May 10, 2007 – rccs board meeting

May 10, 2007 – RCCS Board Meeting Present: Tim Befus, Philip Allen, Linda Hutson, Brenda Thompson, Vicky DeRoos, Randy Bakke, Shelly Cronin Guest: Gretchen Olson Absent: Dannie Evans Opened in prayer. Devotions: Randy read from Chuck Swindoll’s book “Amazing Grace” about free sovereign favor to the underserved. Minutes from April meeting approved. Administrative report: Nest house – septic fixed by installers. Boiler leak at Janesville campus. Prayer concert – Mrs Bales and Miss Waldner helped. Clean-a-thon and Business After 5 successful. True Foundations – contract signed. Tim shared at the Christian business luncheon about Trued Foundations coming to the area. PTF picnic on Saturday, May 12. May 18, at Peoples for the Spring Concert. May 26, graduation at Peoples. May 29 through June 6, Costa Rica trip. Financial Report: Down in dollars. Fundraisers not pulling in what was budgeted. Do need to reassess fundraisers? Stateline pregnancy center had someone come in and say what was good and not so good. Could we also talk to this person? English teacher – two candidates both decided against the job. Tim has reposted the position. We still need part time computer and math teacher. We have a candidate for AD: Mickey Alseth. Work has begun with Shelly for the golf-a-thon. Development: Currently meeting with special interest groups, church visits have slowed down, and Kathy is working on grants. Tricor Insurance has been recommended for the board if for some reason they are sued ($750 a year). For $450, employement practices liability, umbrella for one million to two million for transportation, fire ($518). Total for the year is $1718 a year. We have never had any of this before. Tim recommends that we get it. Philip made a motion to purchase OMD and hiring and firing for the school. Randy seconded. Passed. Team reports: Academic – Philip missed last meeting. Still pursuing ongoing ASCI accreditation, reviewing spelling curriculum. Value in continuity, Abecca is tough but very good. Phase it in starting with second grade on up. Spiritual – had prayer concert. Next working on chapels, especially small groups at Beloit campus. Next school they will be inviting some of the High School students to be part of the team. National day of prayer acknowledged at Janesville campus. Godly Stewardship – Grants are still ongoing. Finance always ongoing. And working on long-range plans. Last meeting was May 2. Before the next school starts we need work done on the boiler at Janesville campus and a pump at Beloit campus. There is a roof leak at Janesville campus that will cost about $350 - $500 and Mr Mulder is working on that. We also need to finish painting the Janesville campus. Community Relations – Business After 5 went well, but low attendance. Miss Conway and Mrs Hurlbut have learned about Junior Achievement. Brick sales have been very slow. Next meeting will be decided later. Old Business: Policy of standard procedure to do a background check on any candidate for RCCS board – PASSED. New Business: Board “Retreat” – June 19 and 21, 4-8PM. Need a lot of work done before next year. Discuss new policy – transportation school events away from school, ie. – prom and homecoming participation. Tim to speak to insurance guy to see what would be best. Mark Kilcoyne asked of Brenda if we have a conflict of interest policy?



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