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1. Our business model is based on providing our customers the best price possible on al of our products. We have over 1000 generics posted with discount prices. Canadian drug companies have a difficult time competing on our generic prices. Our company charges a fee similar to a dispensing fee versus adding a huge mark-up on the prescription product. 2. Our brand name products are priced the same as our generic counterparts. Even though we have some of the best US-based prices on the brand name products, Canadian pharmacies have lower prices, in some instances, on brand-name medications. This is because the Canadian government sets price controls with the pharmaceutical companies. But, our brand-name products are FDA-approved and many tablet, non-extended release forms can be split. This can provide huge savings. 3. Both our generic and brand name medications are FDA-approved. Thus, there is an inherent risk of counterfeit products or “bad” products from importation. Why take the chance? You could be risking your life in order to save a few dol ars on these brand-name medications. So, we have an alternative on many of these medications. Just request “Double Strength” from your Doctor or check “Double Strength” on our Prescription Order Form and let us do the rest for FREE. 4. What does checking “Double Strength” do? If a medication is able to be split per the package insert for the product, the Doctor authorizes the change, and it is a non-control product, American Discount Pharmacy may be able to dispense up to 180-day supply for regular dose schedules of the medication for the price of a 90-day supply. For example, if you pay around 270 dol ars from a Canadian pharmacy for Lipitor 40 mg and you request our service; we would recommend asking the Doctor for a prescription for Lipitor 80 mg, 90 tables, Take ½ or 40mg once daily. Then, for roughly 368 dol ars, you now have a 180-day supply and a FDA-approved medication. It brings the cost down to 184 dol ars per 90-day supply. This can be done with medications such as Viagra and generic Imitrex also. So, if you don’t mind splitting these tablets; there are cost savings available. PLEASE REVIEW “REQUIREMENTS FOR AUTHORIZATION ON SPLITTING TABLETS” BEFORE REQUESTING “DOUBLE STRENGTH” ON THE PRESCRIPTION ORDER FORM. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PILL SPLITTER AVAILABLE AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY. WE SELL THESE ON OUR PRESCRIPTION ORDER FORM AND HAVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE UNDER “INSTRUCTIONS ON SPLITTING TABLETS.” 5. If you wish to compare prices with a Canadian pharmacy, just type in instead of our website americandiscountpharmacy.NET. Shortly after becoming incorporated and posting our price list, a Canadian website purchased the domain name americandiscountpharmacy.COM. We would like you to compare our prices on your products. We believe you wil be surprised at our prices for the FDA-approved products. Thank you from American Discount Pharmacy for keeping jobs within the United States. We appreciate your business.



ORIGINAL ARTICLE Blood Pressure Management in Acute Stroke: Comparison of Current Guidelines with Prescribing Patterns Salmann Kanji, Céline Corman, Andre G. Douen ABSTRACT: Objective: Current recommendations for treating elevated blood pressure (BP) in the acute stroke are based largely on expert opinion and vary with regard to treatment thresholds and choice of antihypertensive agen

There’s a huge gap between the claims made for “mood stabilising” drugs and the evidence for their safety and effectiveness. So why are we now dishing them out even to young children, asks psychiatrist David Healy, who helped uncover the suicide risks associated with modern antidepressantskeel as signs of an illness that requires that anticonvulsants might stabilise moods by treatment. Wh

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