Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce – A P STR AC TAgroinform Publishing House, Budapest REHABILITATION IN MÁTRA MEDICAL INSTITUTE Anetta Müller1, Erika Kerényi2, Erika Könyves3
1Eszterházy Károly College, Eger 2Mátra Medical Institution, Mátraháza 3University of Debrecen, Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development, Debrecen Abstract: Our research we organised at the Mátra Medical Institute in Mátraháza and Kékestetô among sick of asthma, COPD and hayfever.
Our aim was to prove the effect of climate therapy in the Mátra Medical Institute. The subalpine climate to plays a very important role in the cure of the Respiratory diseases, because to improve the life quality of the sick and reduce the medicine uses afther the therapy. Our researche took part more than 100 respiratory diseased.We analyse the data with SPSS.version 16. We measure average, standard deviation, Chi² probe, t-probe. You can see our results in the article.
Key words: asthma, pulmonology ilnesses, climate therapy, life-quality
Mátra hospitals is the only sub-alpine air medical institution in our country where in treatment of the The asthma of all ages is a serious public health challenge asthmatics, COPD patients and hay fever patients climate worldwide. Asthma is the 25th reason included in the impacts were added to the medicinal and the movement- Disability Adjusted Life Years ranking in 2001, prevalence therapy treatments good results have been achieved in and quality of life and the impact of health spending under improving the quality of the patients’ life and their needs of considerable pressure and gives the task of doctors working medicine. Mátraháza unit is about 700 m the unit Kékestetô is 1000m above sea level. On this is height the house dust Nearly 300 million people are concerned worldwide, mites cannot live and the ragweed occurs extremely rarely.
prevalence is observed between 1–18%.
The clean air, dust and pollen free environment are extremely Determining the prevalence of asthma in a wide favourable conditions for the health institution. These are repertoire of domestic literature (Nagy et al., 1997; Mora, also favourable conditions for the use of respiratory diseases, 1998; Gönczi, 1998; Páll et al., 2001; Virágh, 2004). as they are popular practice spots for cure-terraces, Terra Hungary, a significant increase in asthma over the last few years. In 2005, 196 thousand were number of asthmatics registered in the network of lung clinic and while it was only 78 thousand based on historical data 10 years ago (Somfay, 2007). Literature review
The number of getting asthma rising with 18,000 every year. Outstanding is the rapid increase in the number of The affect of climate on healthy and sick people has been children with asthma. Examining each group of ages, cases dealt for a long time. Genersich Andor, Hungary's chief of the 20–30-year-old all makes up 1/5 of all patients.
medical director, opened the first 300-beds lungclinic in 1932 County Zala and Fejér and lead the distribution of on 15 June. Official name: Hungarian Mátra (Royal), Miklós number of asthmatics, while in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Horthy hospital. The Director of the Institute defined Pest County are less "infected" counties. This figure is much climatology that it deals with all the effects of the wider worse, if we check the asthma, together with changes in the meteorological factors in living organisms. Based on his number of patients of hay fever and bronchitis treated since empirical experience he found that tubercolosis gets better 2000 from 390 to 650 thousand in 2006, an increase in the and recover quickly with a certain climate. (Genersich, 1932).
Several internaitonal researches report the possibilities of The use of natural curative factors gets special attention high-mountain climate therapy. Mátraháza is known as „The to diseases in both domestic and international context, which Hungarian Davos”. Skiplaces of Switzerland, like St. Moritz, could cost the drug treatments. The treatment of respiratory Davos, Arosa, Saasa Fee, Pontresina and Interlaken, function diseases, a number of useful medicinal factors: climate, salty as skiplaces in winter and climate medical holiday home in summer. The first lungclinic was in Davos. The mountain Anetta Müller, Erika Kerényi, Erika Könyves climate, clean air and plenty of sunshine seemed to ensure all measurements (BMI index, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, 6-minute main ingredients that were needed for the treatment of tubercolosis before effective therapy treatments. Davos The internationally validated Asthma Control Test (ACT) means attraction for the growing number of people suffering and the also validated St. George life quality test were used, with asthma, other allergic diseases and atopic skin disease.
completed with other issues as well. The part of these issues There are currently more than 14,000 patients treated every were questioned about the social-demographic data of year who came from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands patients, smoking habits, continuing physiotherapy, develop- and other countries here. The main aim of the Swiss Allergy ment of the medicine demand after the 6-month interwall and Asthma Research is to start an overall study to made the immune system and its controlling more understandable.
Primarily analysed the life quality of asthmatic patients, COPD patients and hay fever patient.
According to the researchers conducted high-altitude The results of a questionnaire processed by the SPSS climate therapy it is a very accepted method, which improves 16.0software. Expected average, standard deviation, median the clinical symptoms of asthma. The climate therapy and Mode values were calculated. The examination of reduces airway inflammation and regulates the lymphocytes coherence the Pearson Chi² test was used.
(lymphocytes) activity (Karagiannidis C. et al., 2006), which is also an international research report.
In the main study, 113 (male n = 19, female n = 94 Previous studies (Müller-Kerenyi, 2009), performed by persons) respiratory patients were participated who had been the Medical Mátrai treated 50 patients with asthma, allergy and COPD showed that after the first month of the treatment questionnaire was filled out by every fifth patient, who were of the examined patients’ suffering the 3 types of desease treated asthma, rhinitis or COPD disease from September of needed significantly less medicine, than a half year later.
2009 til January of 2010 the department of pulmonology 35.4% of the patients were in Mátraháza, while 74.6% of Materials and Methods
them were in Kékestetô for 3 weeks. The 16.9% were male, 83.1% were female of the survey respondents.
September–October 2009 launched a research in the 14.2% of the respondents live in the villages, 31% in circle of asthma, hay fever patients and COPD patients in a town, 30.1% in county and 24.8% live in the capital city.
medical background. Pest Anna chief medical officer, Mátra hospital has nationwide authority, which was included internal medicine, pulmonary rehabilitation specialist, and.
in the sample of patients as evidenced by residence because Peter Kenyeres Dr, chief medical officer, anesthetist took part in it from Mátrai Medical Centre.
The average age of the patients was 61.54 years (SD = With our research we aim to prove that two units of Mátra 9.489), and therefore the 76.9% of the patients were retired.
hospitals in Mátraháza and Kékestetô play a significant role Among the free time activities of the patients were not found in treating patients with respiratory problems, improving anything, which would be heavy physical stress or high load quality of life of patients and reduce the needs of medicine.
to them. Typical recreational activity were the followings: reading, watching TV, rebus, needlework, hiking.
How are asthma and allergy healing and the quality of 72.6% of the patients (82 persons) were asthmatic, 33.6% life coming out after a medical treatment completed (38 persons) were hay fever patient and 37.2% (42 persons) with climate therapy in the institution of Mátra and had COPD disease were diagnosed and treated. The most commonly occurring respiratory disease was the asthma then What factors affect patients to choose institutions? the COPD and the lowest the hay fever patients. In the sample 14 people were particapeted who have asthma and COPD disease together, 35 people had allergic asthma accompanied hay fever and the 4 people main who had After hospitalize asthma, allergy and COPD patients COPD disease and hay fever were at a time.
their quality of life improved and their needs of medicine reduced. After the hospital treatment the effect of treatment reduces with time.
Results and Discussion
From 2009 October 2010 until January in the institution, the patients with asthmatic and allergic symptoms filled out The motivation was questioned of choosing institution.
questionnaires, which, was internationally standardized, For this question, we have more alternatives and the patients based on St. George life quality (simplified by Professor could mark more than one. 91.2% of the respondents (103 Somfay) and Asthma Control test. In the questionnaire was people) mainly visited the institute because of the healing, used both closed and open questions. The questions have the same, 103 (91.2%) people because of the climatic spa- factor. Therefore the most of patients know the climatic, spa- completion of the questionnaire. The medical questionnaire factor. Thus, the considerable history, the good reputation, Effect of climate therapy and rehabilitation in Mátra Medical Institute the developments of the last decade, and the well-introduced treatment were compared with o two-sample t-tests and brand in the home healthcare market resulted the very high significant differences were experienced: proportion of recurrent patients. Physician's recommendation After the first month of hospital treatment the demand was a determining factor, which was marked by the 68.1% of of Steroid and Medrol of COPD patients was less than the patients (77 persons). 68.1% of the patients (77 persons) after the sixth month. (t=-3,767 df= 41, p= 0,001).
marked the previous positive experience, which motivated After the first month of hospital treatment, the Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) patients took less allergy medicine then after the sixth month it increased The formation of the average and diviation values
significantly (t =- 3.582 df = 37, p = 0.001).
of the certain functions compared the 1-6 months
After the first month of hospital treatment, the after the treatment in Mátraháza or Kékestetô
Allergic rhinitis in (hay fever) patients used less nasal 1. month 2. month 3. month 4. month 5. month 6. month spray than after the sixth month. (t=-3,822, df=37, p=0,000). The results shows a very strong significant difference (t =- 3.822, df = 37, p = 0.000) After the first month of hospital treatment, the asthmatic patients used is less inhalative device (Ventolin, Berodual, Berotec) than after the sixth month (t =- 9.815, df = 81, p = 0.000).
After the first month of hospital treatment the patients used less steroids (t =- 2.840, df = 81, p = 0.006) and intravenous injection (t = 1.997, df = 81, p = 0.049) These data partly confirm that the personal hospital treatment, climate therapy of Mátraháza added, significantly improves the life quality, health status of asthmatic patients and reduce the medicine demand. The research results confirm that the investigations being continued with more chart 1. The disease is confined to the core activities of the extent of hospital
In the chart, can be observed that after the hospital treatment in the first month in almost all activities, the improvements in the last few years. Today, the inflammatory average low is between 0 and 1, which means that patients in nature of asthma proven and accepted fact. Therefore the the hospital treatment after the first month the illness were steroid-contained antiphlogistics play important role in the not or only slightly limited in the everyday activities and treatment of asthma. These drugs are very expensive and it work.6 months later, the averages have increased, which sets a significant burden on individuals and society as well, indicates the reduction of the impact of the treatment and because of the growing number of asthmatics.
their illnesses or symptoms are more limited in the above The medicine demand can be significantly reduced by hospital treatments, climate and movement therapy, which The results of the hospital treatment after the first and were justified by the examinations of patients who were sixth months were compared with two-sample t-tests, and treated in the Mátra Medical Institue.
walking, climbing stairs, dressing, washing, shopping, housework, working and hobbies showed a very strong significant difference (p <0.001). Thus, demonstrated that References
after the therapeutic treatment in the Mátra Medical Institute for (medication, physiotherapy and breathing exercises) in Dr. Somfay Attila (2007): Kezelési stratégiák asztmában. Mi a
the first months the asthmatics, allergy and COPD patients beteg, az orvos, a hatóság és a gyártó érdeke? In: Asztma – COPD could more easily carry out the test activities, then after the evidenciák 2007 http://www.webdoki.hu/minisite/ COPD/ treatment in the sixth month. This fact is important because KSH 2006: http://www.erdon.ro/hirek/im:all:rightnow/cikk/
doing these daily activities without limits ensures the ksh -a-s zule tes kor-varh ato -elett ar tam-2 0 0 6 -b an-vo lt-a- patient's convenience and significantly affected of the quality legmagasabb/cn/haon-news-charlotteInform-20071002- After the complex therapy not only the patients life Kurt Blaser (1989): The Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma
Research. In: Regulatory Process in Allergy and Asthma Int.
quality was better, but also decreased the medicine demand.
Arch Allergy Appl Immunol. 1989; 90:1–2 The results after the first and the sixth month of hospital Anetta Müller, Erika Kerényi, Erika Könyves Karagiannidis C, Hense G, Rueckert B, Mantel PY, Ichters B,
Móra I.: Légúti allergiás megbetegedések elôfordulási gyako-
Blaser K, Menz G, Schmidt-Weber CB. (2006): High-altitude
risága egy budapesti gyermekorvosi praxisban. Gyermekgyó- climate therapy reduces local airway inflammation and modulates lymphocyte activation. In: Scand J Immunol. 2006 Apr;63(4):304- Gönczi Zs.: Komplex allergológiai szûrôviszgálataok pubertás
10. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ 16623931) korban. Med. Thor. 1998, 51, 221–223.p.
Genersich Andor (1932): A klimatológiai észlelésrôl. In:
10. Páll G., Éliás T., Máth J.: A rizikófaktorok szerepe az allergiás
Népegészségügy. XIII. évfolyam. 1.szám. II. rész. 134–137.p.
betegségek kialakulásában. Allergol.Klin. Immunol. 2001, Kerényi Erika-Müller Anetta (2009): Javuló életminôség és
költséghatékonyság. A Mátrai Gyógyintézet asztmás, szénanát- 11. Virágh Z.: Védd Környezetedet és Egészségedet! Kiadja: Ma-
hás és COPD-s betegei terápiás kezelésének hatásvizsgálata. In: gyar Orvosok az Egészséges Környezetért Társaság és a „Fodor Economica. A Szolnoki Fôiskola Tudományos Közleményei.
József” Országos Közegészségügyi Központ Környezetegész- ségügyi Intézete, Budapest 2004.36-38.p.
Nagy E., Forrai Á., Bánfalvi I. és mtsai: Légúti allergiás
megbetegedések felkutatása középiskolás fiatalok közében.

Source: http://adatbazis.ttk.ektf.hu/uploads/papers/paper_1771.pdf

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