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Development of TEQ Series of Compact Analog Tuners and
TMQ Series of Compact Analog Tuner Units with Built-in IF+MPX
Thinner Units for LCD and Plasma Televisions
ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan: Masataka Kataoka, President) has developed two new tuners for use in thin televisions such as LCD and plasma TVs. The TEQ Series is a compact analog tuner that is 50% smaller thanALPS’ previous products. The TMQ Series is 60% smaller, and integrates in a single unit an analog tuner with an IF (intermediate frequency) unit compatible with MPX (sound multiplex broadcasting). The first commercial samples of both series will be shipped from September 2003.
Television is making the transition from the familiar cathode-ray tube to new set types such as LCD and plasma. The Japanese market especially is expectedto grow quickly. More than 630,000 LCD televisions were produced in Japan in 2002, with a projected 1.6 million units in 2004 and 3.1 million by 2007.
More than 190,000 plasma TVs were produced in 2002, with a projected 550,000 units in 2004 and 1.2 million by 2007. (Source: JEITA) The mainappeal of LCD and plasma televisions is their thinness, and that they require less space, which has in turn stimulated demand for thinner, more compact These two new series were developed to answer the need for thinner, more compact tuners. All components, including resistors, condensers and coils, have been made smaller, while the mixer, oscillator and PLL circuitry have been compacted into a single package in a ful y custom IC, made possible by ALPS’ high-density mounting technology. The dimensions of theTEQ Series tuners are 55.0mm (W) x 25.6mm (D) x 16.0mm (H), with a cubic content of 22.5ml. The TMQ Series tuner units measure 55.0mm (W) x 44.5 mm (D) x 12.5mm (H), with a cubic content of 30.5ml, and are the smallest tuner units in the industry to incorporate an ordinary antenna terminal. *1 * 1 There is currently a need for notebook computers and even mobile telephones to receive analog broadcasts, but the size of ordinary antenna terminals (F connectors) has been a bottleneck tomaking them more compact. For this reason, F connectors are not used in tuners for mobile Both of these series, in addition to being more compact, also offer greater functionality. By using a custom IC, designed using ALPS’ RF technologies, the noise figure*2 has been lowered approximately 1.5dBcompared to our previous products, while the gain*3 has been increased approximately 3.0dB. As a result, compared to our previous products, stable reception is possible even when the signal is weak.
*2 The measure of noise picked up, hindering reception *3 The extent a weak signal is amplified to a level that can be received Both series are lead free, having been designed with greater consideration for the global environment.
In addition, the TMQ Series incorporates sound multiplex demodulation circuitry in the IF circuit component, compatible with thesound multiplex broadcasting systems in Japan and the U.S. This helps make Features
Thinner and more compact units for use in increasingly popular LCD and other thin
televisions. The TMQ Series contains an integrated tuner and IF unit, and is the smallest tuner unit in the industry to incorporate an ordinary antenna terminal. 1. Use of small, custom-built ICs and compact components, made possible by ALPS’ high-density mounting technology, allow the TEQ Series to be 50% smaller than ALPS’ previous products, and the TMQ Series 60% 2. Greatly improved noise figure and gain provide high-quality stable 3. The TMQ Series is compatible with sound multiplex broadcasting Principal Applications
Color televisions, LCD televisions, plasma televisions, projection televisions,DVD recorders Sales Plan (both products)
Soma Plant, Communication DevicesDivision (Soma City, Fukushima Specifications
TEQ Series
TMQ Series
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