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Shaklee Energy* Chews Dietary Supplement FAQs
Q. What is Shaklee Energy*?
Shaklee Energy is a great-tasting “soft chew” that provides a healthful and convenient alternative to high-
calorie, high-volume energy drinks. Each chew delivers powerful, scientifically proven ingredients to help energize
your body, sharpen your mind, and improve your mood. Shaklee Energy* Chews give you the healthy edge with
75% organic ingredients and energy-releasing B vitamins, plus L-theanine and L-tyrosine to help promote focus
and alertness, natural caffeine from green tea, and 25% of the Daily Value of vitamin D. The ingredients work fast
to help you feel energized, stay awake, stay alert, get focused, and improve your mood.* Shaklee Energy* Chews
are gluten free and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or added preservatives.
Q. What ingredients are in Shaklee Energy* Chews?
Shaklee Energy* Chews are 75% organic and contain scientifically proven ingredients, including L-theanine
and L-tyrosine to help support focus and alertness*, energy-releasing B vitamins, natural caffeine from green tea,
and 25% of the Daily Value for vitamin D.
Q. What won’t you find in Shaklee Energy* Chews?
Shaklee Energy* Chews contain none of the artificial flavors, sweeteners, or added preservatives you’ll find in
some other energy products, such as artificial colors Red #40, Yellow #5, and Yellow #6; artificial sweeteners
such as sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium (ACE-K); or artificial preservatives such as potassium
sorbate, sodium EDTA, benzoic acid, and sodium benzoate.
Q. How many Shaklee Energy* Chews can I take per day?
Two chews contain about the same amount of caffeine as you’d find in a cup of premium coffee. We
recommend you consume no more than three Shaklee Energy* Chews every three to four hours. This product
should not be used by anyone younger than 18, pregnant or lactating women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.
Please pay attention to how your body reacts to Shaklee Energy* and adjust your intake accordingly. Some
people may find that just one chew delivers the desired energy boost, while others will prefer the boost they get
from a two-chew serving.*
Q: When should I take a Shaklee Energy* Chew?
Whenever you want to boost your energy and help sharpen your focus. Whether you’re at work, playing sports,
studying for midterms, working out, or traveling, Shaklee Energy* Chews are perfect for times of increased mental
and physical exertion. Plus, these chews fit easily into your purse, gym bag, airplane carry-on, or glove box,
making them your source for an on-the-go energy boost anytime, anywhere.*
Q. Do Shaklee Energy* Chews require refrigeration?
Refrigeration is NOT required.
Q. How much caffeine is in a Shaklee Energy* Chew?
One energy chew contains 60 milligrams of caffeine. Two chews contain as much caffeine as a cup of
premium coffee.
Q. Who should NOT take Shaklee Energy* Chews?
If you’ve been instructed by your doctor to avoid caffeine or stimulants, do not take Shaklee Energy*. If you
have any concerns about taking these types of products, consult your doctor.
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Q. Are Shaklee Energy* Chews safe for pregnant women or women who are nursing?
We do not recommend Shaklee Energy* Chews for women who are pregnant or nursing.
Q. Can children use Shaklee Energy*?
Shaklee Energy* Chews are not recommended for use by anyone younger than 18 years of age.
Q. Can I use Shaklee Energy* Chews with my other Shaklee supplements?
Shaklee Energy* Chews can be taken with any of our other Shaklee supplements. (Note: Cinch® Energy Tea
Mix provides a naturally refreshing energy boost when you want your energy in liquid form—and can be served
hot or cold. Use one serving of Cinch Energy Tea Mix in place of one chew when you desire an energy boost in
liquid form.)
Q. How soon will I feel energized after I consume a Shaklee Energy* Chew?
You may begin feeling an increased sense of energy within 30 minutes.*
Q. How many calories does it contain?
Each serving of Shaklee Energy* (one serving equals two chews) contains 45 calories.
Q. Are Shaklee Energy* Chews gluten free?
Q. What is the shelf life of Shaklee Energy* Chews?
Twelve months.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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