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Smaato @Mobile World Congress Hall 7 App Planet #7C38 New Android & iPhone SDKs for Mobile Advertising with free Analytics Smaato Leading Ad-Optimizer with largest iPhone inventory in Europe – 4+ billion ad requests, 2500+ publishers & 35 ad network partners worldwide Free Apple iPad give-away for new signed up publishers during MWC 2010 Redwood Shores, CA February 10, 2010 – Smaato Inc. (, the leading mobile ad optimizer and mobile advertising company announced new SDKs for mobile advertising platform SOMA supporting Android and iPhone. The new ‘SOMA SDK for Android’ from Smaato grants access to now 35 mobile ad networks worldwide to serve display ads within apps and mobile websites on Android handsets. The monthly published Smaato Metrics showed a significant uptake in click-through rates from Android phones ( for January 2010. Smaato will enhance the upcoming releases of SDKs and the SOMA mobile web API with a free analytics and reporting dashboard to visualize usage data and keep track of advertising revenues. More partnerships with ad networks Smaato is strengthening its mobile advertising technology and adding more partnerships with ad network partners of the SOMA optimization and mediation platform. More targeting data, better forecasting tools and media buying features will be made available in future SOMA platform releases in order to enhance the value for ad networks partners worldwide. In this context, Smaato is announcing the 35th ad network partner for the SOMA platform: adsmobi Inc., based in New York. adsmobi ( will use the Smaato services already available to SOMA ad network partners today and is focusing on providing a media buying platform working with advertisers and media agencies. Smaato Award winners & Free iPad at Smaato booth Smaato Mobile Advertising Award winners Aloqa, Flirtomatic and waze will present their apps and mobile web services at the Smaato booth 7C38 in Hall 7 (app planet). In addition, new publishers signing up during Mobile World Congress will have a chance to win a free Apple iPad if they use the easy registration at: with the promocode “ipad2010”. More insights on mobile advertising are provided in a free, new white paper: “Global Choices in Mobile Advertising” available at twitter: @neil_robertson
About Smaato Inc.

Smaato is a pioneering mobile advertising company that operates the mobile ad optimization
platform called SOMA (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) and partners with mobile
publishers, developers, ad networks and operators. More than 2.500 publishers have signed
up with Smaato as a partner to monetize their content in 215+ countries and Smaato is
managing 4 billion ad requests per month.
SOMA’s unique feature is the aggregation of 35 leading ad networks globally to maximize
mobile advertising ARPU. SOMA can be easily integrated with ad networks, ad inventory
owners (publishers, developers and operators) and 3rd party ad technology providers.
Smaato is an active member of the Mobile Marketing Association, the Advisory
Group and the German Digital Media Association BVDW. Smaato received a Top 100 Private
Company Award by AlwaysOn Media (2009 & 2007) and was an Andrew Seybold Choice
Awards finalist at CTIA 2008 for best Newcomer, among other awards.
Smaato Inc. is based in Redwood Shores, California. The privately held company was founded
in 2005 by an experienced International management team. The European headquarters are
in Hamburg, Germany and the Asia-Pacific presence of Smaato has been established in


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