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National Lifeguard Service: First Aid
(CLSM 8:4-5)

Asthma is a condition that affects about 5% of adults and 10% of children in North America. Some of the things that could trigger an asthma attack include an allergic reaction,
respiratory infection, cold environment, emotional distress, heavy exercise, and more. An asthma
attack is caused by the _________________ of air passageways (bronchospasm) that makes it
increasingly difficult to breathe.
Signs & Symptoms:
• Medication (broncodilator): Ventolin • Whistling noises while breathing (stridor)
Anaphylactic Shock
(CLSM 8:3)
Anaphylactic shock (or anaphylaxis) is a severe allergic reaction that often causes difficulty in breathing due to swelling of the respiratory tract. It can be sudden and life-
Signs and Symptoms:
• Discomfort in chest area
• Rapid, weak pulse
• Weakness, dizziness, anxiety
(CLSM 8:3)
Hyperventilation is defined as _____________________. The CO level in the blood ________________ as CO is expired, however the O level does not usually change significantly. The decrease in CO level causes the body to depress the breathing centre in the brain and can result in a loss of consciousness.
Signs & Symptoms:
• Coaching breaths (“Breathe with me”) Joel Sutcliffe
Winter 2003
National Lifeguard Service: First Aid
Inadequate Breathing
(CLSM 8:3)
A patient has inadequate breathing if they are breathing less than ___________ (breaths per minute) or has ineffective breathing (too shallow). Someone who is breathing over
___________ may also have inadequate breathing if they are in obvious distress. This can be
caused by any of the above conditions and diseases, as well as by other things such as head
trauma or decreased LOC.
Note: This significant lack of effective breathing should be noticed and assessed in the primary
survey, and critical intervention started ASAP.

Signs & Symptoms:

• Difficulty breathing (straining neck

(CLSM 8:3)

COPD stands for ________________________________________, and is a condition characterized by difficulty breathing. The most common forms of COPD are emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The main cause of COPD is cigarette smoking. A small percentage of patients with advanced COPD lose their sensitivity to carbon dioxide are triggered to breathe by _________________________. This rare condition may have some implications for oxygen therapy. If oxygen is applied to a patient with COPD, it should be given at the same litre flow, but if the patient’s respiratory condition begins to worsen the litre flow should be turned down to 1-2 lmp. If ventilations are necessary, the oxygen litre flow should be maintained at 15 lmp. **Do not withhold oxygen from a patient who may benefit from its use Joel Sutcliffe
Winter 2003

Source: http://sutcliffe.ca/joel/cpr&sfa/respiratoryproblems.pdf


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