SLIPSTREAM Online Business Success Coaching Lesson 24 Massive List Building Technique
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Welcome back to the SLIPSTREAM Membership program – lesson 24. Did you ever wonder if there was a more effective way to build a list.a very large list and very very quickly? Here is the answer you have been looking for. This will build lists like you would not believe. BUT. You need to be very careful. So read on and remember to start small and slowly and get a success pattern before you escalate to the big stuff. DO it right and well, the numbers will appear! EXPERT ONLINE SUCCES COACHING 2 Stuart Harris – Al rights reserved SLIPSTREAM Online Business Success Coaching Lesson 24 The Rapid way to build a Massive List
A relatively undiscovered way to build massive lists is through the method of coregistration. Basical y, how it works is that your opt-in form is placed alongside other offers on a highly trafficked site and that is how you get subscribers. It's a method of buying leads from a third party broker and have them automatical y entered into your autoresponder account for marketing follow-ups. Just like any other marketing and list building method, there are pros and cons to co-registration. First off, let's talk about the cons. There are a lot of fraudulent co-reg providers out there who are looking to fleece marketers like us. It pays to read reviews online first before you dive in. Do a search on Google for the provider's name. Now, let's talk about the pros. Co-registration, when using a reputable provider, is one of the quickest ways to amass massive lists . Anyone can literally build a list of thousands in a matter of weeks with the right service. Don't get your hopes too high though! Co-reg leads are typical y less responsive than leads that are acquired from 'normal' sources, but you can stil normal y get decent response if you use a good provider like Get Subscribers. It can be a smart and devastating way to start building your own mailing list without throwing in thousands. Going in with providers like Get Subscribers is a potentially smart move. Higher end providers like Topica and Permission Direct typically sel packages in bulk, so you will need to have ample capital to use those services. But once you are raking in the profits, you can test those services as they will really explode your lead generation campaign. How Effective is Co registration
There are a lot of myths about co-registration marketing. Many list building marketers dismiss it as being totally useless, while others list out the benefits of using co-registration advertising to build a list. Can it work for your list building efforts? The fact is, yes it can! Co-registration can be a little tricky though, you have to be much more 'gentler' to your co-registration subscribers since it is likely they signed up for your list only by ticking a form which has a dozen or so other offers, so you need to work harder to build a relationship with them through your autoresponder. Ok, first off, here are the best co-registration advertising sources I have found: EXPERT ONLINE SUCCESS COACHING 3 Stuart Harris – Al rights reserved SLIPSTREAM Online Business Success Coaching Lesson 24 Please be extremely careful.there is no guarantee these sources will work for you. You have to start by testing small until you have success and then build from that success. is probably the best in the business at the moment, but it doesn't hurt to have a few sources of coreg subscribers being pumped into your marketing funnel. Get Subscribers is also owned by Get Response, so you can be sure the source is reputable and you are getting REAL leads. Now, let me run some numbers by you about my own cost-per-lead: Cost per lead from Get Subscribers: $0.45 (single opt-in) Cost per lead from article marketing (when doing it yourself): $1.05 You can get articles done for a few bucks each and they will get you several leads each per article over a period of time. But, you have to do the work in submitting the articles if you have not outsourced that part.This costs you time and effort. On the other hand, with co-registration, it is total y hands-off. I make the payment, submit the little ad they need, and just let the system run on autopilot.
Every day, you get an email report in your inbox telling you how many subscribers yougot over the last 24 hours. And these subscribers convert. I'm touching regular 10%+ click through rates and making hundreds from every mailing I send out. One marketer spent $20,000 on co-registration leads. Once he makes the payment, he just sits back, relax and lets his autoresponder fill up with leads. It's real y cool and well worth the investment. Once you get these subscribers into your autoresponder, you need to warm them up with a series of content emails and introduction emails. You don't have to send this out yourself; you can set them in your autoresponder to go out automatical y. In the first month or so, it is advisable to send out purely content emails. You'd want to do this because as I said you need to warm up your subscribers first before you promote anything to them. When the time comes for you to promote something to them, your sales will literal y explode because they have got a huge bite of your free information and will be thinking that your paid information must be of superior quality. That's why you need to build trust through content emails first.
Collaborating with other coreg users is one way of going about coregistration. You can find 3 partners to purchase say 200,000 leads, and all 3 partners will share the leads on each of their own autoresponders and only pay 1/3 of the price each. EXPERT ONLINE SUCCESS COACHING 4 Stuart Harris – Al rights reserved SLIPSTREAM Online Business Success Coaching Lesson 24 The best autoresponders for coreg are Auto Response Plus and Parabots. These are the scripts some top marketers are using. 1 Shopping Cart has poor deliverability in my experience, so I don't recommend that. Aweber and Get Response don't al ow coreg leads to be imported into their accounts, so you can't use them. As for the marketing, once the leads are on your coreg list, you'd want to funnel them into your main autoresponder (which might be using Get Response or another autoresponder service) as much as possible. As covered earlier, use your coreg list to warm them up with free information, and try to get them onto your main list. Treat your coreg list with respect and don't send out blatant ads. Build trust with them by
sending high quality information. This is what will build you a strong marketing funnel you
can depend on for a huge income.
List Builders and Why Building Your List is Most Important!
What are list builders? Generally, how they work is that the service gives you the chance to use it to send out to thousands of their leads. You do not need to have a website or even have an autoresponder to make this work. The best service I have used is List Joe . However, there are downsides to this. For one, the leads are usual y not responsive since they are mailed countless of other offers from people who are using the list builder too. Your own lists will be much more responsive. You can use the list builders to build your own list by mailing out offers to see your squeeze page, then funnel the leads from the service on to your own list, where you can market to them from a less competition heavy environment. Right now, I use such services to build my own list. Typical y, anytime I mail out, I get 5-10 leads, so it's not bad in terms of effectiveness. I would recommend using them, but to build your own mailing list. The trick to success with these networks is to build a large downline that will grow
your credits automatically.
Here is a tip.Have a look at these sites and
EXPERT ONLINE SUCCESS COACHING 5 Stuart Harris – Al rights reserved SLIPSTREAM Online Business Success Coaching Lesson 24 I will be sending lesson 25 in 7 days and so I will see you then. We will be looking at how to make your auto responder messages more powerful!.
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