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Pattern Of Question Paper
JNTUH ALLIANCE ENTRANCE 2012 Examination will be paper-pencil examination. It will consist of a single paper of 2 hours duration containing 100 questions. The question paper will consist of multiple choice objective questions only. Each question will have four choices for the answer. The candidates will have to mark the correct choice on an Optical Response Sheet (ORS) by darkening the appropriate bubble against each question. One (1) mark will be awarded for each right answer and zero (00) marks for no attempts. Carvone is the active phytoconstituent of which crude drug. In the process of sugar coating of tablets the colorants are added in one of the following Mixing of semisolids is carried out using In cosmetic preparations, an antioxidant used in an aqueous system , is Alliance institute of Advanced Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Which of the following drugs is expected to cause anticholinergic adverse effects in the Which of the following is a more sensitive detector Q.10 Which of the following have maximum wavenumber Q.11 Defects in purine metabolism leads to Q.12 Which of the antineoplastic agent is metabolized by xanthine oxidase Q.13 Which of the following ACE inhibitors is not a prodrug Q.14 One of the following carbonic anhydrase inhibitor inhibits only luminal carbonic anhydrase Q.15 Which of the following drug directly relaxes arteriolar smooth muscle & decreases Q.16 Sterilization temperature for aquous solution in autoclave (moist heat) is A) 17 , 21- dihydroxypregnane -3, 11,10- trione B) 17 ,21 dihydroxy pregn- 4- ene -12, 20- dione C) 17 , 21 dihydroxy pregnane -4, 20 dione D) 17 , 21 dihydroxypregn -4- ene- 3,11, 20 trione Q.18 The common structural feature of Iodoxamic acid, diatrizoic acid & Iocarmic acid is - lactamase inhibitor, clavulanic acid is Q.20 Which of the following drug posse s pyridine ring nucleus Q.21 Polygallic acid obtained from senega is a Q.22 Khellin is the active constituent of Q.23 The basic heterocyclic ring present in coniine is Q.24 Which of the following is responsible for transfer of genetic information Q.25 Methyl malonyl CoA mutase which catalyses the conversion of propinyl CoA to succinyl CoA utilizes the prosthetic group derived from Q.26 Creatinine clearance is used as a measurement for Q.27 During compression of moisture critical granules a hygroscopic substance used to Q.28 Two of the following types of techniques are used for depot formulation Q.29 The biological half-life of procaine in a patient was 35 minutes and its volume of distribution was estimated to be 60 L. The total clearance rate of procaine is Q.30 A co-solvent used in the preparation of parenteral products is Q.31 Which of the following benzodiazepines is excepted to cause the least amount of adverse


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