help you understand this process and also
increase your spiritual understanding for revelation yourself.


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