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Insomnia Tips The following compilation of tips and tricks may be helpful in clearing insomnia, allowing deep, restful sleep. Many thanks to friends at Yahoo Energy1 group at and Yahoo Switchwordsgroup at for helping compile this list. Sleeping by 10:00 p.m. is very beneficial Sleep in total darkness for best, most rejuvenating sleep Rub mastoid processes (bony protrusions behind ears) for a minute or two Meditate Avoid watching TV right before sleep (no TV in bedroom) Avoid having reminders of office/work in your bedroom/sleep area Chamomile tea can help you relax and sleep A glass of warm milk can help put you to sleep Drink 12 ounces of Sleep-Inducing Happy Water (see below) at bedtime. Hold the last swallow in your mouth until your head hits the pillow (or set the glass down after you head hits the pillow). This tells the body you are going to sleep now, to have it allow you to sleep without interruption. If you get up for any reason during the night, empty your bladder and repeat the process before lying down to sleep again. Sleep-Inducing Happy Water: Write relaxing, sleep-inducing words on water vessels (can us your finger), words such as: Relax; Calm; Serene; Well-rested Rejuvenate now; Quiet; Sleep Including Switchwords/Switchphrases for sleep: OFF (to go to sleep) HO-SLOW (relax & go to sleep, useful for sleep disruption) HO-OFF (relax and sleep) ON-OFF (produce sleep) QUIET-OFF (quiet your mind and sleep) END-SHUT (end this segment and sleep) BRING-HO-SLOW-NOW (manifest relaxation & go to sleep now) POSTPONE-NEXT (let go of the work and worries) DEDICATE-BLUFF (release any fears keeping you awake) POINT-OFF-CALM-EASE-OFF-OFF (find way to sleep, rest, be calm, sleep and sleep.) Place head on South or East, NEVER north Students benefit with head to East; Adults benefit with head to South Insomnia Tips Shift to a mode of Love, Peace and Appreciation before sleeping: I’m sorry (to remove defenses against allowing) Please forgive me (to release remorse) Thank you (to give appreciation) I love you (to give acceptance) Write at least three things you experienced today that you appreciate inside a Blue Energy Circle Place the Energy Circle near you while you sleep Read what you wrote in the Appreciation Energy Circle right before you sleep and when you first wake up in the morning to set your tone for your sleep and wake time For Sleep Onset Insomnia add Chamomile For Sleep Disturbance Insomnia add Deerbrush For Shortened Sleep Cycle add Dogwood & Queen Anne’s Lace The Flower Energies vial is available at: The Rescue! Energy vial is available at: Files to run with the Emotional Freedom vial for sleep: Passive Modifications - Chamomile Passive Modifications - Vitamin B6 Passive Modifications – Hops Passive Modifications – Calcium Passive modifications – Hypericum Passive modifications - Kali Phos Passive modifications - Carbo Veg Passive modifications – Basil Passive modifications - Passiflora Passive Modifications - Passive Modifications - Insomnia Passive Modifications – Stress Passive Modifications - Temperature control Passive Modifications – Sanjeevini – Sleep Insomnia Tips Also very important is the 12th house of the horoscope Rahu in 12th does make for sleep disturbances and restlessness Timing Issues Chants, Mantras and Prayers – Decrees to the Violet Flame The Emotional Freedom vial is available at: Foods to avoid for one to two hours before bedtime: Caffeine (Coffee, Tea, Cola, Chocolate, etc.) Lettuce juice (mixed with lemon juice for Microalgae (such as chlorella and Spirulina) Fruit (especially mulberries and lemons, Jujube seeds are used to calm the spirit and Whole grains (whole wheat, brown rice, and oats have a calming and soothing effect on Carbohydrates also boost serotonin, which promotes better sleep.


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LEO BAECK DAY SCHOOL CURRICULUM: Grade 2 – Hebrew These Curricular Expectations are taught from a perspective that reflects the unique nature of the LBDS. Grade 2 Expectations are enriched and extended, where appropriate, through a selection of the “IB THEMES AND APPROACHES” from the Primary Years Programme International Baccalaureate The “IB

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