Model PG100
High Precision Digital Pressure Gauges

- pressure ranges from -1~1 bar to 0~600 bar - RS232 communication available on request - zero & full scale calibration via panel buttons - multiple points calibration via panel buttons - 3 x AA alkaline batteries or 1 x lithium battery as power supply Description:
PG100 pressure gauges are high-precision single-range digital pressure gauges which can be used for monitering the pressures measured in power, petrol, chemical, metallurgy, and metering industries.
PG100 gauges are equipped with precision pressure transducer module and high-resolution A/D converter to ensure the precision and the reliability. Via the buttons on the front panel, one can perform two points (zero & span) and multiple points calibration. Various pressure unit, such as Bar, Psi and Pa are available. The measuring range of PG100 starts from -1~+1 and ends at 0~600 bar with an accuracy up to 0.05%fs. PG100 is powered by either three AA batteries or one lithium battery. Thanks to the sleep mode function, the battery life can last for up to 1 year. BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES BVBA
Model PG100
High Precision Digital Pressure Gauges

Technical Data
-1~1, ., 0~600 (any ranges within these two ranges) kPa, MPa, psi, kgf, mmHg, mmH2O, mbar and bar 5 digit LCD, 16,5 mm digit height, with backlight ± 0.05, ± 0.1, ± 0.25 (standard), ± 0.5 3xAA alkaline batteries, or 1 non-rechargable lithium battery* M20x1.5, other threads available on request 3-hole lemo connector (in case of RS232 communication) The dimensions and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
*: recommended battery model = (LS14500W) Dimensions
Model PG100
High Precision Digital Pressure Gauges

Ordering Information
position (pos.) 1: model
pos. 2: ranges
pos. 3: output
LCD: 5 digit LCD display. In case of “LCD”, pos. 3 can be omitted from the ordering code.
RS232: 5 digit LCD display with RS232 communication protocl pos. 4: accuracy
pos. 5: power supply
3 x AA alkaline batteries or 1 lithium battery (not included)Pos. 5 can be omitted from the ordering code.
pos. 6: material of pressure diaphragm
pos. 7: mechanical interface
M20x1.5Others are available on request, be to confirmed when order. pos. 8: electrical interface
3hLemo: 3-hole lemo connector (for RS232 output) pos. 9: environment protection
pos. 10: customized spec’s
When any customized spec’s are required, the customer needs to add “C” as the last parameter in the ordering code, and specifies the wished spec’s on his order clearly.
The customized spec’s needs to be confirmed in advance by BCM’s sales representative.
Code “C” can be omitted if no customized spec’s are required.
example: PG100-0/200barG-RS232-0.05%fs-316L-M20x1.5-3hLemo-IP66-C

Source: http://www.sotech.co.kr/new/upload/product/PG100_High_Precision_Pressure_Gauges.pdf


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