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ideal supplement for horses with stable vices, hyperactivity when stabled or excitability when ridden.
Contains Devils Claw, Yucca Filamen-tosa and MSM which have been Valerian-Free Calmer
shown in trials to reduce pain and stiff- Recently Valerian, a herb used for centuries as a natural calma- tive, has become a banned substance when used on any horse Valerian-Free Calmer is a new alternative. Containing e-tryphy- tophan an essential amino acid which at a high usage rate has acalming effect on nervous and excitable equines. Synergisti-cally combined with B group vitamins-Riboflavin, Thiamine, Nico-tiric Acid and dried Hops.
A veterinary mixture of Cod Liver Oil, Marine Oils and pure Vegetable Oil. A stabilised source of vitamins needed for general health and condition. Ideal for show stock, young which reduces dust, together with increasing Zealand. It is a pureimmunostimulant herb lating immune functionin allergy and auto-im-munity. It enhances COD LIVER OIL WITH GARLIC
resistance to infection in equines particularly of the upper respi- To the benefits of the above product add the ratory tract. It has been clinically tested on horses in Canada benefits of the well documented properties of and been shown to increase both the red cells and the white It has been endorsed and is used by New Zealand’s top profes-sional horsemen and stud farms.
An 800 mare stud farm in New Zealand has reported not one CIDER VINEGAR
single case of respiratory infection since continually feeding this A liquid feed supplement for older horses. Adjusts the pH in the type of Echinacea over a two year period.
intestinal tract, and therefore increases the appetite.
Many preparations on the market contain small percentages of the herb. This is the pure material with the full usage rate for thebest response not offered by others. E.g. Up to 50gm for a 500 ELECTROLYTE LIQUID
Kilo live weight horse-No mixed preparations compounded with Use in the drinking water after competition, traveling or in hot other and cheaper herbs can offer this clinical amount.
weather. Replaces essential body salts and energy. Contents It can be fed continually to horses of all ages with no withdrawal include liquid Seaweed, Liquid Glucose and major mineral salts.
period and no restriction under the rules of the various governing The inclusion of Liquid Glucose ensures rapid absorption.
It has well documented antibacterial antiviral and antiprotazoalactive , ELECTROLYTE POWDER
Replaces the minerals lostafter hard work and compe- EQUIVAL PLUS
An enhanced more potent revised formulation for short term use.
Acts as a calmative within 2 hours of administering and lasts about 4 hours. Contains a concentrated herbal root extract plus St Johns Wort which work symbiotically together.
warm water or added to thefeed with access to warm FERRIKION
A nutritional liquid supplement for horses and ponies. Contains 33% more Iron than competitive products to maintain the qualityof blood. Vitamins and minerals are provided from the natural EQUlKALM
sources of liquid Yeast and Seaweed extracts. Seaweed is a source of rare trace minerals not found in supplements based on synthetically produced chemicals and whose deficiency could account for some of the blood disorders found in stabled horses.
No animal by-product such as liver extract is used in this prod- calm nervous horses and set-tles excited ones without im-pairment of performance. An

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International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (2007), 57, 1872–1875Rheinheimera chironomi sp. nov., isolated from achironomid (Diptera; Chironomidae) egg massMalka Halpern,1 Yigal Senderovich1 and Sagi Snir21Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Science Education, University of Haifa, Oranim,2Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905,

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