LEARNING OBJECTIVES for the General Session
As of May 21, 2013
Welcome to the 21st Annual Scientific Meeting

State of the Art Hair Restoration Surgery

Review the state of the art in hair restoration surgery for both donor strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction.
Research Studies

Describe various research projects on the subject of hair and how they may impact therapies or treatments for hair loss.
Beyond FUT & FUE

Discuss a novel surgical approach for donor harvesting.
Operation Restore Panel

Discuss the surgical approaches to several repair cases, including several that were supported by the ISHRS’s Operation Restore pro bono program.
Cicatricial Alopecia and Non-Androgenetic Alopecia

Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of non-androgenetic alopecia. Discuss the role of hair transplants in non-androgenetic alopecia.
Post Finasteride Syndrome Session

Review the latest studies on the efficacy and safety of finasteride 1 mg in androgenetic alopecia. Discuss possible adverse events relating to the use of finasteride, including claims of persistent sexual dysfunction, and concerns relating to prostate cancer.
Coffee with the Experts

Discuss various hair restoration surgery topics in-depth in smal groups.
Recipient Sites and Cosmesis

Compare and contrast different surgeons’ approaches to the cosmetic aspects of the hair transplant procedure, including designing hairlines, in order to improve one’s own skills. Discuss the surgical approaches to hair transplantation in special situations: advancing the female hairline and HT in eyebrows.
Anatomy and Basic Science

Discuss new concepts of scalp and eyelash anatomy and the effect of aging on male scalp hair.
Norwood Lecture

Review the latest developments in hair follicle cloning, regeneration, and other prospective developments and discuss their relevance to clinical practice.
Advancing the FUE Technique

Describe the various techniques and instruments that can be used for FUE including their advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate donor area safety in FUE procedures. Discuss techniques to reduce follicle transection rates in FUE procedures.
Enhancing Donor Management in Strip Harvesting

Describe the various techniques that can be used to improve donor area healing in FUT including their advantages and disadvantages.
Poster Overview Session & Poster Inquiry Session

Review key points relating to a variety of studies and surgical pearls regarding hair restoration surgery.
Hairline Design Panel

Compare and contrast different surgeons’ approaches to designing hairlines and temporal points.
Breakfast with the Experts

Discuss various hair restoration surgery topics in-depth in smal groups.
Difficult Cases I
Discuss challenging and atypical cases and treatment options. Recognize surgical limitations in marginal candidates and develop appropriate treatment plans for these patients.
Advances in Hair Biology

Demonstrate understanding of basic biology of molecular influences on follicular behavior. Describe effect of ATP on follicle viability. Review the results of platelet growth factors and porcine urinary bladder matrix in wound healing and hair growth.
Diagnostic Aids and Treatment Outcome Assessments with a Focus on FPHL

Compare and contrast methods for measuring results of medical and surgical hair restoration. Review clinical evidence for the effect of low level laser light therapy. Discuss proper hormonal evaluation in female pattern hair loss (FPHL).
Advanced Surgical Videos I: FUT Donor Management; Improving Cosmesis

Compare methods to improve donor closure in FUT. Describe approaches to reduce post operative cosmetic problems. Discuss FUE as an approach to repairing poor results.
Difficult Cases II: Repair

Discuss chal enging and atypical cases and treatment options. Explain when to consider flaps and expanders over grafting techniques.
Advanced Surgical Videos II: Innovations in the Use of Implanters; Improving Efficiency in FUE

Compare and contrast different surgeons’ approaches to and devices for graft implantation. Describe the various techniques that make the FUE process more efficient.
Live Patient Viewing

Assess the results of real live patients from a variety of cases that utilized different approaches and techniques.


ALAMO HEIGHTS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT • 7101 BROADWAY • SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78209 Regular Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees September 19, 2013 DELEGATIONS/RECOGNITIONS Spotlight on Excellence Award - Lee Bibb, Howard ECC First Time Author of "Artemis Rising" - Emma Hodgson, Alamo Heights High School National Hispanic Institute Texas Ambassador Great Deba


Hair Loss Remedies—Separating Fact From FictionIlian Bandaranayake, BA; Paradi Mirmirani, MDTo understand the validity of claims for hair regrowth productsUpon completion of this activity, dermatologists and general practitioners should be able to:1. Explain the efficacy of various hair regrowth products. 2. Describe the side effects of various hair regrowth products. 3. Advise patients of

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