Sex-ed advocates ignore the relationship between birth control, abortion and stds

Sex-Ed Advocates Ignore the Relationship between Birth Control, Abortion and STDs Julia Nelson
A new report from the Centers for Disease Control reveals that rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) continue to soar, with over 19 million new infections reported each year. The news was particularly troubling for black Americans who, at just 12% of the US population, had 71% of the new gonorrhea cases and nearly half the new Chlamydia and syphilis cases. Black females between the ages of 15 and 19 had the highest rates of Chlamydia and gonorrhea of any population. We know from earlier CDC reports that almost half of black teenagers have genital herpes. These diseases are far less contagious than swine flu, bird flu or SARS. By now we all know what to do to limit exposure to flu: wash our hands frequently, cough into our elbows and never leave the house. Yet the same geniuses who remind us of these precautions every twenty seconds are hesitant to recommend the most sensible way to prevent gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia: don’t have sex with someone to whom you are not married. Journalists and CDC officials wasted no time in blaming these disturbingly high rates of infection on
“abstinence only” education, without offering any evidence of such a correlation. Not surprisingly,
they neglected to mention two factors which have been statistically proven to raise rates of STD
infection: legalized abortion and hormonal birth control methods. Yes, folks, you heard it here first:
legalized abortion and hormonal birth control leads to higher rates of STD infections.
examined over four decades of
STD data, state by state, and found that legalized abortion could account for as much as one third
of all new infections. Ain Baltimore Maryland found that women who use Depo Provera
(quarterly progesterone injections) were three times as likely to contract gonorrhea and Chlamydia
as women who did not.
Although condoms are touted as effective protection against STDs, they have only a 50% rate of effectiveness for preventing gonorrhea and syphilis and have not been demonstrated to provide any protection against Chlamydia. Pretend for a moment that all the arguments about teen sexual behavior were applied to teen drinking: almost all teens are going to drink (they would argue) so the important thing is to teach them to drink responsibly. Now imagine that you created a line of beer and liquor that would not produce hangovers: after all, teens are going to drink and you don’t want them to have headaches that cause them to miss class. Do you think alcohol consumption among teens would go up, down or remain unaffected? Of course alcohol consumption would go up, because you have removed one of the inconvenient or unpleasant consequences of drinking. This is exactly what happens when you remove the consequence of pregnancy from sex: promiscuity increases. Anyone who thinks a fifteen year old girl who takes Depo Provera for birth control is going to be extra certain to use a condom every time she has sex has never met a fifteen year old girl. Now just as sensible people would observe that a hangover is not the most serious consequence of excessive drinking, so most would acknowledge that pregnancy, while inconvenient, is not worse than getting a horrible disease. The fact that the pro-sex education lobby has refused to recognize the proven link between the abortions and birth control they aggressively market to teenagers (and black teenagers in particular) and the rise in STD infections proves that they are more interested in refraining from making any value judgments about sexual behavior than actually helping young people avoid infection. Anyone who has seen the powerful documentary MAAFA 21: Black Genocide in 21st America will not be surprised that Planned Parenthood employees are more interested in lowering the black birthrate than protecting black women’s health. The indisputable fact is that STD infections were a tiny fraction of their current levels a few decades ago when there was little to no federal funding for sex education. Why? From my observations, teenagers who remain abstinent until marriage (as my husband and I did) do so for the same reason they do not urinate out in public. They may have to go to the bathroom as badly as the next person, but they have enough self-respect to wait for the appropriate time and place to relieve themselves. Cultural enclaves that treat sex as something sacred and private will generally produce young adults with these kinds of convictions. Segments of society that obsess over condom availability will not. All the hand washing in the world didn’t prevent my kids from getting swine flu a few weeks ago. Thankfully, we all recovered nicely. On the contrary, STDs are 100% preventable for those willing to modify their behavior. Can you imagine if hopping on one foot for five minutes a day could guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would never get the flu? We would have 24/7 infomercials reminding us to do our hopping for the day. Well refusing to drop your pants for someone other than your spouse (if he or she promises to do the same) will 100% guarantee that you will never get Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, herpes, HPV and a host of other diseases. Too bad the “experts” don’t believe that’s realistic.


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