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Superior ELISAs, IFAs and Western Blots. Influenza A and Influenza B viruses
Influenza is an acute viral disease of the respiratory tract, which occurs in epidemics in winter and early spring. Typical symptoms are fever, malaise, coughs, headache and myalgia (muscle pain) occurring after a short incubation period of 1-3 days. Complications may occur mainly in elderly people in the form of a secondary bacterial pneumonia, which can be life-threatening. Transmission is by droplet infection. The etiological agents of influenza are the Orthomyxoviruses of which 3 types, A, B and C exist. The viral envelope contains two important glycoproteins, Haemagglutatinin (H) and Neuraminidase (N). The Haemagglutinin antigen is most often subject to genetic change (antigen drift, antigen shift). Thus anti-influenza antibodies from previous infections cannot neutralise the new influenza strains. Epidemics of influenza A occur at intervals of 2-5 years, pandemics every 10-15 years. Type B infections remain generally localised, and Type C infections are rare and generally mild. Early vaccination (from September) can prevent or reduce the effects of influenza infection. The antiviral drugs amantadine and its analogue rimantadine are effective treatments during the first 24-48 hours after onset of the influenza infection.  VIR-ELISA ANTI-INFLUENZA A-IgG
Art.No. EG 116
Art.No. EA 116

Intended use

The VIR-ELISA tests ANTI-INFLUENZA A-IgG and ANTI-INFLUENZA A-IgA are enzyme immunoassays for the determination of antibodies to Influenza A viruses in human serum and plasma. Antigen Characterisation
Antigen: Influenza A virus
Strain: Texas 1/77 (H3N2), Moscow 10/99 (H3N2), New Caledonia 20/99 (H1N1)
Cultivation: chicken eggs
Purification: Ultrasonication, centrifugation
Art.No. EG 117
Art.No. EA 117

Intended use
The VIR-ELISA tests ANTI-INFLUENZA B-IgG and ANTI-INFLUENZA B-IgA are enzyme immunoassays for the determination of antibodies to Influenza B viruses in human serum and plasma. Antigen Characterisation
Antigen: Influenza B virus
Strain: Hongkong 5/72
Cultivation: embryonary chicken eggs
Purification: Ultrasonication, centrifugation


Incubation at room temperature (30’, 30’, 10’) Individually sealed and vacuum-packed single strips for a long shelf life Test evaluation
Qualitative results
Negative result
OD value sample < Cut-off value - 10% Cut-off value = OD negative control + OD Cut-off control Equivocal result
Positive result
OD value sample > Cut-off value + 10% Semi-quantification for IgG antibody determination
Two-point quantification. The 2 point - calibration of the VIR-ELISA tests represent a possibility of quantifying anti-body activities in a patient sample by determination of the titre. For the IgA antibody detection, the results can only be determined qualitatively.

Diagnostic relevance

Serum and plasma antibodies persist for over one year. Due to the genetically produced structural changes to the viral coat, specific antibodies produced in previous influenza infections provide no protection against new infections. The determination of IgG and IgA antibodies is useful for the early detection of infection and for monitoring patients. Possible cross reactions should be taken into consideration in the interpretation of results. Cross reactivity between the different Influenza virus types A, B, C cannot be excluded. VIRO-IMMUN Labor-Diagnostika GmbH , D-61440 Oberursel/Weißkirchen



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